Below are the ideas that people had submitted to me before (and almost all of them are rejected)...

"I would like a request for a chapter which includes Misaki getting an enema while Usagi force feeds him food for 3 weeks or 2 it's up to you but here are a few other things I would like to have in this chapter loads of vibrators up misaki's ass, usagi pimping out misaki in the toilets water sports and a milking machine."

~Evil E. Evil

"No more torturing let misaki attempt you know.. Putting an end.. Make akihiko feel like an arsehole and please i don't care if they're canon DO NOT LET MISAKI TAKE USAMI AKIHIKO BACK!"


"Um maybe some body piercings but like done in a painful yet sexy-ful way"


"Noooo! I can't take anymore! I want Akihito to snap out of it! And to have to slowly rebuild trust with Misaki, which will NOT be easy."


"Usami leaves Misaki on the living room floor after he is -ahem- done with him. Misaki tries to slit his wrists over the kitchen sink while Usami is out, but is too weak to cut deeply enough. He comes back to see Misaki draped over the sink after his suicide attempt, and realizes that HE is the one who drove him to this. Usami cleans him up and takes Misaki to his bedroom upstairs, and waits for him to wake up. After Misaki regains consciousness, he sees Usami and is immediately terrified, and starts hysterically begging for forgiveness. Usami's heart breaks, and thus begins the LONG road back to recovery."


"Why don't u have miyagi, shinobu, hiroki and nowaki save misaki before his suicide attempt take him to the hospital and make him confess his abuse and Akihiko is put to jail swear of vengeance and have misaki a happy life"


"Maybe you could have Misaki gang raped by some of Usagis friends... T.T I'm so evil!"

~Yaoi lover

"Ok so you ended the chapter with misaki thinking if he killed himself would it make things better. so what if at that moment he finally gets saved and taken to the hospital. (i really want to see the extent of abuse he really went through.) and i think you should add in some details on the mental abuse because we really get to see those sad and disturbing thoughts."


"if it was Misaki's birthday would Usami stop torturing him for one day."

"Have Usami burn all of his Za*kan merchandise
Have Misaki finally give up, and let Usami have his way with him.
Ice bath XD ((that personally just sounds horrible to me))"


"Well when you make him normal
I think he needs to remember every thing that he had done to misaki.
And I think by then misaki might be dead or just about to."


"So I think an interesting idea of torture would be Usagi making Misaki drink blood. Any blood, his own or somebody else's. :)"


"My super sadistic idea: Make Misaki clean the whole house with no clothes on - with a vibrator inside him. XD And maybe even a dog collar for any time he tries to escape Akihiko will buzz the collar and Misaki will receive a small shock?"


"Let Akihiko begin to realize the shits he's done, and Misaki kill himself. Akihiko goes running home to tell Misaki how sorry he was and then Misaki is dead on the floor! Akihiko would hate himself forever and always.


"Actually, I'm not really good with ideas like that, but I think that something serious should happen (e.g.: Misaki in hospital in a life-threatening state) which makes Akihiko realize what he has done ;D"


"I had this fantasy where Usagi got Misaki under his work table and had him suck him for the whole time he worked... xDD" (this is the only one that I accepted)


"I have an idea for a torture, maybe Usagi could use a candle to burn Misaki in some parts of his body with its sperm while he's handcuffed to the bed and with something inside his mouth so he couldn't talk or scream, but besides that Usagi could record all the torture and send the tape to Takahiro's house, and since he already said he don't care anymore about this brother he could change his mind with it and try to save him.


"I would like to see Usami in pain by watching old videos of Misaki and him b4 he went all sadistic."

~Kafuka Megumi

"And I have an idea of what Akihiko would do if he went back to normal... Say he was tormenting him then SNAP!

"MISAKI!? Wat happened? Why are you so badly hurt?"
"You don't remember?"
"You hurt me... I asked you to kill me because I was such a burden..."
"Misaki *grabs his face* You aren't and never will be a burden... EVER"" (I forgot to put this ._.)


Thank you so much for the ideas *w* I really appreciate them... Domo arigato gozaimashita! *bows*

So for anyone who cannot review for the latest chapter, can you please share your opinions about it? Positive or negative, it's okay. I admit that there were so many flaws in the final chapter.

And any predictions for the events in the sequel? xD