Hello guys this is my first story please be gentle :P hehe so anyway I wanted some OC's in this story so heres a baseline

NO: super powers

NO: overpowering weapons AKA it must be a weapon you can easily find in a town no Berret .50 cal or anything like that as we get more into chapters I will start to allow those kinda things

So anway heres this

Name: Kathrine

Nickname: Kit Kat



Weight: 79lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Scars, tattoos, or piercings: Belly button ring

Primary Weapon: Cane Sword

Backup Weapon: 9mm

Physical Advantages: Being short very stealthy

Physical Disadvantages: Bad eyesight talkative

Location at the beginning of the Outbreak: Willow Springs high school

Background story (lengthy and descriptive please): Born into a family based on looks she was the outcast of the women in her family the only people who enjoyed her were her little brother Jamie and her Father Chris

Family: Father (living or dead): Chris Hallmark DEAD

Mother (living or dead): Amy Hallmark DEAD

Brothers (living or dead): Jamie Hallmark LIVE

Sisters (living or dead): Grace DEAD Hannah LIVE

Reaction to other OCs: Easily gets along with other people Hates Preppy girls and loves Gamer Guys :P

Anything extra?: Oh yeah she knows how to FIGHT!

So anwway follow this guide like I have shown you you can submit anytime : D