Well guys, here's the epilogue! I'll be uploading the omakes ASAP.


[Rec. 9/21/13]

[12 PM]

[Battery: 50%]

-fizzle- -beep-

"Is this thing on?"

-fizzle- -beep-


"Ah, there it is."

"You got it working Pewds? Finally; took you long enough." –chuckle-

"Shut up Cry." –laughter-

"That wasn't very nice Pewds." –chuckle-

The blonde just shook his head, laughing. "C-C'mon, we gotta start the stream."

The brunette backed away, still chuckling. "Alright, I'm going."

When the American exited the room, Felix shook his head and sat down onto the couch near the camera. He took a breath, then looked up at the camera and flashed a dazzling smile, chuckling slightly. "How's it going Bros? My name is Pewdie—"

"Cry!" the brunette impersonated Felix's voice loudly. He entered the room, a big, goofy smile resonating under the mask.

"Cry, you ruined the intro," Felix whined.

"No I didn't it, it's perfect," Cry mused, a hint of seduction in his voice.

Felix just blushed and laughed nervously, "Anyways, as you can tell I'm still here with Cry." He turned towards the brunette, who was hanging back, away from the video recorder "C'mon Cry, they won't laugh. The Bros are nice! Well…Some of you Bros are."

Cry shuffled his feet nervously. "But I…" He bit his lip and looked down.

"C'mon, you said you would Cry. You promised me! Besides, we're streaming this; no backing out now!" Felix couldn't suppress his grin as he watched Ryan walk slowly and hesitantly towards the camera. "Don't be shy."

The brunette was nervous, being the first time to ever expose himself in front of people he didn't know; and about a million of them or more at that. He readjusted the mask on his face and took a deep breath before walking in front of the digital recorder. He flashed a shy, nervous smile and waved slowly. "'S-Sup?"

Felix chuckled and waited until Ryan sat down next to him before continuing. "As you can see, I'm still with Cry, but don't worry too much about it, all my stuff has been sent here." He gave another nervous laugh. "Anyways, Cry and I have an announcement to make. Cry?"

"N-Now?!" he inquired anxiously. When Felix nodded, the brunette sighed and reached up behind his head to undo the knot that was keeping his mask in-place. His fingers fumbled nervously but soon he was able to untie the knot.

The mask fell from his face and into his lap to reveal Ryan blushing madly, a nervous light in his blue eyes. He parted his plump lips, a shaky breath escaping him, and said, "W-Well guys, this is me; just an ordinary person." The American flashed the camera a smile. "Sorry if I don't live up to your expectations."

The Swede leaned in and whispered in the brunette's ear, "You don't live up to my expectations; you surpassed them." He, then, kissed the other's cheek lightly, chuckling when Ryan blushed furiously.

"F-Felix!" he exclaimed, exasperated.

"What? They were going to find out anyways," the blond male exclaimed.

"B-But not like that!" Felix just rolled his eyes and turned back towards the camera.

"Well Bros, you guessed it. All of you PewdieCry erm…Shippers? Yeah, all of you PewdieCry shippers had it right; we're together." The blonde wrapped his arms around the other, "It was a few months ago, when I first went to Florida for the Bro Meet-up."

"Yep, and now we're happily living together in my house." Ryan added, his tone of voice content.

Just then, a familiar red-headed female walked up the stairs, a smile on her face. But when she saw the camera, her smile became awkward and shaky. Ryan chuckled, "Say hi to the camera, Cassy!"

She blushed slightly when he used her real name, it was weird hearing it coming from someone other than her family. But she guessed it was payback for her calling him Ryan on the usual Late Night with Cry And Russ [Featuring Pewdie]. "Hello." She turned back from the camera to focus on Ryan and Felix. "C'mon, everyone is waiting downstairs."

Then she left the room, leaving Ryan and Felix alone in front of the whole stream. "Well, I guess it's time for us to go Bros."

Ryan smiled, "But first," he lifted up a fist, "Brofist?"

Felix lifted up his own fist, "Well guys, let's do a group Brofist." He smiled, and him and Ryan both Brofisted the camera, saying a high-pitched, "Bye!" in the process.

Then Ryan stood up and turned off the camera before turning back to his lover. Grinning, he pushed Felix back down before he could get up and sat down on his lover's lap. "I think they took it well," he murmured. His plump lips made quick contact with Felix's before pulling back again.

"I think so too," Felix mused, placing another wet kiss on his lover's lips. The other kissed back, their lips locked and moving in sync. Ryan's lips parted slightly, allowing entry that had not yet been demanded. Felix took it anyways, his tongue entering the other's mouth. They wrestled for dominance, twisting, turning, dancing. Soon Felix won; his tongue finally able to roam freely in the other's mouth. He explored the other's mouth until they started their wrestle for dominance once more. Their kiss was wet, only parting for a moment to breathe before locking lips again.

Ryan could feel the other's hands go up his shirt, their warm, soft touch caressing his scarred chest. Felix's kiss became more demanding and he pushed the other down onto the soft cushions of the couch. His lips left the other's mouth, trailing down to the base of his neck. "Hnnnggg, Felix…"

Felix's kisses became less demanding now. The blonde's lips left the other's neck. He sat up, listening.

Ryan's face was still flushed, and he was panting slightly. "Felix, why…?"

"They'll hear. We can always continue this later," he purred seductively.

"You ass," Ryan murmured through his chuckling. "You led me on."

The blond shook his head, but had a grin on his face. "Naahh, not really," he thought for a second. "Okay maybe a little. But come on now, everyone's downstairs."

The brunette sighed and sat up, "Alright, alright."

When they got downstairs they saw that literally everyone who could make it was there. Snake and Jund were making out on the couch, whether passionately, angrily, or both they did not know, though it seemed like it could've been both, Battlestar and Yunnie sat hand-in-hand with a plate of brownies split between them. Raven sat on Simple's lap, Marzia was in a similar position sitting on Toby's lap, once in a while giving him a small peck on the cheek. Kirby and Dafu were laughing and joking about something.

Red and Russ weren't in there, but a few minutes later entered the room with a huge cake. On it in blue letters it said, "Happy PewdieCry day Pewdie and Cry". A soft smile on their faces, Pewdie and Cry kissed again.

They pulled away and the blond murmured, "Happy PewdieCry day. I love you."

"Happy Anniversary. I love you too." Then they locked lips again, their hearts intertwining into one as they felt closer than they ever had before.