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As the morning rays spilled into their bedroom Sully snuggled closer to Michaela. Feeling his arms wrapped securely around her Michaela sighed.

"Sun's up." said Sully gruffly."Been up for a while." he said,buring his face in her hair.

"So comfortable here." Michaela said,molding her body closer to Sully's.

Sully turned Michaela over claiming her lips with his. As the kiss started to grow in passion there was a knock on their bedroom door.

They broke apart as they heard another knock and a very impatient voice exclaiming,"Mama..open the door...I'm up!"

As Sully pulled his jeans over his boxers he smiled saying,"I think she get's this from you."

Rolling her eyes Michaela said,"How come when she does anything good she gets it from you. But when she's bad or bossy she gets it from me."

Laughing as he walked to the door to open it Sully teased,"Can't for the life of me figure that one out."

Opening the door Katie walked right in. Looking back at her father she put her hands on her hips,"It's about time..people. I've been waiting forever!"she exclaimed.

Laughing at his daughter's antics Sully explained,"Patience is a virtue,Katie." Picking her up into his arms he said,"But on the other hand today is a very special day. Do you remember what we are going to do today?"

"Of course,Poppy."Katie said smiling,"We're going to find out what the baby is!"

"That's right,sweetheart." Michaela said smiling."We're going to find out if it's a boy or a girl."

"I'll help you take care of it, Mama." Katie said,grining from ear to ear.

"I certainly hope so. It will need it's big sister to show it everything."

"I'll be the best big sister ever!" Katie said excitedly.

"I'm sure you will,Kates." Sully said kissing her cheek as he sat her back down on the floor.

Watching as Katie ran back into her bedroom,Sully walked towards Michaela wrapping his arms around her waist and laying his chin on her shoulder and looking at her in the mirror in front of them."You are so beautiful."He said laying a kiss on her cheek.

"I'm not beautiful.I'm fat!" Michaela exclaimed,turning in his arms.

"I think last night I proved that wrong. Or don't you remember?" Sully asked.

"I remember." Michaela said blushing."Only you could be attracted to me now."

"Hey!I can't help if I'm married to the most beautiful pregnant woman ever!" Sully defended himself,sticking his lip out in a pout.

"Put the lip away!" Michaela said smiling, as she raised her hand to cup his face."I'm helpless against it...you fiend."

"Hurry up and get ready!I can't wait to find out what my next child is going to be!"Sully said,as he hugged her before leaving the bedroom to find Katie so they can start their morning routine.