Why? It's just a simple question. So why? Why me? Why do they hate me/ why do they beat me? Did I do something wrong? If so what? What did I do? I'm sorry! Why won't they believe me? Do you believe me? No matter what say or do they still hate me. Do you know why? So why? They say that i'm a demon, a murder, a freak, a waste of life. Am I truly any of those? What is this voice? Why can't anyone else hear it?it tells me to kill them, kill them all. But why should I? Wouldn't I be just like them? No! I won't do it! I won't kill them! I'll show them all that i'm not what they think I am! Do you know how i'll do that? I'll become the HOKAGE! That's how! That's how i'll prove them wrong! By being the best ninja to ever live! And to do that i'll have to surpass the 4th which I will do! BELIEVE IT!