This just some ideal I'm having~

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is not mine (wish it mine)

leave behind him, forget him, the boy is not be useful, release him make a newly son, the child can receive everything the burden and sin ...


look he, pity on he was left behind just because of the weak have ready bodies, let us take care of / take he ... Welcome to your newly family Tsunayoshi


Few year later~

Okaa-san look!

I got a perfect score in maths tests.! (say the child)

tsu-kun let tell your father when he came back later. (say the mother)

Hai okaa-san

a few hours later!

Otou-san look! look! I got a perfect score in maths tests.! (said a cheerful boy)

Tsunayoshi Wow you are a clever boy!

Of course this all thank to okaa-san because you know she teach Tsu-kun how to do maths! ( kawaii :D)

Say Tsunayoshi let go out together ... Go Tsunayoshi call yours okaa-san say to her that we all will be having dinner at restaurant today...

Hai Otou-san! *run inside* Okaa-san ! Otou-san say that we all will having dinner at restaurant today!

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~ (skip scene_ In the car)

Say Fumiko how do you think about Japan?

Well Japan certain have some nice place why?

I thinking about sending you and Tsuna to Japan for awhile ... You know about Tsuna body condition ... And Germany not really good place now...

Yes I think I also agreed in that one but are you coming with us or you staying here?

I'm staying here there something I need to take care so wait me there.


Otou-san : Father

Okaa-san : Mother

Hai : Yes

Kawaii : CUTE!

Well here it is at last being post just something I'm think or imagination~!

Tell me what you think~! And I know it short~!