"It's up to you and it's up to me. How we'll meet in the middle on how we'll meet our way back down to earth."

His phone buzzed to life as a familiar number flashed on his screen.


"Tina?" He was surprised to hear from her. "Hi! How's it been?"

"Good. Everything's good." She said hesitating before adding, "It's Blaine-"

"Oh god," Rolling his eyes. He can't believe that Blaine would involve their other friends in this. "Is this an intervention of some sort. Does he have you tricked with his puppy dog eyes to convince me to speak to him. Am I about to receive a wave of phone calls telling me to give him a chan—"

"No, listen." Tina cut him off. "We're really worried about him. He hasn't been himself and none of us can get through to him. I'm scared that he might do something stupid or reckless. He might hurt himself."

"In New York remember?" He snapped. The idea that Blaine was moping around, being all sad and pathetic that others are starting to worry, when it was his fault they were in this mess, was getting on his nerves. "What am I suppose to do?"

"Can you talk to him? Please? I'm really scared that he-"

"Talk to him?"Kurt chuckled at the notion, when he spent a good part of the past weeks actively ignoring him and denying his existence. "Tina, he cheated on me."

"I know. I know." Tina said with a bit of desperation. "He doesn't bother with drowning his hair in gel. He hasn't been attending Glee club rehearsals or school for all I know. When we see him outside school, I don't like the people he's with. And..."

"What is it?" Kurt couldn't help the curiosity in his voice, peaked with Tina's desperate tone and, he'd deny it if asked, his own concern for Blaine.

"Nothing. It's probably just... nothing." Kurt could imagine the girl trying to convince herself that it was really of no consequence but his head is already filled with the worst-case scenarios.

"Tina!" He said, the demand to tell him whatever it was went unsaid.

"We're not totally sure and there's no proof... but we think he's doing drugs." Tina said the last words in a hurried mumble as if afraid to even give voice to that idea.

"That's ridiculous." Kurt couldn't help the laugh that escaped out of him. "Blaine? Drugs? He would never do that! That's absurd. He's Mister Perfect. He's Mister I-Don't-Do-Stupid-Things. He's-"

"Hurt and lost, Kurt." Tina said genuinely sad. "Will you? Talk to him?"

"He cheated on me." He said, annoyed at Tina's tone. As if this was Kurt's fault that Blaine was acting this way. "I'm the one who's hurting. I'm the one who got their heart broken. He bought this on himself."

Kurt heard her give a sigh of understanding, "I'm not saying that you forgive him or that you get back together. All I'm saying is that... He needs you, more than he has ever needed you before."

Tina's words were plaintive enough to destroy whatever shred of resolve to continue ignoring Blaine that he had started to build the moment Blaine's name as brought up.

They were silent for a few heartbeats, nothing but their breathing and background noise.

"I..." Kurt started.

"Dress rehearsal for Grease is about to start. Take care, Kurt. I gotta go, bye!" She hastily ended the phone call and the line went dead.