Harry Potter of the elite 4

Hello all I'm sorry I haven't updated in nearly six months but I'm making it up now with this chapter

Harry Ron and Percy were sitting in professor Dumbledore's office harry despite being here before was fascinated with all the silver instruments and magical objects shame he had to sit next to the two Weasley brothers he beat up

"Why are we here Potter should be expelled by now" whined Ron

"Mr. Weasley do you realize what you have done" asked Professor Dumbledore "you beat up a girl and wrote slanderous terms about her heritage in her own blood"

"Exactly we put her in her place" said ron just then the fire in the fire place turned as green as Kendra stepped out 'oh man she's pissed off already' thought harry

"You here now" she said Harry gulped and walked over to his angry guardian and found himself in a bear hug "

"You brilliant handsome stupid boy what you did was incredible especially to spawn of that red haired pompous

"Kendra please" said Professor Dumbledore "There are children present"

"Hey I know your that red headed squib mum says you went to the muggle world and became a hooker"

"Ron don't say such vulgar words we are pure bloods and must act that way at all times"

"this from the guy who beat up an eleven year old girl" said Kendra "well little cousin you are definitely full of yourself enjoy the Dementors" said Kendra

Just then the fire became emerald green again and out came a tall man with thinning red hair in a nice but very worn out suit with to harry looked like a coffee stain on the front followed by a small over weight woman in a dress that harry didn't bother trying to describe

"Professor what is it that the twins have done and is it reparable" asked the man

"BOYS" shouted the woman in a ear splitting voice "what happened you professor Dumbledore I want the person responsible for this hung by his toe nails while a hundred aurors give him the cruciatus curse before he's fed to a vampire" the woman shouted in righteous parental fury

"Molly please now the reason your sons are in the state they are in is because they in supervised duel lost and the other wizard will not be held responsible for his well-controlled anger"

"What was the reason for the duel" asked the man

"They beat up a friend of mine and wrote mud blood in her own blood" said Harry

The woman then turned to harry 'bloody hell' thought Harry "Now see here boy I don't care what family you think you come from I will unleash the seven hounds of hell upon you for even touching my sons" Harry wiped the spit from his face revealing his scar

"Bloody hell your Harry Potter I'm so sorry for saying whatever my sons have done to you and your friend aw the loyalty of two boys and all that"

"Granger's a girl and a real ugly one at that" said ron

"Aw well still Gryffindor bravery" said Mrs. Weasley before looking at Kendra "Aw Kendra how are you"

"Fine Aunt Molly I haven't seen you since you threw a chair at my head at my dad's funeral"

"Now Kendra you're a squib all that gold should belong with a Prewett witch" said Mrs. Weasley "which at the time you were not" said Kendra

"Can we get back to sending the barbarians to Azkaban?"

"Barbarians" asked Mr. Weasley

"Aw yes Mr. Potter called them red haired barbarians before beating them quite skillfully in a duel"

"Now then Percy and Ron Weasley with heavy heart you are expelled from Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry please hand over your wands"


And with that the rant of Ron Weasley was cut off by a stupefy from professor Dumbledore "any comment Mr. Weasley" asked Professor Dumbledore

"No Professor" said Percy

Molly Weasley was the last one out the fireplace and into the living room of the burrow "Ron Percy" your back a little voice said from the stairs

"Ginny go back to bed" said Arthur "your brothers have done something incredibly foul" said Arthur in a cold voice

Molly noticed Ginny gulp before walking back up to her room "You two have dishonored the name Weasley my brothers god bless their souls died protecting a muggle family only for their nephews to beat up a muggle born a ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD in a place that's supposed to be the safest place in the world for a young witch"

"Father the mud blood attempted to upstage us we who are pure of blood must show them and the rest of their kind who is superior must show who truly deserves the name of wizard" said Percy filling Molly with maternal pride in her son

"Yeah dad besides after what we did Granger looked nice enough a troll might take her for a wife" said Ron

"Get out" said Arthur "Get out of my house from this day on you are to never come back and to never use the name Weasley again from now on you are Ronald and Perseus Ogrebum and your sons and their sons will forever be known as Ogrebum until you have a daughter and then she may take the name of her husband so says I" Arthur says with out emotion

"Arthur maybe that was a little harsh" said Molly

"If you side with them then get out as well" said Arthur "You can go to your rooms and pack up your things but I want you gone by the time I get back from the ministry I have to make sure you can no longer be associated with my family name" Arthur said before heading to the floo "Ministry of magic"

Two hours later at a room in the leaky cauldron Molly was seething "How dare that brat destroy her sons school but their expulsion wouldn't last long now with her old friend in Slytherin helping her out just then a black owl landed in the window nearly waking up Ron and Percy

Molly grabbed the letter from the bird on the letter was a wax seal


If Ginny fails go to plan B


So It was that serious then Ginny had better succeed or hell would descend on the name of Potter worse then even the dark lord himself

In the hospital wing Hermione was surrounded by gifts of all kinds from flowers to chocolate especially presents from the nicer Weasley's including a gold necklace from a Mayan temple a dragon skin rain coat and half of the inventory from honey dukes candy shop

"Hey Hermione" said Harry followed by the others

"Hi Harry" said Hermione "come to admire my hard earned loot"

"ooh is that dragon skin" asked Daphne whose usual Slytherin persona was dropped at the sight of expensive clothes

"Yep other than Ron and Percy I love Weasley's and more importantly the ability to give great gifts" said Hermione who thought she heard Harry cough spoiled

"What was that Harry Potter"

"Nothing I say nothing I hear nothing" before pulling out a small ball "Hermione I want to give this to you incase something happens again think of it as a personal body guard"

Hermione was curious "Alright what is it"

Harry pushed a button on the ball and threw it in the air the ball opened and in a flash of light came a purplish square shaped creature with two dis embodied hands the blob creature then attactched it self to Harry's face which caused Harry to pass out with black smoke now coming out of the creatures mouth

"I take it that wasn't supposed to happen" said Daphne

And this is where I end the chapter sayonara