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Tsuki likes holding hands with Roppi. Even if Roppi's hands are always cold, they're soft and slender. Roppi doesn't really like that kind of affectionate stuff so they don't do it very often. But when they do, Tsukishima's heart races and he feels warm and really happy. Those moments are special to him so he cherishes and enjoys them as much as he can. Just the thought of doing it makes him redden and smile. He knows Roppi isn't cold hearted. He is just...different. But Tsukishima loves Hachimenroppi the way he is so he can't ask for anymore. Just being by Roppi-san's side is enough for him.
But he really likes holding hands with him.
Tsuki doesn't think about it again until him and Roppi are walking down the street, back to the apartment they share. It's snowing outside and the cold air makes him shiver. He tightens his scarf firmly around his neck and glances at his lover.
Roppi has the same expressionless face on and his red eyes are fixed straight ahead. His jacket is zipped up all the way and his cheeks are flushed red from the cold. Tsuki unconsciously glances down and notices something.
Roppi's hand is shivering.
Before they left, Roppi had insisted that he was fine with just his sweater. Tsuki couldn't convince him otherwise and gave up shortly after.
An idea strikes Tsuki. Taking of one of his gloves, he speaks to get his attention.
"R-Roppi-san?" The raven turns his head towards him with a questioning look. Tsuki takes Roppi's right hand and covers it with the glove. Roppi furrows his brows while Tsuki intertwines his right hand with Roppi's left.
Tsuki's face heats up and he smiles shyly.
"Now Roppi-san won't be cold."
Hachimenroppi stares at their hands before looking at Tsuki.
Tsukishima is slightly scared that Roppi will be angry and is surprised when Roppi squeezes his hand gently.
Tsuki squeezes back and smiles again. Hahimenroppi glances at him before his lips quirk slightly.
They both continue their way home, hand in hand.

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