(Talia's POV)
To say that the walk to Mist was uncomfortable was a big understatement I felt angry, and sad, and confused and I had no idea how to deal with any of it. So I went with my usual way of comfort back home, I listened to Breaking Benjamin songs on my I-pod and held Nicky's hand, she held mine just as tightly and took one if the ear buds for herself. We exchanged glances once in a while but nether of us said a word.

"I've never met anyone so willing to put wires into there ears." Cecil said after a long while of silence.

"Its part of a device that stores music." I replied sounding miserable, but that's not what made him and Kain look back at me like I was insane. I couldn't blame them for that though, to people who's most technological creation was an airship, a tiny rectangle that could create music must have sounded insane.

Nothing more was said about it after that and the knights settled on taking amongst themselves for the remainder of the walk, still looking back at us once in a while, probably to check if Nicky and I were still sane.

Cecil and Kain told us we were close to the village about 15 minutes later, by this time I had put my I-pod away into my pocket,when we were about 30 yards away we began to run Nicky and I were almost left behind unable to keep up with the men but arrived just in time to see the ring send out several fire monsters.

I watched horrified as all the creatures bounced off buildings and trees, setting them ablaze, villagers began to panic running in all different directions, screaming ,crying, none of them able to out run the monsters that emerged from the ring and then being set on fire as well, the game made it all look so simple but being here up close to see every last thing was it was terrifying I could hear men,women ,and even small children crying out for help at they burned to death as buildings fell in and collapsed.

(Nicky's POV.)
The scene was gruesome and after a while of watching I fell to me knees and released the continence of my stomach from the sight of people's skin burning and leaving behind piles of discussing red flesh and ashes.

Cecil ,who until now watched horrified as well, finally found his voice "This is what we were sent to do?" he muttered unable to understand the situation

"He wished this village torched!" Kain was without a doubt referring to their 'king'

"But why?" Cecil was now back to reality, he clenched his fist in anger at himself and the king of Baron, then threw his head back and yelled into the smoke-filled sky and shouted, "WHY!?"

By this time I found the strength to stand again, and did so with tears in my eyes, then we began to hear the quiet sobbing of a little girl, Talia and I looked at each other, then wasted no time running to the sound of the girls cry, Cecil and Kain following close behind

We got to a young girl with green hair crying over the body of a dead woman, 'Mother you can't die! Just because your dragon did," this made Cecil gasp in shock but Kain remained calm

"I've heard of their who can conjure Eidolons- summoners." He said simply

"Then the dragon we slew was her mothers?" Cecil said bowing his head with guilt.

The girl looked at us shocked and angry, but not showing a single hint of fear "You-you're the ones who killed her dragon?"

"Forgive us." Cecil pleaded. "We'd no idea this would happen to you're mother." The girl cried from anger and sadness, and it was my turn and Talia's to bow our heads in shame. We did know it would happen but we did nothing to stop it, it was all our fault. "

"I-I'm so sorry" Talia managed to form an apology with tears in her eyes.

"His Majesty sent us to eliminate every last one of these people." Kain stated.

"No..." Cecil dropped to his knees in disbelieve.

"Fowl work, to be sure. But we'll need to kill the girl as well." Kain stepped forward only to be pushed back by Cecil "It' her or us, Cecil!"

But his friend didn't seem to care "She's a child!" he shouted at the other man then looked back to the now crying little girl. I reached a hand out to pat her back, but thought that it would only make her upset.

"you would betray you're king?" Kain asked accusingly.

"Betray him?" Cecil seemed to be offended by this "Any man who'd wish for this is no king of mine" he shouted, angry.

Kain's expression changed to a slight grin, pleased with this reaction, and laughed a bit "I thought you might say that."


"I owe his majesty much," Kain explained "But not so much that I'd soil the Dragoons' name in his."

"Then you're with me?" Cecil asked relieved.

"Baron's army it the mightiest in the world." Kain pointed out "Our flight means nothing if we remain alone. We must treat with other nations, share what we've seen. And Rosa- she must share in our fight" he was completely right.

"And she will. Thank you." Cecil was glad his friend would help him. I was too.

"I'm not doing this for you." Kain muttered under is breath, but Cecil still heard him and looked confused about it. Though Kain simply went on "Quickly,we mustn't linger here! What of the girl?"

Talia gave Cecil not time to answer instead replying herself "We have to bring her too!"Cecil and Kain nodded in agreement and Cecil stemmed forward to the child.

"Come its not safe here. Take my hand" He reached out for her, but she refused and gave a firm 'no'.

"We've no time. Use force if you must." Kain said sounding annoyed by her disobedience, and ran toward her.

"Stop you'll just scare her!" I tried to explain but the men wouldn't listen and began to chase the poor girl.

their heavy armor slowed them down against the young child but she began to get tired and stopped in her tracks and shouted at us "Leave me alone! I hate you!"then the ground beneath her began to glow. Talia and I stopped and ducked to the ground afraid of what was going to happen next.

(Talia's POV)
The girl chanted something in a strange language I've never heard before, then yelled at us again to go away. Then two arms burst from the ground, followed by the body of a large rook creature. Titan. It was the most frightening thing I've ever seen a child do. Titan slammed its fists into the ground with eminence force and created a massive shaking in the earth. Then it split, the last thing I remember before loosing consciousness was thinking that this child would split the entire earth in two.

(Nicky's POV)
I woke up when I heard Cecil shouting for Kain. Sitting up a just replied startling him a bit "He's not here" I got up and dusted off my cloths "He'll be alright though. So don't worry okay?" Then I looked around talking note of the little girl asleep a few feet away then spotted what I was really looking for "Talia!" I ran to my best friend glad to see she was still breathing.

"Well, we cannot stay here." he walked over to where Talia and I were "We need to get them someplace safe." he keeled down and gathered Talia in his arms "You should be able to carry the child longer than toy would ,Talia" I nodded and picked the little girl up and held her close to me. Cecil muttered under his breath, asking Kain for forgiveness.

"I already told you, Kain will be fine." then I turned and began walking toward the desert. "Lets just go okay? Kaipo is this way"

"How do you know that?" Cecil asked.

"I know everything." I shrugged and began to walk,looking back every once in a while to make sure Cecil was still following me.

The walk look about an hour and a half through the desert, I was glad it was already dusk. As soon as we arrived in Kaipo we took our still unconscious companions to the inn, "Who are you really?" Cecil asked after a long time watching our friends sleep.

"What, you mean me and Talia?" I asked innocently.

"What else could I mean?" Cecil looked over at me where I keeping an eye in Talia.

Then I smiled "We're not really...from around here." that wasn't what he wanted to hear, so I kept talking "okay it's like this, Talia and I were sent here from another world to help you, and as soon as were done...I guess we can go back home"

"Help me? why on earth would I need help from two women who can hardly fight?" he asked puzzled.

"Because we know everything!" I shouted waking up the girl who turned and looked at Cecil frightened.

"Oh you've woken" Cecil spoke gently but the girl just turned away scowling. Cecil tried again to talk to the angry child "You still haven't told us your name." the girl was silent "I wont ask for forgiveness. Its our fault you lost your mother. But, please...at least allow us to take you some place safe." the kid wouldn't answer.

"It's alright Cecil" I tried to use my most soothing voice "She doesn't have to talk if she doesn't want too,just try to get some rest for now." I went an lied down in the bed next to Talia's and fell asleep

We woke up some time later hearing she door of the inn burst open, Cecil stood protectively over our sleeping companions, and I hid from sight with my rapier ready, when we saw who the visitors were Four guards from Baron. "It seems we've found you, Lord Cecil!" the leader spoke up. the child now awake gasped, probably from fear.

"Please, you must listen! His Majesty-" Cecil tried to explain but was rudely cut off.

"Our orders come from His Majesty's own mouth. Surrender the girl and the two travelers," I almost gasped out loud when he mentioned us "and he will pardon all that you've done. The inhabitants of Mist and those who know our future both represent a threat to us all. None may be allowed to live!"

Cecil looked like he didn't know what to do, and the child gasped again and tried to move further back only to scoot into the head-board behind her. My grip on my rapier tightened.

"Move aside!" the man ordered.

Thankfully Cecil had now gathered his wits and glared at the men "I think I'd rather not!" he drew is dark sword and began to fight the men. Now four on one looked a bit unfair to me so I came out of my hiding place and in the blink of an eye one of the men was down, stabbed in the back of the neck through a chink in his armor. He fell to the ground and withered away like a monster would. Cecil quickly disposed of the other two but the last one, the general, was trying to get away.

Then there was a sudden clinking sound and the general was stopped in his tracks, the blade of a sickle deep in he side if his neck. I turned around to see Talia standing holding a chain and looking angry.

(Talia's POV.)
I pulled back in the chain of my kusarigama and the man crumpled to the ground and withered away before he could even drown in his own blood. I turned to the girl and gave her my best reassuring smile "Sorry you had to see that" then I looked over at Nicky "You always forget, you have to take him out first, or were you just being lazy?" Nicky laughed a bit.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault" the child spoke surprising us a bit, she had adorable voice too I couldn't help but smile hearing it, as sad as it sounded now.

"You've nothing to apologize for. Its is we who have wronged you." Cecil said ashamed.

he seemed like he was going to say more but Nicky spoke instead "We can say were sorry enough times, we...I..." tears formed in the corners of her eyes but she refused to let them fall. 'that's Nicky for you...always trying to be strong'I smiled at the memories of us back home she always wanted to make sure I looked at the brighter side of things.

"But...you all protected me" the girl continued.

"Well none of us wanted anything bad to happen to you." I grinned.

She smiled now, it was wonderful to see this poor kid who had her childhood taken away from her, actually smile "My name's Rydia." she announced almost happily.

"Rydia" Cecil repeated with a smile.

"I'm Talia," I introduced myself proudly "but you just go ahead and call me your big sister okay?"

"Yeah and I'm Nicky" my friend grinned from ear to ear "You can call me your sister too! In fact if you don't i wont answer you!"

"And this big teddy bear is Cecil!" I exclaimed hugging said mans arm "You know just in case you missed it when that jerk general guy said it!" all except for Cecil laughed at this, though he did smile 'Just you wait kid, everything will turn out fine, I promise'

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