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Chapter 4: world famous hunger Last time: we kissed until my parents got home

Monday: I was at my locker with Benny and Rory who were argueing over superheros...again when Sarah came up to me and pecked me on the lips. "Hey cuddle bear." she said and I repleyed with "Hey babydoll." Then Rory who looked confused as ever said "why did Etahn and Sarah kiss?" then Benny who was now annoyed said "because there together. Do you keep up with your friends?" "I guess not." Rory replied just when the bell rang, and we all went to class.

When I got to class guess what came back yes, everyone my world famous hunger well I guess if you don't eat for about five days you get hungary. Wouldn't you? So here I am a class full of mortals (besides Rory) with blood in their veins that I can suck-what am I thinking. "Mr. Morgan" my teacher starts "tell me what the polygon theory is." "um.." I stutter " it's...about polygons and shapes." " Pay attention next time its detention now someone explain the theory to Mr. Morgan oh how about ." then Benny starts going on explaning what the polygon theory is. Yet I don't pay attention to him.

All I'm thinking about is how to get out of class so i can get some blood to satisfy the burn in my throat before I suck some inoccent person dry. Perfect now I'm looking down because I just know that my eyes are a gold color. Damn the universe to the firest pit in hell! Now I'm at the point were I can't control my fangs just perfect. I just realized this is all Jesse's fault so scerw him! I have got to get out of here so I ask if I can go to the bathroom. Well since Mrs. smells like a nice snack says no I'm stuck in this hell hole until the bell- ring, ring, ring. Yes i thought, freedom! It's lunch time and by the time I make it to the lunchroom I'm back to normal.

When I sat down at The table that me,Sarah,Erica,Benny,and Rory share I noticed Rory had a packed lunch. Then ninja said " Hey guys I brought us all blood for lunch." Then out of the lunch box came four cups of blood then he said that he packed Sarah and I animal blood then I started drinking along with the others excluding Benny Who was looking at us like crazy people. Then he said "I just lost my appatite." Now we are all laughing like lunitics and then the rest of us finished our blood. After that the bell rang and we headed off to class.

When I got home I felt so much better now that I have some blood in my system. My parent's are not home yet so it is just me and Jane then she goes "so I hear your a fledling." I was shocked who even told her. It seems she read my mind and said "Erica let the cat out of the bag besides I think its cool that I have a Vampire brother." Then as a after thought she goes "Hey can you get Rory to stop doing that vampire ninja thing?" I told her sure and then our parents come home and asked us how our day went. Jane and I repelyed "good" in unision.

Two hours later it was time for dinner I just played with my food to make it look eaten. After Dinner Jane wanted to watch dusk so as the good big brother I am I watch it with her. Then I hang out in my room the rest of the night.

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