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All he can hear are whispers.

He walks the dark, narrow corridor. His eyes closed, feeling his way through.

The whispers in his head grow louder.

"Your fate is now your own. Sever all ties with the past..." A dark and mechanical voice echoes through his mind.

He hates that voice. Anger courses through him at the memories the voice brings.

"Yes,"a grotesque voice hisses. "Yes... Give in to your anger. Embrace your hate."

He grits his teeth, and clenches his fists.

"A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will." a strange, but kind voice speaks above the others.

He steadies his breathing, concentrating on his own voice. Enough.

All at once the voices stop.

He opens his eyes. The end of the tunnel in sight. He can hear the agitated screams of thousands of lifeforms, and a steady pounding.



Over and over, the pounding continues.

He pauses at the threshold, checking his clone wars era battle armor. He had painted it gray, and tried to reinforce the chest-plate, but being a slave, his resources are limited.

Satisfied with his armor, he pulls his black, ankle length duster back over his shoulders, pats his lightsaber on his right hip, then the one on his left. A loud voice breaks over a loud speaker system, speaking in an alien language. The crowd quiets for the voice. Starkiller listens and waits.

"Rrachkkchii qiwaai STARKILLER!" the voice shouts long and hard.

He steps out of the tunnel, into the pouring rain. His feet sink slightly into the sand of the vast arena quickly becoming a mud pit. He nods to the crowd, and they immediately go into a frenzy. Thousands of different lifeforms all screaming at once. All stomping in unison. The grand arena almost too large to believe, fitting what must be near a half million lifeforms in attendance, all waiting for blood to be spilled in the pit.

Lightning streaks across the night sky, followed immediately by thunder, seemingly opening the floodgates as the rain pours even harder. The crowd falls silent as the voice starts shouting through the arena's speakers again. He says something Starkiller doesn't quite recognize, then the crowd starts thumping again, faster this time.

Then he sees it. Aw, crap.

A four legged beast about the size of three Rancors lumbers into the pit, walking on its hind legs. Its oddly slender shaped body is covered in thick scales, almost like armor. Its head is square-ish with big, bulging eyes that shine like red crystals. Its clawed hands near the size of a small starfighter.

The creature roars above the crowd, revealing jaws of sharp fangs, that look more like steel razors than bone. It sets its red eyes on Starkiller, and the crowd falls silent in anticipation.

It lumbers its way towards him, walking on two legs. The ground trembles beneath his feet with every one of the creature's stomps. He stands unmoving, watching the creature come closer and closer. A smirk finds its way across his face, then he sprints full speed at the behemoth coming towards him. He reaches out with his mind, grabbing a large load of mud a ways in front him.

He thrusts his right hand at the beast's face without slowing down. The mud flies out lightning quick, splashing right into the beasts eyes. It staggers back, both clawed hands wiping at its face.

Starkiller taps into the force to increase his speed, his black coat billowing behind him. He jumps high into the air, landing on the creature's head. His fingertips tingle, as he releases lighting from both hands, right into the beast's head, earning a cheer from the crowd.

The monster bellows, then its knees go weak. Starkiller looses his balance as the creature tumbles to the ground. Maybe this wasn't the best idea.

He leaps from the monster's head as best he can with only a partial balance. The beast flails its arms trying to keep its own balance. Starkiller feels the wind violently knocked out of him as one of the beast's flailing arms catches him square in the chest. He flies through the air, colliding with the concrete wall, then falling face first into the mud. The crowd lets out a collective gasp.

He struggles to maintain consciousness, wondering again how it came to this.

One minute, he was absorbing the Emperor's lightning, slowly moving toward him. Then the next, he was waking up in a cell, weaker than he'd ever felt. He tried, but could not escape, and was punished severely. He was told that he was now the property of Ivan Interimo. A very powerful gangster who thinks himself a king.

He snatched up all the power and then some, that Jabba The Hut's crime empire left behind when he was killed.

Shortly after murdering all his competition, the people dubbed him "The Boss Of The Outer Rim."

Very pale, blue skin, slicked back jet black hair, and crimson eyes. He's either a Chiss or some mix involving Chiss. No one knows for sure, except Interimo.

And he's not talking.

He wears only the most expensive suits, and near always has an elegantly dressed Twi'lek girl under each arm.

His lust for power is matched only by his cruelty.

He makes his home on a backwater outer rim world called Aureole. Being only a few systems over from Tatooine, it isn't too far from the popular trade routes. Good climate, except the near constant rain every fall. It's a simple world. Nothing special. Just a blue rock in a galaxy full of them.

Out of the way, all by itself, and without anything rare or valuable to speak of, Aureole was left out of major conflicts like The Clone Wars, and The Empire never saw reason to expend the resources it would have taken to occupy it.

The downside is that the system was riddled with smugglers, pirates, gangsters, and the worst of the worst.

With the New Republic forming, and the Empire Loyalists regrouping, another war appears to be on horizon, and the new Jedi Order is stretched too thin to police the outer rim, making Aureole a perfect place for an ambitious tyrant like Interimo.

Starkiller doesn't know how exactly he got there. The guards like to have a laugh at his expense, and always have a different story ready for him. The nearest he can gather, he died in the Emperor's chamber. Interimo wanted gladiators for his new arena. Somehow he got his hands on Starkiller's robe, and sent it to Kamino.

The D.N.A was degraded. They had to use every last shred of it, but they were able to get one viable clone.

His body was placed in a state of accelerated aging, similar to the clone troopers of old, except they kept him in a pod in a kind of coma. They used the pod to stop the accelerated aging when his body matured, and may have actually extended his lifespan greatly, assuming any of it was true. They tried to wake him up, but could not. His body was in perfect health, but his brain had no activity.

For weeks they tried, but could not wake him. They thought maybe there was no way around the advanced aging.

Then one night he awoke.

Not by their efforts however, but all by himself.

No one can explain what happened, but as for Starkiller, he has a theory; his soul- it returned to this world- to his new body. For days, he was too weak to even move. He could do nothing, but lie on his bed, meditate, and look around at his cell. Oddly clean for a cell, shiny gray walls, and a steel door, that only opens with a voice-print I.D.

It took weeks for him just to walk under his own power. Nurses would come in everyday to check on him, change his bedpans, clean him up, and help him with his mobility. After he could walk on his own, they sent him to training. That's when he tried to escape. It didn't go well.

It took months for him to get back into fighting shape. By then they'd already planted the device in his body. A similar device to the one used for slaves on Tatooine.

The device keeps him from trying to escape, at least until he can figure out how to disable it or remove it.

And if he doesn't fight in the arena, then they have no reason to keep him alive.

Starkiller rolls onto his back, the rain tickles his face. He blinks a few times, trying to catch his breath. He wonders if his ribs are broken. Doesn't matter if they are. Get up!

He gingerly makes his way to his feet. His chest cries out in agony, but he ignores it. The crowd claps, and whistles. Starkiller watches the beast make its way to a standing position. He squares his shoulders. The beast lets out a roar. He shouts back with everything his hurt chest can muster. The beast charges at him, and he charges back.

He draws both lightsabers, and ignites them. The crowd cheers wildly. Steam rises from the blades as rain falls on the blue energy. The beast raises its leg to stomp on him. He sidesteps to his right. The beast misses by inches. He spins, blades out, slashing both of the beast's legs. It snarls, and reaches a massive clawed hand down, knocking Starkiller away.

He collides with the ground, then immediately rolls to his feet, tossing a lightsaber at the creature's head, in a wide arc. The energy blade slashes off the side of its jaw, then returns to Starkiller. The crowd roars in excitement. If the blow hurt the monster, it isn't showing it. The creature drops down to all fours, charging at Starkiller with a startling grace.

It leaps into the air, landing right in front of him. Its impact with the ground, knocking him off balance. The beast swipes, razor sharp claws aiming right at Starkiller. He dodges with a graceful back-flip. The beast smashes its other clawed hand down like a hammer. Starkiller rolls to the side, narrowly avoiding the blow. The crowd continues its wild frenzy, sensing the end is near.

Starkiller backpedals, trying desperately to get out of the beast's striking distance, but its speed while on all fours has Starkiller at a huge disadvantage. The beast lunges for Starkiller. He stops backpedaling, and dives forwards for all he's worth. He rolls headlong under the creature's belly, slicing his lightsabers along it as he does so.

The beast moans in pain, backing away from Starkiller. He lets it have some space while he tries to come up with some kind of plan. The creature starts moving to its right, and Starkiller moves to right as well. He stares the beast in the eyes as they circle. The behemoth makes its move, charging quickly. It leaps in the air, bringing both clawed-hands down like hammers, aiming for Starkiller.

He turns his sabers off, puts them on his belt, plants his feet in the mud, grits his teeth, and raises his arms. The beast's massive arms collide with a startlingly strong barrier of force energy, stopping them cold. Starkiller struggles under the enormous strain. He takes a breath, and brings his right hand down.

He turns it over, palm up, then begins slowly raising it. The beast starts rising slowly off the ground as Starkiller's hand moves slowly higher. Panting with effort, he manages to raise his right hand level with his left. Knees bent, and trembling, Starkiller holds the massive beast twenty feet above the ground.

He closes his eyes, and begins slowly rotating his palms. The beast slowly turns over in the air, now facing the ground headfirst. Starkiller groans, and slams both hands down. The beast careens into the ground with a sickening thud, the whole stadium rocks with the impact. Starkiller can still sense life in the beast.

He holds out both hands, and releases as much lightning as he can muster. He takes a deep breath, and doubles the lightning's power. The crowd starts chanting for the end. He stops shocking the beast, and pulls out his sabers, igniting them both. The crowed claps approvingly. He starts running, then leaps very high into the air, above the beast.

He launches a charged blast of force energy out of both hands, exploding into the beast's face like a cannon ball. Starkiller flips over from the recoil, but recovers quickly, putting his sabers at his sides, releasing another blast behind him, sending him hurtling towards the beast headfirst like a torpedo, then releases another charged blast to further increase his speed.

He infuses his sabers with lightning, raising them above his head, aiming for the creatures chest. The arena rocks with an electrical explosion as the lightning infused sabers impact with the beast. The crowd stands, holding their collective breath. The beast lay dead in the center of a large crater. Starkiller lies motionless on his back some distance from the beast.

The once deafening arena, now silent as the dead. Starkiller still lay unmoving. Okay, maybe that wasn't my best idea either.

Starkiller's sabers both lay a next to the beast. They start trembling, then fly through the air. Starkiller raises his hands, and swiftly catches them. The crowd explodes. He slowly makes his way to his feet, ignites the saber in his right hand, then raises it the crowd like he does after all of his victories. He bows, and they chant his name. That's right, applaud.

Normally he hates the applause, but not this time. He turns to bow to each side of the arena, savoring it, for he knows; one way or the other, this will be the last time. Tonight is the night.

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