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Pot Halloween

The summery of this is that the tennis regulars of seigaku meet a couple of new girls at school. Sakuno also meets a new boy. The new bunch know each other but there is something strange about them.

Story starting.

Narrator's pov

It was a bright day outside and the whole school was buzzing with news. New students and in October too. It wasn't always that they got new students when school had come so close to the end of the first grading period.

Also this was going to be the first year Seigaku was going to celebrate the western holiday called Halloween. This was also happening at other schools like Rikkadai and Hyote.

Class was about to began when six new faces showed up on the school grounds.

At sakuno and ryomas class[2nd year class aka 10th grade]

"Ryoma what do you think the new kids will look like?" a girl with shoulder length pig tails asked her long time friend

"Don't know Sakuno all I know is that they better not be annoying we have enough annoying people here" the boy with green tinted black haired boy replied.

"I guess your right." after that the teacher started to speak.

"Alright class we have two new students you to may come in now"

Two kids walked in a boy and a girl. Everyone looked at them in aww. Many of the guys were drooling and some of the girls squealed in delight.

The girl with brown hair and a red flower in her hair she was wearing a necklaces the shape of a crescent with a purple jewel in the center that seemed to be swirling mist in it to Ryoma and Sakuno. She also had a bat bracelet that looked as though the eyes were glowing. Even more odd was she was wearing the guy's uniform.

"Hello my name is karma neritora, I'm from… Transylvania. I love playing many sports and I'm hoping to get along with you all"*great smile* karma bows respectively to the class.

A boy with slightly spiked dark red hair in the boys uniform of course but had a weird looking pin that had weird writing on it. The pin was the color indigo and shaped like a sword

"Yo im kuro Makita im also from Transylvania and like sports me and karma have known each other for a while now." kuro also bowed respectively to the class.

With that there class started

Now for momos class(3rd year aka 11th grade)

"class we have a new student. You may come in now"

Then walked in a girl with a bandana on her head and a odd looking crescent that had a green jewel in the center that seemed to be swirling mist in it to momoshiro. She also had a bat bracelet that looked as though the eyes were glowing.[just as karmas] her hair was jet black under the bandana and went all the way to her shoulders but she had her hair in a bun under her bandana. She was in fact wearing the boy's uniform.

"Hi im kaoru kadioh im from Transylvania I like to play tennis and I'm not really social so I hope to get along with you all"*shy smile* bows to the class.

The guys in the class started whispering a lot of it was sort of negative about why she looked so boyish so….

Kaoru lifted her head and gave a glare that looked like a snake to the classroom "fshhhhh keep talking about me guys and you'll be in the hospital before the day is done same goes to the girls incase you start."

She walked to her seat sending a glare to every guy in the class and sat in her seat and class began

In Oishi and Tezuka class (3rd year aka 11th grader)

"Alright class we have two new students you may come in now"

Two girls in the girl's uniform came in. just like karma and kaoru they had the bracelet and jewel in the crescent. Although the girl with honey brown hair and closed eyes had a bright blue jewel and the girl with red hair and green bright happy eyes had a golden jewel.

The girl with short honey brown hair said "hello I'm Syuuka Fuji and me and my good friend here are both from Transylvania and we both play tennis and other sports.""*smiles and bows*

"My turn Fujiko I'm Eria kikumaru and im a happy person so I hope we get along"*smiles brightly and bows*

After that they went to their seats and class began

In Takashi's class (again 3rd years)

"New student please come in" The teacher called

A girl with shoulder length black hair walked in. she was wearing the girls uniform. Her hair had a rose in it but it wasn't red it was indigo with red rimed at the edges. She of course had the necklace and bracelet like the other girls but hers was bright red like fire.

"Hello im cris jutuno im from Transylvania and play many sports but I play tennis the most"*shy smiles and bows to class*.She goes to her seat and class starts

Time skip to lunch

"Two of the new students are in mine class a boy and a girl. I think their names are karma and kuro." Ryoma said in his usual bored tone.

"Yea two are in me and tezukas class. Two girls eria and syuuka" oishi said

"There is a new girl in my class. I believe her name is cris" said taka

"There is a girl named kaoru" said momoshiro "and she was not friendly"*sweat drop*

"Well did anything happen that would make her unfriendly momo" asked tezuka in a bored tone.

"I did hear the guys talk about the way she dressed and the comments weren't that flattering she heard their whispers o guess. She even hissed at the class like a snake." Momo shuddered.

"That would do it" Ryoma said slightly amused by his sempai's fear.

They all nodded in agreement

To the new kids

"Alright we have to act normal like we learned at the academy." Cris said with high authority.

"Got it." Kaoru said like the soldier she is.

"Of course." Karma said as cocky as ever.

"Understood!" Syuuka said with a mischievous smirk.

"I know." Eria said with a bright smile.

End of chapter 1

I only own karma and kuro the others are not mine just gender bender. I got bored it's the Halloween season to this is just to get me into the spirit of things.