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Chapter 1: The good news

*Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep*

The sound of alarm clock filled the dark room.


A hand reached over and hit the snooze button.

"Yawn... What time is it anyway?"

"8:00 am... sigh... well I guess it's time to get up then."

(1st person POV)

I sat up in my bed and stretched, which feels great in the morning like always.

I then got out of bed, grabbed a change of clothes and went to take a shower.

10 - 20 minutes later

I was dressed and was looking at myself in the mirror.

I stand at 5'6" with long pure-white hair that reaches my upper back and I have dark golden eyes. I also have a slim but well trained body, because some of my hobbies keep me in shape even though I have a high metabolism.

I'm wearing black jeans, a black shirt with a white design on it (basic alchemy circle from Fullmetal Alchemist), black fingerless gloves and black socks.

After I was done giving myself a once-over I left my room, but not without tying my hair into a simple low ponytail with a pitch black metal chain and left my room.

While I was walking down the stairs to get to the living room, I heard a knock at the front door.

Who could that be? Well I guess I should answer it.

I opened the door to see a young woman in her late teens to early twenties with long crimson hair that reaches her lower back and her eyes are ice blue in color. She has a slender yet curvy figure and has ample breasts.

She's wearing a sleeveless ice blue colored shirt that matches her eyes perfectly, a white skirt, black thigh high stockings and ice blue shoes with a black design.

The young woman smiled in a friendly way when she saw me and started to speak.

"Are you Shawn Cross by any chance?"

"Yes I am, why do you ask?"

Wow she's cute.

"My name is Alexis Malcolms, and I was sent by the Claus IS corporation to give you some great news."

She cleared her throat.

"Congratulations on winning the contest, the grand prize you have won is a guided tour to view the process of designing the IS from blueprint to the finished product. That also goes for the equalizers and packets too." She stated in an exited and happy tone.

"Wait, I actually won?"

I wasn't expecting to win at all.

"Yup, get ready and let's go." Alexis said in her happy tone.

I quickly put on and belted my black boots (yeah the boots have belts instead of laces... sue me) with metal on the toes and heels. I then threw on my black trench coat (similar to Corvo Attano's coat with the hood from Dishonored) but kept my hood down, grabbed my keys, shut the front door behind me and locked it.

"I'm ready, let's go."

I followed Alexis to her car, got in and left for the IS corporation.

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