Opposite Affections

I decided to finish this one because apparently I didn't leave off on a good enough note last time, but since it'd be absolutely ridiculous to post a story with one sentence, and because I kind of like taking you all on magic roller coaster rides, I'm going to strecth this out a bit.

When you see '~' that means the scene has changed. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

"Well Tori!" Jade pressed harder.

"Well Tori!" Cat added.

"Well Tori!" all of Sikowitz class pressed. "What did you say?"

"I said-" Tori began before she was cut off by Sikowits entering the room.

"Finish your story later, Tori. If I can't finish my coconut during class, neither can you."

"But I don't have any coconuts." Tori replied.

"Well boo hoo."

"And wait, don't you always drink your coconuts in class?"

"What, no, never. It is against our great principle Helen's rules to eat or drink in class, and since a coconut is a food, with a milky center that counts as both eating and drinking, which I would never do." Sikowits said, half shouting. Leaning towards the door, footsteps could be heard parting.

He released a sigh, then quickly pulled up a chair to the group of kids.

"So what happened, at the sleep over."

"Sleep over party" cat couldn't help but adding.

"What did you say" he asked one final time."

"Okay, where was I..." Tori began, "Cat had just popped up from the other side of the counter. Succesfully startling both Jade and me. I shrieked and jumped towards Jade, who caught me and looked deep into my eyes. I looked back up into hers and said ye-"

The door opened, cutting Tori off. The whole class, including Tori and Sikowitz looked at the door. Popping into class ten minutes, was none other than the main antagonist of Tori's recollection of the previous night, Jade.

"What's everyone crowded around Tori for? Wait! You aren't telling them about Cat's party are you?" Jade accused.

"Well I figured I'd tell them a story as we waited for Sikowits to come back from his coconut break."

"No!" Jade's shout almost shook the class.

"But jade-"

"No!" Jade cut into Tori's words again.

Haruphm, aw, c'mon, and loads of teeth being sucked, was the mass of noise coming from the class at the disappointment of not getting to hear the ending to the story.

"Quiet!" Jade shouted. "Tori, zip it. Sikowits, teach!" She commanded.

Almost instantly the class quieted down and began shuffling their seats back to their rightful postions, and Sikowits went back to his desk, with the fear of Jade's wrath propelling him. Jade took her seat, as the class got back on it's rightful path.

"Grunge" Sikowits muttered low enough to slip past the dark haired girl's radar.

The gang, crowded around, Beck's car pestered Tori for the deatails of Cat's party, or at the very least, the ending, and her answer.

"We were there in each other's arm," Tori began, yet again, "My eyes locked on hers, her eyes locked on mine, and I said, confidently ye-"

Jade grabbed Tori's arm.

"C'mon vega, I'm driving you home."

Aw, and more teeth being sucked was heard as the duo walked off.

Jade and Tori sat quietly in the car, on the open road. Tori deciding to break the tension started smalltalk.

"Thanks for driving me home, Jade." Tori sincerly put out there.


"Jade, you sure are a grunge." Tori stated before laughing, and then pulling out her phone. Jade looked at her, out of the corner of her eye and, then shared in the laughter.

Tori logged onto The Slap . Com and posted :

Driving home with my new girlfriend!

Feeling: Sweet :* (Kissing face)

The sun was setting, and Jade was driving towards it, in a very typical happy ending style setting, before she said,

"I still can't believe you said, 'Yeehaw I have a girlfriend' when I asked you how you felt."

I hope you all liked it, I think i captured their character pretty well, IDK maybe. Review to let me know. I still wanted someone to write thier ending to this, and i still don't know if anyone did. My email adress again, since it was cut out last time is: quocalimar gmail . com

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