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Chapter 1: The Change

I Ethan Morgan am walking home from the super market alone on a Sunday night with bags stuffed with food in my hands when a shadow of a young man turned the corner and walked right up to me and sneered "Nice meeting you here Morgan". I felt terrified but didn't show it. "What do you want Jesse" I said trying and failing to seem unafraid. "To ruin your life" and with that Jesse bit me.

The next morning I woke up in my bed. That's funny I don't remember going to bed I thought, and then I remembered what happened last night. I looked in the mirror. No reflection! I Ethan Morgan am a fledliging what am I going to do? Should I tell someone? No I will not tell anyone especially Sarah what would she say. "Ethan I saved you and yet you still have my fate." No. Not going to happen.

I looked at the clock and realized I have to go to school so, I say goodbye to Jane and my parents grab some sunglasses and head off to school. When I get to school I see my best friend Benny Weir and I say hi and that's when I feel it a sudden craving for blood then I realize I'm starving! I've got to get out of here before this craving gets any stronger. Meanwhile our friend Rory joins the conversation and he and Benny are now arguing about which super hero is better Thor or Spiderman. Then suddenly Rory (who is also a vampire to) decides to bring up blood or with more detail human blood thanks Rory.

"Benny human blood tastes so good" Rory says. Benny arguers back he doesn't want to know. Thank god Benny! Then Rory says too bad. Dang it! Then Rory goes off saying "human blood taste like sweet honey or sometimes chocolate and peanut butter it just tastes so mmm good!" Now I'm looking down because I don't have control of my fangs, my eyes are gold, and my mouth is watering I need something, anything to dull this craving just then Benny questions "Ethan are you okay?" "Yes" I replay "just starving." Well at least I'm not lying I thought. I am now back to normal. Benny then reassured me that lunch was soon and that's when I made my escape.

Right after I leave my friends I bump into Sarah (my pretty vampire babysitter and best friend besides Benny). "Hi Ethan how are you?" she asks "I've been better" I replay. "Why" she asks. Perfect now I have to lie to the love of my life. I said the first thing that popped into my head " I got a B on my history test." Wow real smooth I thought. Just then the bell rang and I made my way to class.

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