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It was early in the evening and the tall good looking blonde known as Kyousuke was in the kitchen.

It was time for dinner and he had decided to give Mira, his son, a break for once and make dinner for him instead of vice versa. Mira was his angel and was always making his meals for him, being the great cook he was Mira's meals were always to die for.

While dinner was cooking, Kyousuke heard the front door open behind him.

Mira was home!

"Papa!" he heard Mira call to him.

"I'm in the kitchen" he answered.

Mira's black haired head popped around the corner of the kitchen doorway amethyst eyes shining and smiling like it was his birthday. Seeing this Kyousuke started beaming. Seeing Mira smile always warmed his heart more than anything in the world.

"Remember my friend Shun?" Mira asked, "I got to see him today! It has been so long since I've seen him and I was really happy!"

That explains the smile Kyousuke thought, angry with himself for being jealous that Mira was happy because of someone other than himself.

"That's great! How is he doing?" Kyousuke asked.

"He finally got his life dream! He is a famous musician!"

This made both father and son remember a few years back.

Mira and his friends Kazu and Shun were playing at the park talking about what they wanted to

do when they grew up.

"I want to be a professional musician" Shun said.

"I want to be a soccer player" Kazu told them.

"What about you Mira?" they both asked at once.

"Um….um…I want to be papa's bride!" he told them grinning from ear to ear seeing his father walking towards him.

Mira jumped in his arms and Kyousuke took him home

Kyousuke continued to cook dinner while chatting about old memories and friends with Mira who was busy setting the table.

Once dinner was ready both sat down to enjoy the meal.

"Dinner is great papa, why don't you cook more often?" Mira asks

"Because your cooking is so much better than mine my adorable Mira" Kyousuke answers with a smirk enjoying the slight blush that touched the boys face.

"Have I told you lately that I love you and would never be able to live without you Mira my cute angel?" Kyousuke asks much to the young boy's embarrassment.

"Yes…." He mumbles too embarrassed to give his father a normal answer.

"Sorry I can't hear you when you mumble" teases Kyousuke getting more enjoyment out of it than Mira would ever believe.

"I love you too papa!" Mira yells to his father a bit louder than he wanted because of his embarrassment.

So adorable! Kyousuke thinks to himself.

Why does he have to be so cute without knowing it? I bet he would show that face to just about anyone and not know he was doing it! Getting angry at the thought of anyone else seeing HIS beautiful and innocent Mira, Kyousuke abruptly tells him, "Don't ever show anyone else other than me that cute expression and just how cute you can be!"

To his father's surprise not only did Mira not argue but he also replied saying "I'm not the one that is beautiful….you are."

Completely caught off guard Kyousuke can't help but smile at his son's response. Seeing how deeply Mira is blushing at this point in the conversation, he just can't help himself anymore. Kyousuke asks "Do you have anything to do tomorrow Mira?"

"No, tomorrow is Saturday and I was planning on staying home with you papa."

Kyousuke smiles approvingly and has to ask one more question.

"Are you done eating?", to which he receives a nod.

"Good" Kyousuke responds, his grin widening with every second.

He slowly gets up and walks toward Mira and picks him up. Kyousuke walks out of the kitchen with his son in his arms carrying him bridal style. All Mira could do was look up at his father with a confused look on his face wondering what he was planning. When the two finally reached their destination, Kyousuke's bedroom, Mira was filled with realization as to what Kyousuke wanted.

Smiling to himself he hugged his father and pulled him close enough to lick his ear before he pulled away pleased with the low growl that escaped Kyousuke's lips.

"Now that you did that I am not going to let you go. At least not until the sun comes up you know. Or until you pass out. Whichever comes first…."

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