He grabs the lightsaber from his left hip and holds it out for her.

"Just in case I can't lose em."

She nods and takes the saber. "Thanks."

The speeder continues to accelerate down the stretch of dirt road.

Starkiller knows that it's only a matter of time before the big guns show up, and when they do, it will not be pretty- for anyone.

He weaves around slow moving traffic, then zips into a wide alley, stealing glances at his gauntlet.

Ahsoka sits forward in her seat, eyes wide.

"Do you hear that?" she says.

They hear a violent humming noise from behind them.

Starkiller cranes his neck as the sound grows closer.

A clone wars era Republic Gunship flies over them at a startlingly low altitude.

"Oh, great. Can this get any worse?" Ahsoka says.

Starkiller spots a speeder entering the alley. It speeds up, driving right next to them. It slams into them, trying to crash them into the buildings on their right. Both fortunately, and unfortunately, the alley opens up wider ahead; fortunately, because it allows them not to be squished into a building like bugs; unfortunately, because it allows the gunship to duck into the alley in front of them, guns firing.

Starkiller speeds up, and swerves madly on the road, driving through clouds of dust and debris.

A man stands up in the speeder, holding a rocket launcher aimed right at Starkiller's speeder.

"You just had to ask," Starkiller says.

The man fires. A purple rocket flies, leaving a trail of white vapor behind it as it flies right for their speeder.

Starkiller slams the breaks, and swerves in an attempt to dodge the shot.

The rocket flies right for them, then changes course slamming into the firing gunship, ripping it from the sky in a ball of fire.

Ahsoka had redirected the rocket with her mind. She holds her hand out, breathing hard, eyes wide.

Starkiller closes in on the other speeder, slamming into them with great force.

The speeders rock at the impact.

Starkiller pushes the stick to the right, away from the speeder, then shoves it left again. They collide with the other speeder, and he keeps the stick angled towards them, keeping the speeders together.

The passenger of the speeder who had fired the rocket, now draws a pistol, sticking it over his door, and partway into Starkiller's cockpit.

He bats the pistol away with his left forearm, then draws his lightsaber, igniting the blue blade with a snap-hiss.

The speeder moves away from them, and Starkiller notices garbage receptacles in their immediate path.

He swerves right, weaving around them, as the other speeder swerves left. They weave around the receptacles, then swerve back into each other with a jostling collision that rattles Starkiller's teeth.

Sparks fly as the vehicles battle for dominance, each pushing into the other at full-turn.

Starkiller lashes out with his blade, but the passenger ducks out of the way.

Ahsoka slams her palm into Starkiller's shoulder.

"Look!" she says.

Starkiller eyes the road to see a tower of smoke, and a large mound of burning metal right in their path. Unless he does something soon, they'll fly right into the gunship they'd shot down. Perfect.

The mound grows larger as they fly closer and closer at breakneck speeds.

Starkiller pushes the stick for all he's worth. Still, the wreckage is in their direct path. He can feel the fear emanating off the men in the speeder. He puts out his left hand and releases a blast of energy. He gets slight give, but nowhere near enough to get them around the wreckage. A thought occurs to him, and he prays he isn't too late.

His fingertips tingle as he releases lightning from them. The blue electricity shorts the engine of the enemy speeder. He hits the breaks, and releases a charged blast of energy with both hands, sending the enemy hurtling towards the wreckage. Starkiller swerves hard to the left.

His speeder angles to the left, but it flies almost as if being pulled into the flame.

He slams the accelerator full-throttle, then just when he thinks they're going to crash, the enemy speeder crashes. The subsequent explosion releases a shockwave, breaking their momentum, and sending them wide of the wreckage, straight for a building.

He slams the breaks, and swerves right.

Ahsoka screams as the tail makes contact with the building's outer wall. They spark, and screech across the wall, then finally, they come to a complete stop. With a heaving rattle, the engine dies.

Starkiller sits, breathing hard, eyes open and blank.

Ahsoka nods very slowly, eyes staring into nothingness. "Nice. Driving."

He nods, then puts his finger to his ear. "Rex."

"Yes, sir?"

"Slight change of plans. Can you get a fix on our location?"

"Yes, sir. I'm heading your way now. But sir..."

"What is it?"

"The Shadow's picking up a lot of activity. Looks like ground forces are heading your way."

Starkiller checks his gauntlet's display, seeing a lot of moving dots converging in on his location. Great.

"I see them," he says, looking over the map of the nearby area, noting landmarks and points of interest. "You see the livery stable off of third?"

"Yes, sir."

"Meet us there."

"Roger that, sir."

Starkiller tries the ignition, but it won't start. He looks over to Ahsoka. "Looks like we're going on foot now."

She nods, and they hop out of the vehicle. Starkiller pops open the cargo hatch and levitates the money out, floating it up behind him like a bunch of balloons tethered to a child.

"Let's go," he says.

"You have a problem, sir," Rex's voice cuts through the comm.

A drop-ship flies over them, then hovers, letting a group of armored men jump out.

"I see them," Starkiller says.

Ahsoka activates the lightsaber that he had given her. She takes a defensive stance, eying the group in front of them, waiting for them to make a move.

One steps forwards, wearing tan colored Mandolorian era battle armor.

"Surrender," the man says. "Interimo wants you alive- but I'll get paid either way."

His men cock their rifles for emphasis. This is a well-trained, experienced bounty hunter.

"We don't want to hurt you," Ahsoka says. "Just let us go."

"Last chance," the bounty hunter says.

Ahsoka flings sand into the air with her mind, clouding their vision. Then she's charging at them, blocking bolts without breaking her stride.

Starkiller hadn't quite expected her to be so aggressive. He guesses it shouldn't surprise him, considering who her master was; but still, he assumed she'd be more passive like the other Jedi he's encountered and studied. He watches as she gracefully moves into battle against the larger force.

The bounty hunters scatter, using their jet packs to quickly escape her reach, and surrounding her.

She twirls, flips and spins, blocking bolts and sending them back where they'd come from all the while watching for an opportunity to strike.

With the men distracted by Ahsoka, Starkiller is able to grab a hold of their wrecked speeder, and hurl it into a group of enemies. He shocks it with lightning and it explodes, sending smoke and sand into the air.

A bounty hunter charges at Starkiller, flying right at him with his jetpack.

Starkiller reaches out his hand, shocking him with lightning.

The jetpack malfunctions, catches fire, then soars away in a smoking fireball, taking the bounty hunter with it.

Ahsoka quickly dispatches two more of the group, leaving only the leader.

Starkiller stands on one side, Ahsoka on the other.

The leader points his rifle at Starkiller, then Ahsoka.

"Stay back!" he says.

Ahsoka looks to Starkiller, his jaw set, his eyes on fire, his fists clenched in rage. He starts to raise his hand against the man.

Ahsoka grasps his forearm with her free hand. What?

He nearly flinches, then looks over to her, face twisted.

"No," she says softly. "It doesn't have to be this way."

She eyes him steadily, her crystal eyes imploring.

Starkiller swallows, then blinks a few times. "If it's money you want," he starts, his voice edged with rage, "then take it."

A fat stack of cash floats out of one of the bags and lands at the feet of the bounty hunter.

"There's your bounty," Starkiller says.

The hunter eyes it, then Starkiller.

Ahsoka takes Starkiller's arm and tugs him away from the bounty hunter. He walks backwards, following Ahsoka, but keeping his eyes on the bounty hunter until they round a corner into an alley, then he turns and they sprint through the narrow path, then curve left. He checks his gauntlet. More incoming.

"Rooftops," he says.

She nods, then leaps high into the air, leaping off of an adjacent wall, then disappearing on top of the building.

Starkiller takes a breath, then does the same. They travel the rooftops, the bags of cash following close behind them until they reach their desired destination. They spot Rex straddling one of the black speeder bikes, sitting next to their other bike. Rex had brought them both.

They leap from the building, landing directly in front of Rex, who sits on the bike casually.

"What kept you?" he says.

Ahsoka chuckles, then shakes her head. They load up the cash onto Rex's speeder.

Starkiller hops on his bike and starts the engine, Ahsoka comes and sits behind him, wrapping her arms around his midsection.

Starkiller turns back to look at her. She nods, then he hits the accelerator.

Rex follows close behind them as they travel the deserted streets, safely away from the chaos.

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