Chapter 7

"Somewhere We Both Want To Be"

Tori and I have been getting closer and closer. I've been sitting with her at lunch the past couple of days. She has a pretty cool group of friends. Cat is going to take a little while to get used to. The first day I sat with them Cat had told me a very weird story about her brother. I asked her a question and she shouted "What's that supposed to mean?!" I jumped and put my hands up as a sign of surrender and told her what I meant and she immediately forgave me. André is a really cool guy. He's an amazing musician, which I already knew, and he always treats Tori as his little sister. Robbie is a bit of a dork with Rex. Robbie is actually a really nice guy once you get to know him. Jade is actually a little scary. She's obsessed with scissors and quite frankly a gank. She is really mean to Tori but then there are times when she and Tori get along. I honestly have no idea what their relationship is. Tori doesn't honestly take any of the mean things Jade says to heart. Tori kind of just brushed it off.

Tori and I finished our project with André Tuesday night. Tori and I have to perform it tomorrow night. I am playing the guitar while Tori sings. André is going to play the piano and sing back-up. It turns out we didn't need Robbie's help but we wanted to make sure that our performance was perfect so he was stuck with playing bass guitar. Cat did an amazing job with the costume. Tori and I have a rough night ahead of us because we have play auditions and we want to rehearse the song one more time tonight. Right after play auditions I'm taking Tori home and we are going to rehearse quickly.

My black eye is almost gone. There's just a little black circle around my eye now. The cuts are fine and my face is back to normal. Most of my cuts healed up ok and the bruise by my rib cage is now just a black and blue, not a yellow green bruise. Eli hasn't come anywhere near me this week. My other friends did though. They came to apologize. They said they completely understood if I didn't forgive them, but they just thought I should know. I told them not to worry about it.

Tori hasn't left my side whenever she saw me. She was afraid that Eli would come out of nowhere and attack me. That hasn't happened so she's starting to ease up now. I saw Tori putting her books in her locker and I decided to walk up to her.

I put my hands over her eyes and spoke in a very deep masculine voice, "Why hello there."

"Uhhhh who are you?" Tori asked very nervously.

"Take a guess. We've met before."

Tori then elbowed me in the gut causing me to grunt and hold my stomach. She turned around about to strike again until she realized it was me.

"Beck?! Oh my god I'm so sorry. I was scared and I attacked before thinking. Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine it was nothing."

Note to self: don't scare Tori Vega she can pack a punch.

We ended up walking to lunch together laughing about who knows what Cat will say about her brother today. I wasn't paying too much attention though because I was thinking about Tori. I really like her. She's very protective of her friends and she's insanely sweet and funny. Another rare quality that Tori has that I love is that she doesn't throw herself at me. Tori is just down to earth. When we were at the park on Sunday I really wanted to just pull her close and kiss her endlessly. She makes me that happy. We were the first ones at lunch for some reason. Usually Cat or Jade is here first. Well Tori and I just walk over to the table and take spots next to each other. Tori was talking about how she was nervous about the audition tonight and having to perform tomorrow.

"Well at least you'll be performing with friends."

"Yeah my best friends to be exact."

"Yeah and me."

"Beck, you're included in the best friends now."

"Wow I'm so honored." I said while taking a slight bow.

Tori playfully punched my arm and laughed at me. "You're so weird."

"Yeah well what about you cheekbones?" I asked her while pinching one of them.

"Now, now I didn't say I was normal." She replied causing us to laugh again.

"What's so funny?" André asked while taking a seat next to me.

"Tori was just calling herself weird."

"Oh yeah big time."

"Hey I'm right here Dré!" Tori said with fake hurt in her voice.

André chuckled and just shrugged his shoulders. Tori laughed it off while Cat and Robbie came over with Jade glaring at Tori. We all made our own separate conversations but I kept talking to Tori once my conversation ended. I honestly don't even remember eating my food. I remember talking, and laughing. That's all I ever do around these guys. This is how I used to be with the other guys. The only difference was that I could rely on these guys. They were here for me when I felt down, especially Tori. Tori was there for everyone who was down. Lunch flew by insanely fast and before I knew it Tori and I were already walking to History class. The whole rest of the day flew by really quick. Before I knew it I was standing backstage waiting to audition as I listened to Tori read her lines perfectly. She really was a great actress. She got compliments from our dramatic arts teacher who was apparently the director and walked back stage giving me a thumbs up for encouragement. I took a deep breath. Showtime. I thought as I walked out onto the stage.

One week Later

"So you ready to start rehearsal?" Tori asked while picking up her script.

Tori and I both got the leads in the play and we are currently running lines in her house. Tori and I have been getting a lot closer lately. She's all I ever think about these days. Her eyes, her smile, just everything about her makes me happy. I picked up my script.

"Sure what part are we up to?"

"Um we're up to the song."

"Alright let's do it. Do you have the music to play it?"

"Yeah André gave it to me."

"Alright turn it on."

(Bold = Tori. Italics = Beck)

(You Drive Me) Crazy By, Britney Spears/ Crazy By, Aerosmith (Btw it's a Mashup I heard on Glee)


Oh yeah.

Baby I'm so into you, you got that something what can I do?

Baby you spin me around the earth is moving but I can't feel the ground (I spin Tori while she sings "Spin me around")

Oh that kind of loving turns a man to a slave

Oh that kind of loving sends a man right to his grave.

You drive me crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby (I was backing Tori up against a wall)

Crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby (When she sang "for you baby" She ran under my arm and hid behind a pillar)

Tell me you're so into me that I'm the only one you will see yeah (I sang while taking slow strides towards her)

Tell me I'm not in the blue (Oh)That I'm not wasting my feelings on you

Every time I look at you

My heart is jumpin' what can I do?

You drive me crazy (I just can't sleep)

Crazy (I'm in too deep)

You know I'm crazy (But it feels alright)

Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night

You drive me crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby

Crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby

I didn't realize it but Tori and I were extremely close and she was leaning up against a wall. We stared into each other's eyes for a few moments before I grabbed her by the waist and crushed my lips against hers.

Tori's POV

The second I feel Beck kissing me I kiss right back. He kissed me with such hunger that it seemed like he's been dying to kiss me again since my first day. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he pushed me back against the wall. My head is so fuzzy that I can't think straight. Beck just completely caught me by surprise by the kiss. It was a very passionate kiss. Our kisses were the only thing that made noise in the house. No one else was home, thank god. He started to deepen the kiss and my mind froze. I shouldn't be doing this. I can't hurt him again but another part of me wants to stay like this forever. I'm so torn. Right now I'm just going to enjoy this moment and worry about it later. We were moving so fast that it hurt too much to think about anything other than this moment. It was a moment of true bliss. I started to run my fingers through his hair. He grunted before sweeping my feet off the ground and had me wrap my legs around his torso. I moaned at his sudden actions out of shock. He then started to walk, never breaking our kiss. He took a seat on the couch and had my legs now beside both of his. He had his warm hands on the sides of my torso pulling me as close to him as possible. I loved this moment I was having with Beck. Reality came back to me and I had to stop. We reluctantly pulled apart at the same time, our lips stuck together for an extra moment. We kept our foreheads against each other though. Our uneasy breaths were intermingling and I shivered when he chuckled.

I was about to apologize when I heard someone trying to unlock the door. I practically jumped off of Beck and sat beside him. This has been my favorite Friday night ever. We waited another second before we saw my mom enter the door. She had her hands full with grocery bags. I helped her bring in all of them and put them away while Beck gathered his things and left. I smiled at the memory of how he felt against me, but it quickly turned into a frown because I couldn't let it happen again. This was a moment of pure weakness. I had to keep Beck safe, even if that meant putting my own feelings aside.

Beck's POV

I can't stop thinking about Tori. The kiss we shared was intense. The second our lips touched, I didn't want to stop it. Tori was an amazing person and I couldn't hold back anymore. At least I know she likes me back. I was walking home and I was jerked and pinned to a fence by only one person this time. Oh come on! Can't you let me enjoy being with Tori for one night?!

"Well well well, Beck. Still haven't gotten the message. You know I never thought that you were this stupid. I guess I have a pretty bad judgment about you. The fact is you proved them true."

I squirmed in Eli's grasp. "I didn't take Tori away from you. You did it yourself. You really thought that beating the crap out of me is going to make Tori get back with you?" I responded with anger boiling over inside of me.

Elis punched me in the stomach causing me to hunch over and gasp for air. "You're pretty brave today, Beck. What's gotten into you? Maybe a little taste of the love bug from Tori?"

I felt my eyes widen. How did he know? There's no way he could possibly know that Tori and I kissed. How would he know? It's not like Tori would call him and say "Hey I just made out with Beck. You know, your ex-best friend that you blame for our break up?" Luckily my acting skills came into effect. "You're crazy."

"Am I? Well if it didn't happen yet, it's bound to happen soon Beck. I knew Tori love never fully belonged to me. A part of it was set aside for you. That got me mad Beck. It's not Tori's fault that you charmed her. But guess what Beck, those days are over. Well if you still don't understand me than maybe I need to give you a taste of what your life will become." Eli reached inside his jacket and pulled out… a rock? What's a rock going to do? Then I finally get a closer look at it. The rock wasn't round at all. The rock was a long sharp stake like shape. My eyes widened as I tried to get out of his grasp but before I could do more than squirm, Eli placed the blade just under my collar bone and turned the blade sideways and pulled the blade down. This was the worst pain I felt in my whole life. Every time I tried to move he would just push the blade deeper into my skin. He finally stopped the slow torture by my stomach then went back to under my collar bone and repeated it two more times. He didn't put the blade deep enough in my skin to put me in critical condition. I screamed but it was muffled by Eli's hand. No one could hear me. No one was there to help me. Eli just stared at me smiling mischievously at me. How could this psycho have been my best friend? He noticed my eyes droop and he stepped away from me and let me collapse on the ground. I put myself in fetal position while Eli just walked away leaving me there. When I noticed he was gone I stood up and walked back to the place I had just came from.

Tori's house.

It took me a while to get there because of the horrible pain I just experienced. I was walking through her driveway when I noticed a ladder hanging outside of one of the windows. I walked over to it and looked up. I saw Tori dancing by two doors, singing, that give her a look of the city. Her hands were above her head, eyes shut, her hips swaying back and forth along with her hair. She was the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on. I waited until she stepped away from the doors until I started to climb. It took me many tries to get up to her little balcony before I very slowly climbed over it. I sat by the door while she was looking at her computer. I used my head to knock on the door. Tori jumped at the sudden noise and looked at her doors and got a confused look on her face when she saw me. Tori opened the door as I was trying to stand up.

"Beck?" She asked sounding confused. I was now standing on my feet. Not even a second later I nearly collapsed before Tori caught me. "Oh my god. What happened?" She asked me while leading me into her room. She then saw my shirt and the blood and how the shirt was clearly cut. She had a chair in the closet corner to her balcony door and had me sit there with my head on the left arm rest and my legs dangling over the right. I was about to start explaining but there was a sudden voice coming from down the hall. I shot right up out of my position and hid in her closet. Tori ran to her door and peeked her head out.

"No dad I don't want ice cream gosh dad I'm sixteen years old!... I'm sorry Dad I'm just not feeling well. I appreciate your consideration. I love you." Tori closed the door and I stepped out of the closet and went back to my position on her chair. She ran over to me. "I just saw you an hour ago. What the hell happened in between the last time I saw you and now?" She said as she quickly sat in the small space that was left for her to sit there. I tried to regain my breath because walking seemed to only tire me. When I finally had enough breath I looked at her and breathed out only one word.


Her eyes widened and she shot up and ran into her bathroom. She came out with an already damp sponge. "Take off your shirt." I shot my eyes up to meet hers. "Just to see how bad the wounds are Beck!" She said while gently hitting his arm and blushing like crazy. I smiled at her insecurities and I reached for the hem of my shirt. I quickly lifted my shirt over my head. I looked at Tori and she looked away blushing. She took the sponge and started to dab my cuts with it. I inhaled sharply at first because the cuts were still fresh. I jumped a little with every touch she made. She didn't look at me when she spoke, "Sorry." I just nodded my head. I just noticed how breath taking she looked. She had all of her hair draped over her left shoulder, her eyes were glistening as she treated my wounds. She looked liked some kind of goddess. She was truly beautiful. I looked at her with desire. I need to kiss her again. It took all of my strength to not kiss the right side of her neck that had no hair covering it. She must have felt my gaze in her because she looked up and stared into my eyes. Instead of kissing her neck I just leaned in to kiss her lips. I leaned in very slowly as she stayed in her position. My eyes were only a slit open and my lips were millimeters away from hers.

"Easy there lover boy." She whispered just far enough away for our lips not to touch when she said that. I leaned away a little and chuckled. "What did you call me?" I said and leaned back in. Again our lips were millimeters away when she moved her head away. "No." She whispered almost dreading the word. She's nervous about what Eli will do. I honestly don't care what Eli will do to me, as long as I'm with her I don't care.

"Yes." I said following her head and almost right before we were about to kiss she moved away again.

"I can't" She breathed out again.

"Yes you can." I was trying to reassure her that we would be ok.

"No I can't." She pulled away farther from me and moved hair away from my forehead. "I can't let him hurt you again." She said looking away from me.

I put my hands on both sides of her face. "Hey look at me. Look at me." She turned her head towards me and she grabbed onto my wrists as she looked at me about to cry. I looked her dead in the eyes as I spoke, "Trust me. I don't care what Eli does to me. He can never keep me away from you. My heart always belongs to you, Tor. No one can tear us apart. Ok? If I don't care that Eli is hurting me, than you shouldn't care at all."

"You sure? I don't want you to risk your life to be with me."

"I absolutely sure." Before she could reject I leaned in and crushed our lips together she kissed back and when we finally broke apart we were smiling at each other. I kept our foreheads together and I rubbed our noses together.

"Let's get out of here." I said while rubbing our noses together. "Let's get out of here." I said in a playful voice while I continued to rub our noses.

"Where would we go?" She asked keeping her nose touching mine.

"Somewhere we both want to be." I said as she smiled.

"I want to go anywhere as long as your there." She said while wrapping her arms around his neck. She then glanced down at my stomach. "By the way your abs are amazing." She said chuckling.

I chuckled and kissed her quickly no longer feeling pain. Tori Vega was now mine.

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