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The unusual quartet had stayed relatively silent throughout the cab ride, and now was gathered in the living room of 221B Baker Street. The two first graders were seated side by side on the couch, John on his favorite chair, and Sherlock himself was standing, arms clasped behind his back as he stared out the window. Uncomfortable with the silence, John took it upon himself to start the conversation once more. "Right! Introductions are in order. I'm Dr. John Watson," he told the young boy.

At that, Sherlock spun around and locked eyes on Conan. "I need you to tell me every detail of your time in that building. Don't discount anything because I'm sure that there are deductions you couldn't make," he ordered.

Conan's eyes narrowed at this command and he took a deep breath to calm himself. He wasn't going to let this detective get under his skin by implying he couldn't make the correct deductions. "When I woke up, I observed I had been knocked out with chloroform because of the dryness in my mouth and the sweet scent. From the moldy walls and small window near the ceiling I could tell I was in a basement of an abandoned building. Someone had put a winter coat on me, and under that there was an explosive vest. All of my gadgets, aside from my phone, were still on me."

"Gadgets?" John asked, eyebrow raised. "What do you mean by that?"

It was Haibara that chose to answer this. "Agasa-hakase, my guardian, makes them for him. It's to ensure that he has some protection when he goes gallivanting off on cases."

The boy scowled at her explanation. "My glasses have a GPS feature, my belt can instantly inflate a soccer ball, and my shoes can become high powered so that when I kick an object it gets launched at high speed."

"To account for your small size, correct?" Sherlock stated, not waiting for an answer. "This way you're protected when you face off against the culprit."

"Yes," Conan answered. "Next, I turned on the map feature of my glasses to determine my location. That was when I found the pager and was instructed to call you. I quickly deduced you were a detective, and took the chance of you knowing Morse code to tell you where I was. After the call, I broke my glasses and used the lens to disarm the vest, removed it, and went to check the door."

"Wait….you disarmed a bomb?" John asked, eyes wide.

"Obviously," Sherlock said.

"It wasn't a very complicated bomb," Conan said. "Anyway, it was at that point that I met Jim Moriarty."

A heavy silence hung throughout the room momentarily before Sherlock knelt before him in an instant, gripping his shoulders. "You met him?!" he responded, but didn't wait for an answer. "Of course you did, you disarmed a bomb while under surveillance. It must have caught his interest; after all, the average person wouldn't know a thing about bombs, much less a child." Sherlock quickly rose to his feet, a grin spreading across his face as he made his deductions. He clasped his hands behind his back once more and began to talk rapidly. "A child intelligent enough to disarm a bomb would surely pique his interest. He's bored, that's why he does what he does, and he would see you as someone to compete with intellectually. Not as an opponent, no, he'd see too much potential, and want to mold you into his perfect successor. Children's values are so malleable."

A scowl had made its way onto Haibara's face and she swatted the young detective's head. "Baka! If they catch wind of a criminal of Moriarty's interest in you, they'll start looking into your history, and make the connections. Everyone will be in danger," she said.

Conan felt his heart stop as he thought desperately, 'Ran!' "I have to call her, get her to go on a trip with Sonoko or something…Get her out of their sights," he said in panic.

Haibara opened her mouth to say something but Sherlock cut her off. "That'd just put her in more danger, yes? 'Her?' She must be someone you're very close to, intimate almost, but you don't hold her in the same level of trust as you do Haibara. She doesn't know about this group, and I'm sure there are members near her, correct?" The young girl nodded, still scowling, and he continued, "If she were to disappear that would arouse suspicion on you, and Moriarty's inquiries would confirm those notions."

"Wait just a second," John Watson interrupted, confusion clear in his eyes from attempting to follow the rapid conversation. "If Moriarty was so interested in you, how did you escape? I'm sure he'd have thought of anything…." His gaze rested on the young bespectacled boy, who was still in a right state, and he hoped to distract from what was troubling him.

"Moriarty underestimated me, and didn't know about my gadgets. While he was talking, I activated my shoes and then inflated a soccer ball and kicked it at his head. He fell to the ground and was dazed enough that I was able to run from the room and out of the building, where I spotted Haibara across the street," Conan answered. His brow furrowed. "Did you guys take out the snipers? I forgot about them in my rush to escape, but then noticed they weren't there once I was on the street."

"It was child's play," Haibara responded with a smirk, and the boy just rolled his eyes at her. She pulled out a slim cell phone from her pocket. "I'll send Agasa-hakase a text telling him not to worry."

Conan nodded at her as she began to do just that, but then suddenly his eyes widened in horror. His phones! They were both gone—both his Conan one and his Shinichi one. "Moriarty has both of my phones. With my other phone, he can discover—"

The young brunette cut him off, eyes wide as well, "And a conclusion like that would quickly spread throughout the criminal underworld, and would catch their interest."

Sherlock grinned at them, eyes bright. "Well, then we better catch Moriarty before he starts putting things together. Tell me, what did you figure out…?"

Oh no! Moriarty has Conan's "Shinichi phone", Sherlock knows about Ran's importance to Conan, and the looming threat of the Black Organization draws nearer with the possibility of Moriarty trying to discover just who Conan is. Will our favorite detectives manage to stop Moriarty before everything starts to spiral out of control? Stay tuned to find out.