Maya enters the local YMCA to shoot some hoops with her cousin Nate and some of his friends. Maya is very athletic and can play ball better than some of the guys which is way Nate brought her along to play a quick match up at the gym. Good game guys say Maya to Nate and his friends. Good game to you Nate responds, "You were killing them with that sweet crossover of yours" as they all laugh.

Maya walks over to the bleachers to get her PowerAde, as she sits down to catch her breath she notices a beautiful girl shooting hoops. Her eyes examine the brunette's seemingly perfect body; whoa she is HOT Maya says to herself, I'm not into chicks but she can definitely get it.

Hello Maya, earth to Maya Nate says trying to get his cousins attention. "Oh I'm sorry" yea you were lost in translation over there, are you ready to go?" Yes I'm ready, I need to get out of these sweaty clothes and shower. Before she leaves she glances over at the brunette.

2 weeks later…

Maya has been coming to the YMCA almost every day to see if she will run into the mysterious brunette from before but with no success so far, she starts dribbling the basketball in frustration.

"Come on Spencer can you just come with me to the gym for a little while I need to practice my 3 pointers" says Emily desperately wanting at least one of her friends to keep her company. "I can't Em sorry I have to study for AP Chem, ask Aria or Hanna." I did, Hanna's not the gym type and Arias having dinner with Ezra." Well I guess you're on your own… sorry". "No problem its ok."

Emily enters the gym of the YMCA surprisingly no one is except for a hot brunette working her skills on the court. Emily sits her bag on the bleachers feeling a little imitated she walks to the other side of the court to practice her long range shooting.

Maya turns her head to see who was shooting hoops behind. Her heart starts racing as she finally realize it's the hot chick she has been literally stalking the pass weeks. Oh my god she is so fucking gorgeous while watching Emily shoot. Maya being the one to never back down from any challenge she sets upon herself, she walks over to the other side of the court to introduce herself to Emily.

"Hey, my name is Maya. I wanted to say hello since it's just you and me here as a warm smiles creeps on her face. "Hi nice to meet you, I'm Emily." "Nice to meet you too, um would you like to play a one on one?" Sure Emily tells Maya, feeling surprised by the invitation. "Ok let's play up to 10 cool."

Both girls set on the bleachers to catch their breath after playing three games. "Good game, you kicked my ass the last game laughs Emily. "Hey you weren't bad at all" Maya tells Emily as she takes a sip of her PowerAde. "So how long have you been coming here to play ball" I come here every once in a while to play with my cousin. I usually go to The Cage but it's shut down for now" Maya explains to Emily.

"You're a really good basketball player" Emily tells Maya as she grabs her bag to go. Thanks so are you too, I mean I didn't play three games back to back by myself." Yea your right well I have to get home, I'll see you around." Ok bye. She is so hot Maya tells herself as she checks Emily out as she leaves the gym. Mission to self: I'm going to get her number.

While lying in bed that night Emily couldn't help but think about the mysterious girl from the gym, Maya. As Emily recalls her time at the gym she now remembers the same girl who she thought was staring at her before a couple of weeks ago. As Emily thought about it she definitely remembered catching her eyes every so often but didn't think much about it.

The following Thursday at the YMCA, Emily ran into Maya in the hallway. Hey Maya utters Emily eagerly, surprising herself because she is usually a reserved person who doesn't go out of her way to be the first one to speak. "Hey Emily, surprise to see you here" Maya says while looking Emily up and down trying not to be too obvious. "Would you like to play a one on one?" "Sure."

Maya hits a three point jumper over Emily, "damn it" mutters Emily. "22 – 18, good game Emily, you almost won" as she laughs. "Yea I almost won, says Emily as she cracks a smile bouncing the ball back at Maya. While playing against each other, Emily noticed that Maya is very athletic and competitive; something that really turns her on. Would you like a PowerAde I have an extra one, "sure thanks" as Emily takes it and drink.

"How long have you been playing basketball, Maya?" "since I was little, I was the type of girl who was into sports well I guess you can say tom boy but I'm really girly outside of playing ball" as both girls laughs. "Um yea that's pretty much me too, out of all my friends I'm the only sporty one I love basketball and swimming so I guess we have something in common." While getting her bag together Maya ponders the idea to ask for Emily's number. There's nothing strange about asking for another girls number she tells herself.

"Well I have to get going; I'll see you around Maya."" Hey Emily before you leave um lets exchange numbers…. just in case you wanna play a one on one game you know" Maya explains nervously. " yea sure that's not a problem" as they both exchange cells. "So ok I'll see later Em." Emily stops dead in her tracks because it caught her off guard that Maya called her Em, only her parents and friends call her that. "ok see you later". Did she really just call me Em? It's something about this girl, I can't believe she called me Em as if she knows me.

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