Dangerous Light Ch.1 Take a Drive

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Elena Gilbert looked out the window. Her head was tilted across the cold glass looking down below at the concrete walk up to her front door. She could feel her best friend Bonnie moving in her room. Curled up in her window seat she finally pulled her head away from the window and looked at her.

"Okay so he's coming for me?"

Bonnie nodded and her eyebrows furrowed together. It was a clear sign that she was really worried. "But like I said I can kill him."

"No you can't, Bonnie." Elena pushed herself to her feet. She was literally putting her foot down. "This crazy guy, this original wants me. He has to kill me in order to complete this thing so he can be an even crazier hybrid."

"I'm telling you I can kill him." Bonnie puffed out her chest. "I will kill him."

"We're not going to risk it." Elena didn't back down.

"Oh yes we are." Damon was leaning on her doorframe. His arms were crossed with his toned chest and biceps covered with a leather jacket. He was a bad boy. "If the witch says she can do it, she can do it."

"But you can't," Elena turned to Bonnie. "I know you're strong, but he's stronger. I don't want to lose my best friend."

"Klaus is coming for you," Damon made long strides into the room doing his best to look menacing. "And if the witch bitch says she can kill him than I say better him than you."

"Elijah and I have a plan." Elena looked right at the vampire.

"Yeah," Damon rolled his eyes. "Let's just say making plans with an original isn't exactly the best idea in the world."

"I trust him."

"Bullshit," Damon countered back to Elena. "Stefan even thinks using Bonnie's plan will work. Anything is better than losing you."

Elena wanted to growl but she chocked it back. Perspective she thought. I just have to look at this in the right way. A super creepy super strong vampire wanted her dead so he could tap into his werewolf side. No biggie. But the unknown fear crept into her anyway. Nobody had ever even seen Klaus before.

"This is your day." Caroline spoke into the mirror. "Nobody else gets a say."

Caroline Forbes was standing in her room staring straight at herself at a floor length mirror she had placed in the corner. Her hair was perfectly curled. Her pale cheeks flushed pink. Clothes immaculate. Makeup was used like a shield. Nothing was out of place. It was her day. She repeated it back to herself.

Caroline took another deep breath and let it out. The air whooshed out of her. Her hands tightened on the hem of her skirt. She was just going to school. Nothing out of the ordinary. She would go to cheer practice and yell go team go. She would come home and make sure her homework got done. Have dinner. Go to bed. She already had a plan in action. She was Caroling Forbes. She always had a plan. She was Miss. Mystic Falls. She had to be perfect.

So what if she never talked to her friends. And okay so Matt dumped her because he cared more about Elena being his friend than Caroline being his girlfriend. Shit happens.

Moving away from the mirror she picked up her book bag from her bed. She was human but her friends were too wrapped up in supernatural drama to see her. They were too busy to see her wilting away. She felt like her life was crumbling down around her. The Sheriff of Mystic Falls, her mom, was never at home to see her bright cheerful daughter become down. Her daddy left them. Her boyfriend didn't love her. The words best friends apparently meant nothing as she never saw Elena and Bonnie.
She didn't give a damn about doppelgangers and vampires. She needed order. She needed plans. She was Caroline Forbes and she had a plan for the day. Heading out the door she threw her bag to the passenger seat and settled into her car. Turning it on she made her way to school.

Summer was in the air and students at Mystic Falls High were just trucking it out until finals in a week. Then she would be free to sleep in. Pulling forward into a parking spot the engine cut off. Kids milled around the parking lot lingering until the last moment before going into class. Caroline sighed and leaned back into the car seat. She could see the supernatural gang bunched together no doubt talking about how to keep Elena alive.

Taking deep breaths she went through her plan for the day. Her nervousness calmed until she saw Matt's beat up truck pull in. Her fears and insecurities boiled over when he hopped out of his car and headed to her old group of friends.

No, she thought as she jammed her car keys back into the ignition. This was not part of the plan. Being an outcast because she didn't want this supernatural chaos in her life was not in her plan. She needed space to breath. Caroline cringed when her tires squealed. From the corner of her eye she could see everybody in the group turn away from their little huddle session to stare at her as she fled the school parking lot. Her body burned in embarrassment even though she was protected from their thoughts and comments as she was in a moving vehicle which was leaving them behind. Stupid vampires she muttered under her breath.

The sun glared and glinted at her through the front window. Even with the A/C going she rolled the windows down. She loved driving. It was the only time she felt like it was okay to not have a plan. She could rock out to music and pretend she was someone else. She wasn't a high school student ditching class. She was the head detective of NYPD whose case had brought her out to the hick town of Mystic Falls as she speed down the road to her next clue. She wasn't some blonde cheerleader. She was a movie star driving to a remote location so she could meet up with a French lover.

Her imagination always ran wild. She let herself relax as she fit perfectly round sunglasses over her eyes. The wind was intoxicating as she the road cut around curves and she passed over the bridge. She had just filled up her car last night so she was good to go for a while.

The radio started to crackle and it brought Caroline back to reality. Opening up her glove compartment she dug through old school CD cases until she found the right mix tape. It was a perfect blend of girly pop and heavy metal rock. Inserting it into the CD player she turned the volume knob all the way round till it was maxed out. Her foot touched the accelerator just a hint more so she whipped around the streets faster. Everything was fine.

She was breathing normal. The sun was shining. She was happy. She didn't even feel a thing when her car was ripped from the road and rammed into a tree.

"I want Katarina found now." He spoke roughly into the phone. "And while you're at it lock Mason Lockwood up. He'll come in handy pretty soon."

Klaus paused for a second listening as whatever lackey he had on the other side of the phone come at his beck and call. He didn't bother with a response but ended the call and set his shiny cell phone down on the seat next to him.

His car was basically a tank. Or really just some fancy black SUV. He remembered the first time he had ever seen a car. It was so primitive. Now they were sleek and fashionable. What did it matter if they killed the planet? Tsk tsk, he thought. Humans were just so destructive.

He slowed down as he took a curve. His eyes were trained on the dense forest that bordered both sides of the road he was driving on. He knew exactly what he was looking for.

A girl darted out of the forest. To any other person it would look like just a jogger. But to Klaus it was somebody important. It was a werewolf. One that could lead him to a pack. One that could lead him to a new army. An army of hybrids.

Klaus gunned the engine and tried to hit the wolf. The car surged forward though missing her. The girl had seen the car and her animal instincts took over. Jumping and moving fast she tried to flee into the forest but the original wasn't taking no for an answer. He had a lead foot and in a split second he did in fact get his target. But he had also slammed another car.

Leaping out of the car at a fast speed he tied the werewolf up and threw her in the trunk of his car. He moved so fast a human wouldn't be able to see him. He stopped and looked at the car he had hit.

It was in bad shape but drivable. The front hood touched a tree and a clear indention was on the back bumper where Klaus's car had struck. Klaus sighed. He hated to make a mess. He strutted to the car and bent down so his tall body could peek into the window which was rolled down.

Blonde curls were tossed haphazardly around a pale face. A young girl was leaning back groggily in the driver's seat. Her head swayed a little as she became aware of her surroundings. Klaus's hand reached through the window and he pinched the sunglasses of the girl's face. He needed to be able to see her eyes but he was taken aback by her stunning blue eyes. They weren't a baby or sky blue. They were navy.

Looking up at the man Caroline sat up a little straighter. Hell, her mom was a cop and she was trained on how to protect herself from strange men but she had no time to do anything before he spoke.

"Hello, there love," the voice was grating and irritating. The man was trying to sound friendly and cheerful. It came across as fake. "Sorry about all this. I hate messes. So let's just forget all this. That sucks that some drunk hit you from behind." The pupils of his eyes narrowed and he watched the girl to make sure she would go with the new story.

He saw only a flicker of eye movement but he took it as a sign that he had worked his magic. He placed the glasses back on the girl and walked back to his own car. He shook the girl from his memory and drove off. He had a doppelganger to kill.

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