June 1948

It was an unusually cool morning in Fairfield, New York. Indiana Jones was to catch his flight to Athens at 2:00.

Indy had recently looked through his old manuscripts, translated from Plato's original papers, from Barnett College, having a sudden interest in Atlantis.

"Taxi! Taxi!" Indy called out to an oncoming taxi.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked.

"The train station." Indy replied. In contrast to his flight, his train leaves rather early: 8:00.

"Where you heading?" the driver asked. Indy was rather busy with his papers, and accidentally said "Athens", instead of New York City, his train destination.

"You don't say? That's near… Cleveland, right?" The driver inquired.

"Ah…Yes." Indy covered up.

The rest of the trip was almost silent.

Indy raced to the platform, and almost missed his train, having to almost get squished by the door.

In a mere 4 hours, Indy would be leaving for Athens.