Harry Potter of the elite 4

Heh heh it's time for a prison break I hope you all enjoy it so here we go

Bellatrix letstrange was once a highly attractive woman with smooth black hair darker than the midnight sky and an aristocratic beauty that had turned the heads of many wizards young and old

But after eleven years in prison her hair had become wild as if she had been in the path of a lightning bolt feral eyes her skin clinging to her under fed body at the age of forty one while she wasn't hideous the years in Azkaban had marked her body and soul

With a burst of wandless and non verbal magic the door flew open and for the first time in over a decade Bellatrix left her cell

"HRAAAAA" the former black roared destroying every door hallway soon their occupants walked out

"it's about time Bellatrix" a blonde haired woman said rubbing her wrists "so then let's get out of this hole"

Bellatrix smirked among the faithful to her lord who hadn't gone insane or died in this hell were some of his elite soldiers

Setea de Sange a tall man with slick black hair and red eyes despite his vampire heritage a master at apparition and offensive magic

Venus Baray the only other woman here who singlehandedly wiped killed the population of the wizard town moray in twenty minutes

Rudolphous and Rabastain Lestrange

And Septimus Stone a man who had joined at the age of seventeen and had been praised multiple times by their lord for affinity for widespread destruction

There were others on the floor but they were of no importance to Bellatrix though she did notice the dog that ran out of a cell

"I believe it's time for wittle Harry Potter to get what he deserves don't you"

"you know vhere he is" asked Segae

"what's the matter fang face we all know how much you enjoy the hunt" said Septimus

Segae bared his fangs at Septimus "mind your tongue Irish man or you might lose it"

"now now boys no fighting now then let's get out of this shithole"

The death eaters walked through the prison meeting no guards no Dementors no nothing "isn't this too easy" asked Rabastain

"Don't say stuff like that you idiot" Bellatrix ordered

Well they soon found the Dementors an squid shaped patronus with tentacles made of chains was holding them by the hundreds against the walls under the patronus was a man in a black cloak

"Bellatrix Lestrange it's been a while" the man said

"we've met before"

"a brief encounter" from his cloak the man tossed to the death eaters a bunch of wands "happy hunting"

"Are we at Loch Ness" asked Hermione to Harry "yeah my grandfather built a house here he liked swimming a lot"

"hey Daphne want to go look for the Loch Ness monster later" asked Carter

"Carter you don't really belive in the loch ness monster do you" asked Hermione

"Hermione we just finished a year going to school in a castle learning about magic" said Harry "is the loch ness monster really that unbelievable"

"well no not really" Hermione admitted "thank and Carter the loch ness monster isn't real"

"I'm telling you it is I saw it" "that was Kendra's Gyarados"

"it could have eaten it"

Meanwhile the small amount of muggles on the docks were looking at them strangely "what are those kids talking about" a fisherman asked a man mooring a boat to the pier the man shrugged and went back to his knot

"Aye who knows"

After the muggles left something large broke the surface of the water a long blue serpent with a yellow underbelly and spots on it's back at various intervals three white fins jutted out of it's back another fin on top it's head

"Gyrados how you've been buddy" Harry asked petting the large creatures belly getting what could be called purring from it meanwhile everyone but carter was looking at them funny

"Isn't he scared of that thing" asked Daphne "of Gyrados no way he's a total softie it's my sisters Pokemon you should watch out for" Carter said laughing at their friends reactions

"so what are we waiting for to Potter Island" said Harry who was riding on top of Gyrados head

"How'd he get up there so fast"

A brief ride on Gyrados back later the five kids were at Potter Island sitting on the porch with bruteroot her Venasaur was Kendra along with Ruby Julius and Sadie

"welcome back" Kendra said giving Harry and Carter a hug "Saur" Bruteroot agreed hugging them with his vines "bru te root can''t breath" the boys choked out before bruteroot let go looking apologetic

"it's ok buddy alright Pokeballs out let me see how well you've took care of your Pokemon while you were at Hogwarts" Harry and Carter took out their Pokeballs and tossed them in the air

"Come on out everybody" the nine Pokeballs opened releasing their occupants

From Harrys Pokeballs Charmander Squritle and Bulbasaur came out

From Carters came were Smergle a Marowak a Elekid and three other Pokemon

The first was what looked similar to a hawk if they were three feet tall with bright red feathers a yellow underbelly with brown feet with small black talons and a black beak a ring of white feathers was at the base of his neck

The second was slightly taller than the hawk with light blue fur on the top of its body and dark blue legs and small fins on it's elbows with bronze colored horns hooves and hair at the end of it's tail it looked to Hermione Daphne and Neville like an aquatic Minotaur

And from the third Pokeball came a Pokemon that was three feet tall and walking on four legs it's skin was dark green with a silver underbelly with round head with a beak shaped mouth from its back round leaves were growing it yawned before falling asleep

Kendra quickly looked over the Pokemon "not bad boys all of your Pokemon seem to be in great shape and Carter great job evolving four of your Pokemon well done kids" she said messing with their hair before walking over to Hermione

"so your Hermione" Hermione gulped "yes mam" Kendra laughed "the boys told you stories about me didn't they" Hermione nodded

"Don't worry I'm tough on those two knuckleheads but I'm fine now then I believe you have a haunter can I see him"

Hermione nodded the pokemon came out of its Pokeball but it wasn't haunter instead a green eyed haunter came out

"Gengar" it said waving it's hand at everyone

"Bloody hell you only had him for seven months and he's a gengar Harry wasn't kidding when he said you were the smartest kid in Hogwarts"

Hermione smiled at the praise "thank you very much" Kendra nodded and walked over to Neville and Daphne

"so a Greengrass and Longbottom Harry told me you two wish to become Pokemon trainers" Daphne and Neville nodded

"alright what type are strong against dragon types" "ice and other dragon types" said Daphne

"well done miss Greengrass now then what type of Pokemon are immune to psychic attacks"

"D D Dark types" Neville stuttered out Kendra nodded "now one more question what are Pokemon to you"

"after seeing how Carter Harry and even Hermione are with their Pokemon I would have to say that they are allies their power is to be respected and if shown kindness and honor they will follow you" Daphne said in a voice that sounded like she was addressing a crowd of people

"I think Pokemon are friends" said Neville simply

"Both of you gave good answers alright you are now at one ball status" said Kendra

"one ball" asked Neville Kendra looked at Harry "you never explained it" Harry shook his head "it never came up"

"it's something Harry and Kendra came up with it's a ranking system that determines how many Pokemon a person can have there are three levels one ball three ball and six ball both Harry and Carter are six ball trainers along with Ruby while you three along with Sadie are only one ball trainers"

The three former first years looked slightly depressed they were on the same level as a nine year old

"yeah well it's about time I got three ball status so come on big bro let me show you what I can do"

"she passed the paper test" Julius nodded "passed with flying colors"

"ok Sadie let's go to the battle field"

The two Kane's stood across from each other on the dirt battle field at the center was the potter family crest a stag standing by a forest the family motto at his feet


"what does that mean" asked Neville to Hermione "it's latin if I'm reading it correctly it says fortune favors the stupid"

"it really fits Harry" said Daphne a nod in agreement from well everyone but Harry who was standing in the referee section

"this is a one on one battle for Sadie Kane's three ball status both trainers may only use one Pokemon each the battle will end at either two minutes or when one sides Pokemon is unable to continue you got that"

"yep/yeah yeah yeah" was the response from the Kane siblings "ignoring Sadie then begin"

"Anubis sic em" out from her Pokeball the blondes Houndour came out snarling "ok if that's how you want to play it Royhawk I choose you"

From Carters Pokeball the hawk like Pokemon came out "ok Harry what kind of Pokemon is that"

"that's Royhawk a Pokemon Carter made" said Kendra "you know it's rude to talk to the referee during a battle"

"oh sorry" said Hermione "it's alright just telling you"

"begin" Harry called

"alright Anubis get that bird with a tackle attack" Anubis barked before charging at Royhawk "Royhack dodge by going in the air"

"Kaa" Royhack cried before flying into the air "now use flamethrower" Royhawk opened it's beak and let loose a stream of fire at Anubis

"Anubis protect" Anubis was surrounded by a green energy field just as the fire made contact when the fire stopped the field was still there

"good boy now hit the turkey with dark pulse" Anubis howled opening it's mouth it let loose a wave of dark energy "Royhawk dodge it"

Royhawk flew through the air Anubis turning his head so the dark wave would follow the hawk look alike "Royhawk fly in a circle" Royhawk nodded and began flying in a circle around Anubis

Anubis spun round and round and round trying to his him until he ended up stumbling around dizzy "Royhawk use steel wing" "KAA" Royhawk cried out diving low it's wings getting a metallic gleam as they hit Anubis sending him flying

Anubis landed on his back "Anubis is unable to battle the winner is Carter Kane"

Sadie sighed returning Anubis "thanks for trying mate" Ruby put a hand on her daughters shoulder "come on there's a cup of dittany with Anubis's name on it"

Sadie nodded walking off with her daughter Carter smiled returning Royhawk "thanks bud" Carter walked over to the others

"so who wants to go get their own Pokemon" Daphne and Neville nodded the five kids not knowing about the dark forces waiting for them at when their summer at Potter Island was over

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