Harry Potter of the elite 4

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A nidorino and gengar charge at each other in a stadium full of screaming fans just then a man appears

"It's the Japanese sensation that's sweeping the nation Pokemon Adventures in stores now" this was what was playing on the television at number 4 privet drive

"Mum Dad I want it" said a seven year old Dudley Dursley as he looked at the screen

"Of course you do we'll go get it right now" said Vernon Dursley "Boy get in here now"

Running into the room as fast as he could was a six year old Harry Potter wearing his fatter cousins dirty hand me down clothes and broken glasses

"Yes sir"

"We are going to the store to get Dudley his new video game and you are coming along so you don't burn down the house while we're gone don't even bother asking for anything"

Harry has never asked for anything at the store but he knew better than to argue with his uncle "Yes sir"

Harry followed his large Uncle into the store to the video game aisle when they got there there was a massive display for Pokemon adventure showing the three starters Bulbasaur Squritle and Charmander the thirty possible gym badges that could be earned around the games name and a shelf filled with the games next to it a smiling salesgirl walked up to them

"Can I help you gentlemen" she asked

"Yes I'd like to buy this poke whatever game for my son Dudley"

"Of course sir would you like a second copy for your other son"

"What other son oh you mean the freak no he doesn't need one"

The salesgirl kneeled down to see Harry she immediately noticed the broken glasses and oversized clothes and how thin he was professor Dumbledore would need to be informed

"Mr. Potter do you want a copy of the game I saw how your eyes lit up when you were looking at the display"

"How did you know the freaks name I demand to speak with another employee?"

The salesgirl got up "That won't be necessary sir" the girl picked a copy of the computer game off the shelf and gave it to Vernon "just so you know I will be contacting the authorities when I get home please head to the check out and have a nice day"

"Is that a threat?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about please go to the check out and have a nice day" said the salesgirl as she went back to her post

"How dare that never mind come dudley freak we're leaving" said a furious Vernon

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore sat in his office dealing with an enemy to society that unlike Voldemort cannot be killed paper work he had just signed a paper when an old owl flew into the room with a note attached to his leg recognizing the old owl he removed the note from his leg and read it

Dear Professor Dumbledore

While we have never met you knew my uncle Fabian Prewett so I'll assume you recognize his old owl

Anyways while at the store I worked at a three people came in two looked like they could give anyone in the Goyle family a run for their money in an eating contest and the other when I looked closely at him was Harry Potter in dirty clothes three sizes too big for him and broken glasses the man with him constantly called him a freak

I assume you will do something about this as the Potter family was the hero to squibs and non-humans that you will help us because I worry if he's left in that house any longer he could be easily manipulated


Kendra Prewett

Albus briefly smiled he had liked Fabian and Gideon they were far more pleasant and tolerant of others than their sister he frowned remembering her deplorable behavior during the reading of Gideons will he prayed that since then she matured alongside her husband Arthur and her children

though a differnt child was the focus of his thoughts right now Harry Potter

But he knew what he had to do he set the wards to deactivate for ten seconds long enough for the headmaster to apparate to privet drive before they reactivated

After less than ten minutes after installing the game on his computer Dudley called the game stupid which was dudley speak for too complicated for my teeny tiny brain now that Harry thought about it he wasn't sure Dudley could even say complicated

Like the nice salesgirl said he really liked the game and had wanted to play it not that the Dursleys would let him assuming he didn't get caught after six years in this house he knew his relatives daily habits by heart right now they were at the movies and left Harry alone which was why he was playing Pokemon adventure on his cousins computer

And he was doing good

He had started out with Charmander but had talked with the people in the first two cities and had traded a Caterpie and a Weedle for Squritle and Bulbasaur and had beat two gyms one who used rock type Pokemon and a gym in a small town that used fighting type Pokemon both were hard but with his three Pokemon he was doing great

Suddenly he heard the sound of his uncle's car he couldn't save or Dudley would notice but he couldn't delete his hard work he wished he could take his Pokemon with him and that's when it happened

Professor Dumbledore had just apparated onto the street when he felt the most powerful surge since Arianna he quickly walked to Harry's relatives house who ironically just pulled up in their car when they noticed the aged headmaster

"Good afternoon Mr. Dursley I'll be taking young Harry off your hands" said Dumbledore

"You finally realize he needs to be raised by his own kind" said a happy Vernon

"Not at all sir I was contacted by a squib that's someone born into a magical family but without magic and this person told me how terrible you treated your nephew so I'll be collecting him now"

Professor Dumbledore then walked into the house using the point me spell to find Harry he found him in what was more likely his cousins room and found Harry stuffing three balls into a pocket

"Hello Harry my name is professor Dumbledore"

"Hello sir" said Harry a lot more politely than the old wizard expected from a six year old boy

"You see Harry I once knew your parents"

"You did what were they like all I know is that they died in a car crash"

"Harry I never want you to say that lie again because that is what it is a lie you parents were wizards well your mother was a witch if you wish to be technical but you understand what I'm saying they were some of the most noble and bravest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing your mother was also an excellent driver" said Professor Dumbledore for a minute he was expecting the boy to show him some magic when he asked why

"I believe you sir" harry then pulled out the three balls he had stuffed into his pocket earlier Harry pushed a button on the three balls and they expanded

"Come out for a minute" the balls opened revealing three of the strangest creatures Professor Dumbledore had seen in his extremely long life

The firstis a quadruped, reptilian creature that somewhat resembles a toad or a young dinosaur with a spotted blue-green hide. It has three white toes or claws growing out of its four legs, and its eyes are a bright red. The most notable feature of this creature was the onion shaped green bulb on its back it was about as tall as Harry's mid-calf

The second creature is an orange reptilian creature resembling a tailed bipedal salamander with some dinosaur qualities, particularly like those of theropods it has four small fangs visible on its upper and lower jaws, a cream underside and an expansive cream coloration on the sole of its foot. Its most notable feature is the flame burning on the tip of its tail, as tall as Harry's knee

Along with the third creature which looked like a light blue turtle standing on its hind legs like the second creature with three digits on its hands and feet and a swirling tail it was as tall as the second creature

"Harry what are these"

"These are Bulbasaur Charmander and Squritle they're Pokemon and I'm not leaving without them"

"Very well let us go" Harry nodded and in a flash of red light the three Pokemon turned into light that went into their balls

Meanwhile in the kitchen of the Burrow one Molly Weasly formerly Prewett slammed her hands against the counter top

That old fart wasn't supposed to get in the way Harry was supposed to be abused and miserable so that when he went to the magical world he would bond with Ron and then eventually marry Ginny giving her and her partner access to the Potter fortune

Molly smiled the old fart didn't de rail the plan only made it harder for Ron to bond with the Potter brat but not impossible

Molly went to write a letter to her partner before her husband returned from work

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