Waking up underneath blankets of snow,
Covering my body from head to toe,
As I uncover myself trying to stand,
I see my friend laying beside me sleeping endlessly as I grab her hand.

Doing the best I can to wake her up before dying,
She opens her eyes and looks at me with tears from crying,
"In this lonely world, the day before yesterday, I saw a deer."
She started to say something I could barely hear.

Though she continued to say something I've heard many times before,
And I'll repeat it just for her once more,
"The day before yesterday, I saw a deer. Yesterday I saw a rabbit,
And today, it's you."

I felt at ease repeating those lines to myself while comforting her heart,
The warmth that I can't feel embraces my soul as it falls apart,
Returning me to the real world while opening my eyes to a child being born,
My new daughter was brought into this world from the other world that was torn.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it!

It's not my first poem, though it's my first poem based off of an anime.

Again, I really do appreciate you reading this!