To be honest I don't remember much about the day when it all happened, we were just two girls with no plans for out lives but to sit and play video games, sure we had the potential for sports and the brains for college but that wasn't what we wanted we wanted excitement and adventure no ordinary life wad good enough

I'm Talia by the way Talia Villalobos I'm 17 ,soon to be 18, and I'm here with my best friend Nicky Grant the best person on the planet we've never dome much with our lives like I said we just sat around playing video games nothing new or interesting ever happened and if you still want to stay I suggest to pull up a chair because this story is a long one

The day it all started was normal like always just me and Nicky hanging out at my place, my parents were at work, we had graduated just the month before so there was no school to be worried about. yep just two friends, a TV my DS and a fridge full of food. I know this sounds like any teens paradise but not for us, though we never said it out loud we were both board with this way of living but we had no way to do anything else but be lazy

"Hey Nicky hand me my DS, will you?" I asked lazily

"Can't you get it yourself lazy but?" she said with a smile that told me she would get it for me no matter how I replied

"No its too far away" I whimpered pretending to struggle to reach my arm over to the little hand-held system from my spot on the sofa. she handed me my game laughing at me giggling, we laughed together as I pretended to choke myself with the ear buts around my neck that were attached to my I-pod. after all the goofing off I flicked the switch and loaded 'Final Fantasy 4' my absolute favorite game

Nicky often called me a nerd when it came to this game but she was just as much a fan as I was. She and I were total experts we loved every thing about this game and were proud of it had everything adventure, humor, action, romance and everything else you could think of

The game loaded but as soon as the opening was about to start it got all weird I honestly don't know how to describe what was going on with it. At first I thought it was broken until some words finally appeared up on the screen

'help...our hero...only you two can... help' it was so weird and we just looked at each other curiously it had never happened before then some more words appeared the options 'yes,no' we in a moment of curiosity chose 'yes' then there was a bright flash of light and everything went blank