Dr Camille Saroyan took a deep breath and looked around the room at the small group of interns gathered at the table in front of her. She shook her head slightly as she contemplated the five young people before her.

"Dr Saroyan, is there any reason you wanted to see us all?" chirped Daisy. "I only ask because me and Lancelot and I are going to mini golf right after work. And you know how he gets all.."

"Thank you Miss Wicks," interrupted Cam. "I wanted to announce a new community grant program. One science intern from this region has the opportunity to win. The Harley Q community science grant is a big deal people. 20,000 dollars to use however you see fit to benefit and promote education in any community. It could make a real difference. Plus, you know, if one of you wins it looks good for the Jeffersonian. And thus me. So I advise you all to get cracking. Go home, Google it and apply. "

As the interns departed, talking excitedly amongst themselves, one stayed behind.

"Dr Saroyan," began Wendell. "Do you really think one of us could win?"

"Who knows?" she replied. "But you have a chance. And you should take it. I didn't just tell you because I want more accolades for our department. It would do wonders for any of you career wise. Do it!"

As he departed, Cam began to think about the grant. Who among her team really deserved something like this? Daisy was bright, but she was well off. She probably wouldn't understand how to best use the money to help the community. Fisher had no connection will the community at all and Nigel-Murray wasn't that familiar with America yet. Vaziri could probably make good use of the money. And Wendell. Nice, normal Wendell, from a poor background, who talked about his home town like a nirvana of giving and sharing.

Wendell; he could make a difference.