3:45 PM


Claire Lyons stuffed her hands into her Ralph Laurens blazer, something she had borrowed from Massie, and took out a small bag of Gummi Worms. The candy was crushed from her bag being slammed against it for hours, but Claire devoured them anyway. Any candy from Cam Fisher was good enough for her.

After the girls ordered their lattes they all sat down at a tiny table by the window facing the street. Outside, Westchester Academy students were rushing for stores and plazas eager to celebrate their Friday with shopping sprees.

"Ehmagawd, can I have some?" Dylan Marvil exclaimed, her eyes on Claire's Gummi Worms.

Massie Block rolled her eyes in disgust, although she secretly loved gummi candy, she would still pretend she didn't.

"Alicia is late!" Kristen said, pointing at the empty seat they had saved for their friend.

"She's probably dealing with her knockoff cousin." Massie's blood curdle just thinking about the "kissing expert" Nina. With Alicia;s Spanish cousin back in town, there was a possibility everyone would praise her again. And the only person people should be praising was Massie.

"You should really stick to your diets, Dylan." Kristen shook her head disapprovingly as Claire handed Dylan a handful of Gummi Worms.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" Dylan punched Kristen lightly on the arm. "I'm not fat!"

Massie took a sip of her caramel latte. "You gained five pounds over the summer and not even St. Barf's can help you now."

Dylan looked down at her stomach before carefully placing the Gummi Worms back on the table. Claire giggled and scooped them back into her Ziploc bag.

"I'm just kidding." Massie smiled, but it was clear Dylan had taken it to heart.

"I'm signing up for a cashier job at Jamba Juice tomorrow afternoon," Kristen announced. "Its all crowded with customers and employees get fifty percent of the money."

"Krrrr-isten, we can just lend you money." Massie exclaimed.

Claire piped up now. "Maybe I could sign up too." Claire desperately needed money as being in the Pretty Committe was pretty expensive. She always wanted to buy Cam something as she never had the money to before.

"That would be superb!" Kristen cried. "We'd be able to walk home together!"

"Plus its Cam's favorite smoothie place." Claire already found herself giddy at this idea. Seeing Cam everyday after school.

"And then I can get discounts on smoothies, right?" Dylan asked eagerly.

Claire and Kristen burst out laughing while Dylan sat there, confused at their amusement.

"Alicia is here!" Massie suddenly shouted out, pointing a manicured finger at the glass window. Alicia Rivera was rounding the corner to the entrance of the store, her hands clutching Gucci bags. After struggling to open the door, she finally plopped into a seat next to Kristen. "Sorry I;m late, I had to take Nina shopping."

"Why?" Massie pouted her glossed lips. "So she won't look like an EW anymore?"

"No matter what, she will always be an EW." Dylan said.

"Whats an EW?" A spanish voice exclaimed. Nina was standing at the edge of their table, wearing the same square - toed boots from yesterday styled with a sequined brown minidress. Claire thought she looked like a superstar, almost as perfect as Massie.

"EW means you." Massie smiled menacingly at the Spanish beauty, her head resting on her hands, looking smug as ever.

Alicia stared down at her Gucci bags as she spoke, "Nina has to hang out with us today."

Massie shook her head. "No, she isn't."

Nina slumped in her posture and Claire could have sworn she seen tears building up in her eyes. Alicia could see them too and she flashed her a sympathetic glance. "She has to, I have no choice."

Before Massie could protest further, Cam and Kemp walked into the store, quickly grabbing seats when they spotted the Pretty Committee. Cam squeezed in beside Claire while Kemp sat beside Kristen and Dylan.

"Hey, Claire." Cam greeted.

Claire immediately felt herself come alive. Everything was always better when Cam was with her. She smiled."Your Gummi Worms were delicious."

Cam smiled slyly, his green and blue eyes growing brighter. That was something Claire adored about him. His different colored eyes were to die for and she found herself falling into them. "I actually brought some Gummi Feet." He pulled a ziploc bag out of his beat up jacket that he borrowed from his brother, Harris Fisher, and handed it to her.

Claire, although grateful for the gift, felt sad that she couldn't get him anything. Maybe if she scored the job at Jamba Juice with Kristen, she'd have money. "Thanks, Cam."

Cam kissed her lightly on the lips and then on the cheek, grinning.

These were the moments that Claire lived for. It one of the reasons why Claire loved Westchester. She practically had the best boyfriend in the world.

And then his eyes averted away from her - SPLAT!

Cam was hit in the face by a giant glob of caramel latte that was now soaking Claire's blazer that she had borrowed from Massie. However, Massie kept her cool, only showing her anger with a slight glare. Before Claire could ask who threw their latte, Cam was out of his seat and grabbing Alicia, trying to spill the latte on her perfectly brushed hair.

And suddenly, Kemp was on his feet too, trying to pry the giggling Nina off of his back. Claire wasn't sure what was going on. In fact, none of the girls were sure what was going on. She tried to blink back tears as she watched Alicia manuever the latte out of Cam's hands and thrust it at his jersey. They both began to laugh uncontrollably.

Dylan Marvil folded her arms across her chest, trying not to stand up and slap the Gucci out of Alicia. Kemp and she were really hitting it off. Despite all the confusion in the past, Dylan was pretty sure she had him in the bag. Kemp liked girls who acted like guys. Girls who could burp and fart like it was no big deal. And now he was fooling around with Nina, the EW.

She couldn't help but wonder if it had something to do with her thunder thighs and slightly thick hips. Dylan looked to Massie for help, but she was staring stone - faced straight ahead. Claire had her head down and she could tell she was crying. Kristen's eyes were glued to her iPhone, playing with a picture app.

There was nothing Dylan could do to make her feel better so she simply grabbed Claire's ziploc full of Gummi Feet and began to eat.

Massie Block had enough, She stood up and yanked Alicia off of Cam, turning to face her. Alicia, however, was still giggling and reaching out to smear whip cream on to Cam's jersey.

"Alicia, are you a stealer?" She snapped.

Alicia finally stopped laughing and looked down at the ground. "No."

"Then why are you robbing Claire?"


Claire began to bite on her cuticles, turning away from Cam who had took his seat next to her again. Massie was fed up with the attention being all over Alicia and Nina. Who was the Alpha here?

"Last time I checked, we don't hang with cowboys." Massie whipped her head to look at Nina and Kemp. "Nina, leave."

"Why?" Nina stammered.

"You heard me." Massie hissed, too low for anyone else to hear.

Nina shrugged. "Fine, then." She gave a flirty wink to Kemp before sauntering out of the coffee shop. Everyone turned to look at the Alpha with awe - struck expressions.

Alicia gave a quick glare towards Massie before grabbing her Gucci bags and following Nina out.

And then to Dylan's surprise, Kemp grabbed his coat and ran after them, followed by...Cam.