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Chapter 5

My name is Mouri Kogoro. I am the great detective of Japan and sometimes called the Sleeping Kogoro. I have solved many cases over the past years, yet I failed to solve the missing Edogawa Conan case. I know that he is alive due to a letter from the Kaitou KID a few weeks back, but I wonder why I cannot find the brat.

The way I deduced it, KID must have that information from a source of his as police do the same from the community. I trust this thief for some reason, but maybe the thief is not really a criminal since he has helped the police capture more dangerous criminals than him. Maybe KID is the angel of the moonlight and the protector of truth just like Shinichi-kun and Conan-kun.

I sit at my desk wondering why I never told anyone that Conan-kun is okay or that he is outside of Japan. It might have something to do with KID's promise to protect him until Conan-kun and Shinichi-kun are well enough to come back. Although, I feel that the 'until he is well' part goes more toward the detective brat than Conan-kun sometimes. I am glad that both are okay, but it would also seem that something is wrong with the Kudou's son and Conan-kun is somehow involved in this mess as well.

I peer at the newspaper and drink some coffee as I wait for KID to come to the agency so he can tell me about the two brats. I know I should not trust a thief, but it seems that Shinichi-kun and Conan-kun trust him well enough even though they are detectives. I know Conan-kun is his so-called rival, but Kudou Shinichi is a mystery. KID calls Conan-kun Tantei-kun, but I learned that KID calls Shinichi-kun Meitantei. Interesting relationship since it is a secret and it would seem that KID knows where that detective brat was the entire time he was missing from everyone in Japan as well.

I let out a sigh knowing that KID would tell me everything in time, but the others are questionable since this is the Kaitou KID. The police and the other detectives still try to find Conan-kun without knowing that he is alive or dead. They even asked Nakamori-Keibu to ask KID for help finding Conan-kun which is interesting in itself. I know KID has an idea of where he is, but he is also holding secrets that a criminal and friend would hold for good reasons. Sometimes I wonder if they really want to capture KID or make him work for the police department. He probably already does since I know he works secretly with Conan-kun on some cases that deal with danger of some kind such as the Suzuki Airship case where KID saved Conan-kun and got him back on the ship by playing Kudou Shinichi for the Division One officers, Satou-Keiji and Takagi-Keiji. Interesting relationship, yet a secret truth between two rivals.

I think back to KID's last heist when my daughter decided to meet the thief for questions about Kudou Shinichi. I learned not to deny her when it deals with Shinichi-kun, but that is when I connected the dots to KID and Shinichi-kun. They probably worked together somehow, but more in the shadows. My guess is that the detective brat got mixed up in something and the Kaitou KID is helping him by protecting him and Conan-kun.

The heist was normal in a KID crazy way, but Conan-kun did not show up like before. My daughter, Mouri Ran, disappeared somewhere as the heist played out with KID stealing the jewel, using magic to escape, and flying off into the moonlight. When Nakamori-Keibu and his task force left, Ran was not back yet. So, I went looking for her, but found her being pinned to the wall by the Kaitou KID himself.

That angered me at first due to my father instincts, but when I got into hearing distance, I was left with only confusion and surprise. Ran probably asked where Shinichi-kun is, but KID responded with, "I will help you find him if you agree to get better." I heard the silent promise that the truth from Shinichi-kun will come if she gets help for her mental state, yet I understood that he cared for the detective brat since he was willing to help her get over the depression.

I saw her look into KID's eye and monocle with fire and hatred, yet she fell to the floor in defeat probably knowing that the Kaitou KID was right. I know Shinichi cares for her, but he would not want her to continue this way since he would only blame himself somehow. I hear KID sigh due to being out of breath as he is tells her that the reason for Shinichi-kun's disappearance is due to a poison that should have killed him almost four years ago. He also tells her that the poison began to kill him slowly, but he is unconscious due to the antibiotics stopping the poison from killing him completely.

I frown as I now know part of the truth of why the detective brat vanished. At first, I thought KID was making it up, but if KID and Shinichi knew each other due to this poison, then Shinichi was desperate to keep everyone safe from his almost death. I see why he made all those excuses for not coming back and staying hidden from the spotlight he loved. Darkness became his friend and KID protected him as much as he could by being him for cases or assisting Conan-kun when needed. Maybe there was something more in the mix that KID has to keep quiet about and it is probably about Conan-kun and Shinichi-kun is one in the same.

I then heard KID beg, "I can help you personally if you wish. I want him happy like he wants you happy and smiling, Mouri-san. Will you trust me to guide you back to being your true self, Mouri Ran? If you do, I will promise you that Meitantei will state the truth about everything when he is well."

I smile at that knowing KID cared about Shinichi-kun's friends since he was willing to risk his freedom due to Shinichi-kun. Maybe they were best friends that knew each other or good rivals that had their own rules. I promised mentally that I would trust KID, which also meant letting him be free due to my daughter's condition.

I get out of my thoughts as I hear the agency's door open with KID in his usual disguise which is a Kudou Shinichi clone, but with messy hair. He seems neutral, which means something is up. For the past few visits, he has come over with a friend named Nakamori Aoko, and let Ran and Aoko-chan talk about whatever girls talk about as KID explains the situation about Shinichi-kun and Conan.

Presently, my daughter is with Aoko-chan shopping since he did not come back with them. I know it is important since he reveals nothing on his face, yet I can see worry hiding behind his eyes. Maybe the detective brat is dying as Conan-kun is sick or something. I just hope they're okay since I cannot help them like before.

I see KID walk up to my couch and sit down as his eyes shut and body tensed. He is probably thinking of what to say to me, but I just hope Shinichi-kun and Conan-kun are alright. As long as they are not dead, I am happy knowing they are live.

"Recently, I got a call from a source stating that Tantei-kun is fine, but Meitantei is questionable." KID opens his eyes and looks at me as he continues, "It seems that Tantei-kun had dengue fever which caused his infection of the bone and Meitantei has yet to awaken from his coma-like state."

I take in the information knowing it was true since KID is never too serious about anything. It seems that the treatment for the virus-caused disease, which spreads by mosquitoes, is a success as Shinichi is unknown. That would also mean Conan-kun got it at least four to seven days before he disappeared and it also explained the signs of fevers and joint aches, but this disease is rare in Japan. On the other hand, Shinichi-kun is unconscious, unpredictable, and alive. In summary, Conan-kun is awake and healed as Shinichi-kun is sleeping and critical.

"Plus, it seems someone I know found a cure for Meitantei and they are willing to test it on him when this person gets the site information." I continue to stare at KID as he replies, "Within a certain time frame, I and this other person will leave to test it, which makes me worried about the future for Meitantei and your daughter."

I understood his worry easily since Shinichi-kun could die and my daughter could lose herself completely while everything he did would be for nothing. I respond in a fatherly tone, "KID, I do not know everything, but I do understand part of it. Shinichi-kun is in danger as my daughter could go back to what she was before you helped her. I trust you enough due to what you have done and the information is credible in my opinion based on your unspoken rules. Do what's needed and I will make sure my daughter is fine with your friend, Nakamori Aoko."

After I finished my statement, KID gave me a genuine smile which told me a silent thank you since he was happy for my understanding. It seems KID is not the same one that disappeared over ten years back, yet he understands what's needed. He seems like a child himself just like Shinichi-kun; they both have that heart of a protector and friend.

KID gets up from the couch and goes toward the door. I guess it is a signal to leave, but before he opens that door, he says, "I will be leaving soon enough to where Tantei-kun and Meitantei is. I will be gone for some time and Aoko agreed to watch over your daughter while I'm gone due to certain circumstances. I will also call you when the treatment done so you will know what happens next." With that, he leaves the agency to wherever he goes after seeing my daughter.

I look toward the door wondering if I should have turned him in, but I always have decent reasons not to. Maybe Conan-kun taught me more than I taught him. Life is more than black and white since KID appears within the color of grey. One reason would be the similarities to him and Shinichi-kun. They look-alike, sound a-like, and think the same even though they are on opposite sides. Sometimes, I feel protective over KID since he reminds me of Shinichi-kun so much.

I shake my head trying to think of why I am this way instead of how I was in the past. The one person that changed my life is Conan-kun, but Shinichi-kun tried to change it first. Maybe they are the same person since KID seems to hint it without knowing sometimes. I first became suspicious in the Mysterious Shadow Case since Conan-kun helped solve it or else caught the murder since he is the only brat I knew that could do some damage by kicking any object, such as a tire at the suspect. In other cases, he and everyone else say I solved them, yet I remember nothing about the conclusion. On the other hand, when I do try to prove he is Kudou Shinichi, the brat does something to prevent the truth from coming out like using the excuse to go to the toilet or hint at a clue while the attention gets off him.

I guess my nickname, Sleeping Kogoro, fits perfectly since I am a puppet for Conan-kun and Kudou Shinichi. I have forged sleep sometimes to see what he would do. It's a crazy idea, but he never takes the credit unless Keibu-dono or another police office thanks him for helping with the case. If he is Kudou Shinichi, how did he shrink to the size of a child? Maybe curiosity really does kill the cat or else punish them for being too nosy.

I sigh knowing that Conan-kun's friends miss him since they come over to see if I know anything about their missing friend. Sometimes, I want to tell them what KID says, but I never do. They have helped me on cases where I would get stuck now and then, but Conan-kun taught me to trust them over the years he trained them secretly. They have never given up hope for their friend to come home to everyone, but their faith in Conan-kun is strong and truthful.

On the other hand, the adult-like girl, Haibara Ai, seems to know he is fine somehow. I wonder if she knows where he is, but if KID does not know, he is hidden by someone on KID's level. The girl worried for a while until her attitude changed overnight. Maybe she's involved in this mess somehow just like Conan-kun is, but if Conan-kun and Shinichi are the same, who is this child? Is she friend or foe? Did she shrink like Shinichi-kun did?

I wonder if I should know more than what ifs, yet I never ask. They would tell me if something went wrong or if he was dead, but I never bother since I know Shinichi-kun would not go down that easily. He is a fighter since he survived an avalanche, a gun-shot wound, and a few kidnappings. There is always a possibility that he will die because he has always been a reckless detective brat, but he has fate looking out for him just like KID does and too many people who care for his well-being.

I get up from my desk to get me some more coffee thinking back to the beginning of trouble for Shinichi-kun as Edogawa Conan. Ever since I saw the signs of child abuse on Conan-kun, I became the protective father he needed. Ran no longer wanted a little brother, yet she loved him as a little brother because he was there. I saw the pain and worry for your crush and dream, but she also knew Shinichi would never come back if Conan-kun stayed. I saw all the signs, but I could not protect him from her completely.

I tried to take him on cases, outings, or places where Ran could not go. I even made sure that her best friend Suzuki Sonoko kept my daughter a few nights so Conan-kun could heal some. It was surprising that she did that for Conan-kun since she saw the signs as well. I even cared for him when he got the three broken ribs from Ran, yet I played it off as not knowing anything so he could trust me more. Maybe I played it too safe, but it would seem that it was the right game plan since my daughter was clueless and Conan-kun having protectors that knew the truth on both sides of the law.

I get to the coffeepot and see that there is no more. I smile at the empty coffeepot since I remembered Shinichi-kun helping me see the bigger picture and problems of my life. Thanks to him, I stopped drinking, cut down on smoking, and became a decent detective. I'm respected as the sleeping Kogoro and not as the puppet of Kudou Shinichi. I learned from my mistakes and fixed some of the differences between my wife and me. It is thanks to him that I have a future that I love and not regret. When he comes back, I promise to thank him for everything he taught me as Kudou Shinichi and Edogawa Conan.

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