Chapter 1

Love is

A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person

A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection

The feelings I have for you.

Misaki walked in the hallway to the hotel room that Akihiko had rented earlier. He sighed a little; as his destination is still quite far away, as Teito Hotel, the place where Akihiko will receive his awards, keep expanding over and over.

If it wouldn't for Misaki as Isaka and Aikawa proclaimed, Akihiko wouldn't attend for his awards. It was really hard for them to persuade Akihiko into doing something that he wouldn't want to, unless using Misaki's name for it, which is the only way.

Even though Misaki had attended this formal party several times, he couldn't get used to it. He couldn't adjust himself being in a totally crowded place with famous people, and he also couldn't get comfortable wearing formal clothes.

"I hope the party ended earlier this time," he thought. He decided to wait for Akihiko in their rented room, even though he had to tolerate his boredom for being alone, with nothing to do.

Misaki's thoughts died as he accidentally bumped onto someone, whom he felt a head taller than him. "Oh, I'm sorry!" he looked up and surprised to see the man who he had bumped onto.

"Eh? Isn't it Takahashi-kun!" the man smiled, while putting his hands on Misaki's shoulders.

"Ijuuin-sensei! You're here too?" Misaki tried his best to be at his best attitudes, facing the one he had admired since he was young.

"That's the same for you. When I saw Usami-sensei I was hoping to see you too, but I can't find you anywhere. What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to wait for Usagi-san at our room."

Ijuuin wrapped an arm around Misaki's waist. "The party is going to end at midnight, right now is still too early for you to wait for him, so would you mind spend some time altogether with me?"

"Uhh... Okay."


"Nice room you had here, Ijuuin-sensei!" Misaki sat on a couch next to a king-sized bed in Ijuuin's room in the hotel.

"I think the room Usami-sensei rented for both of you are much fancier. Usami-sensei rented a suite, am I right?" Ijuuin prepared some tea for Misaki, which made the teen quite embarrassed for it.

"Ah, thank you!" said Misaki as Ijuuin put the newly prepared tea on a table in front of him.

"Takahashi-kun..." Ijuuin sat next Misaki, his fingers played with some strands of the teen's hair. He couldn't remove his eyes from him. "What do you think of me?"

Misaki was oblivious with Ijuuin's actions to him. Slowly sipping his tea, he replied, "I think sensei is a genius! I love all of sensei's works! And sensei... is very handsome!" (A/N: Yes, Misaki! He's very handsome! If I was you I wouldn't mind a threesome...)

"Is that so? Then, may I ask you something kinda ridiculous for you to answer?"

"Eh...? What is it? I will try to answer it wisely..."

"What if we are lovers?"

Misaki almost spit off his tea, but he managed to control his manners. "Wha-... What are you talking about... sensei!?" Even though Misaki really loved the mangaka, that doesn't mean he had that kind of "love" for him.

"I'm just kidding... You're so cute." Ijuuin hand reached Misaki's face and caressed his cheek. Surely this man has no sense of personal space around his unwitting prey.

"Ahh... sensei..." The teen moved some centimeters away from the raven, feeling totally embarrassed and uncomfortable for the mangaka's sudden acts and words. Ijuuin just calmly smiled to him. Man, this boy is so sweet and cute that he definitely tastes like diabetes.

Misaki quickly finished his tea, then he stood up and headed towards the door. "Thanks for the tea!"

"Stay here a little longer. The party is not over yet."

"No, I don't intend to hang out any much longer! I will just bothering-..." before Misaki could finish up his words, his legs suddenly went weak, he felt that his whole body is burning, wet with sweat and he had some breathing difficulties, which made him breathe much heavier than usual.

Before Misaki fell hard on the floor, Ijuuin quickly caught him. "Are you okay, Takahashi-kun?"

"Sensei... I'm okay... I'm just-...!" Misaki tried to raise himself but failed. He non-consensually lied weakly on the mangaka's chest.

Ijuuin smirked. Finally, the aphrodisiac that he had put in Misaki's tea began to take its effect. Tonight, he will definitely have so much fun with Misaki without anyone's interference. He hoped that Akihiko wouldn't found out about this.

"Since that you suddenly get sick, it's necessary for you to stay here a little bit longer until you are feeling much better, Takahashi-kun."

He was totally aroused with Misaki suffering the effects of the aphrodisiac, as the teen being weak, breathing heavily and blushing deep red. Furthermore, the teen couldn't do anything other than holding himself still onto the mangaka's chest. How cute.

"No... Sensei... I can't..."

Despite Misaki's rejections, Ijuuin slid his arms underneath the teen, easily carrying him up in his arms. Ijuuin was amazed how small and light the teen's body is that he could carry him without a lot of effort.

Misaki was too weak to do anything, so he was forced to let himself being carried by the mangaka to the king-sized bed, where Ijuuin gently laid him on.

Ijuuin crawled on top of the helpless Misaki on the bed. "We're going to have sooooo much fun today~"

"Wa-, wait a second, Ijuuin-sensei...!"

"No. I will not wait anymore."

As Ijuuin said that, he pressed his lips on the teen's small lips, kissing him hungrily while Misaki let out some soft moans.

Misaki was terrified, as this is the second time he had been kissed by someone else other than Akihiko. He wondered how the author would react about this, and there is a big chance that he would get a punishment from him.

Ijuuin's hand grabbed Misaki's jaw to force it open, then he slid his tongue inside the teen's mouth, wrestled with each other's tongue battling for dominance. Afterwards, his tongue escaped from Misaki's mouth and ran on top of the teen's lips.

Ijuuin pulled away from the kiss, then he took some time to undress Misaki. He unbuttoned the teen's suit then took it off and threw it on the floor, followed by the teen's inner dress shirt.

"Sensei, no...!" With the remaining strength that he had, Misaki softly pushed Ijuuin away a little bit further from him.

"What's the matter...? If you're going to behave so cute like that, then I'm not going to stop..." Ijuuin took off the tie Misaki have been wearing. He pinned Misaki's arms over the teen's head and bound the teen's wrists altogether with the tie.

Once again, Ijuuin's tongue took full control but this time it ran wildly on Misaki's frontal body, starting from his stomach, then slowly up to his chest, lastly landed on his neck, enjoying the taste of his sweat.

Unfortunate for Misaki, he could hear the sound that he doesn't want to hear, which is the sound of his pants being unzipped. As his pants and underwear, which were the last pieces of clothes he had now, were taken off from his body, he could not do anything else during the moment, other than setting his tears free from his innocent emerald eyes. He could only think about one word in his head.



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