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"Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me."

The crisp autumn chill seeped through the coat Kurt was wearing and he instinctively pulled it closer looking around the once familiar outside of McKinley. He spots the tall figure easily enough and takes a deep breath before heading towards his direction.

"Got your text." Kurt calls out as Sebastian turns around to face him. "What do you want?" A flash of remembrance to their conversation two days ago briefly crosses Kurt's mind and he couldn't help the nervousness he felt at the thought before it instantly vanishes at the sight of relief on Sebastian's face.

"Didn't think you'd actually show." Sebastian said. "He's waiting for you. Technically for me but you know..."


"No. Me." Sebastian deadpans before rolling his eyes and adding, "Of course, Blaine. I told you to talk to him."

Kurt raised an eyebrow at that.

Sebastian rolls his eyes in exasperation. " Look, the two of you need to talk. And it seems if it's just up to the two of you that's never going to happen this century."

They both stared each other down. Kurt gauging how sincere Sebastian is and what his motives are. This was the nicest Sebastian has ever been. No name calling, no judgemental looks, and no annoying smirk. He was allowed to be cautious. Sebastian must have sensed Kurt's doubts since he raised his arms in mock surrender, "No strings attached."

Kurt momentarily narrowed his eyes before saying with a small smile of gratitude, "Thank you." He would have never believed that in a million years that Sebastian Smythe would be what his relationship with Blaine needed.

"It's not entirely selfless." Sebastian shrugs, passing off nonchalance.

"Why exactly are you doing this?" Kurt asks,not completely being able to keep his suspicion suppressed. This is Sebastian Smythe after all, the punch line is in there somewhere.

Sebastian merely shrugs again looking to the side before simply answering, "I dunno."

Kurt responds with a raised eyebrow and tilting his head in skepticism.

"Look we all know I'm an ass." Sebastian starts prompted by Kurt's expression. "But I am trying. I can at least start making up for all the crap I've done."

"We all know that's bullshit." Kurt said without missing a beat.

Sebastian gives a dry laugh at that before he added in a somewhat resigned tone. "I want him happy, in whatever way that's gonna happen. And if you're that... He deserves it."

"Does he know? Did you... tell... or do you plan too?" Kurt hesitantly asks. He's not sure if he was crossing some sort of line here and if it would break the unspoken truce that came with the knowledge of caring for the same person.

"Would it matter if I did?" Sebastian shifts uncomfortably looking everywhere that is not Kurt.

"You don't know that." Kurt said not unkindly.

"Actually I do." Sebastian says with a hint of bitterness. "That's the thing. He's convinced that you're it for him. I can't compete with that."

"If he knew... He could..." Kurt says choosing his words carefully.

"Love me back?" Sebastian supplies with an empty laugh. "Not the way he loves you. He can never love me the way he loves you."

Kurt doesn't know how to respond to that. He wants it to be true, to be so sure that Blaine does still love him.

"When he told me he was with someone," Kurt starts slowly watching Sebastian from the corner of his eye. "The first person I thought of was you."

Sebastian looks up at that, "I'm flattered?"

"I'm sorry. It made sense." Kurt shrugs. He knows he shouldn't be this open to Sebastian but he couldn't stop himself. "I thought you'd finally won. You'd finally gotten him." Kurt gives a dry laugh. "He wouldn't even tell me who it was. Found out two days ago that it was Chandl- Eli."

Sebastian stares at him for more than a moment, head tilted to the right, before saying with a chuckle, "Being nice sucks."

Kurt responds with a breathy laugh, "Thank you... for this. And for taking care of him."

"You should go. I told him to wait at the courtyard, the one with the steps."

Kurt nods and moves past him towards McKinley.

"Hey, Hummel." Sebastian calls out.

"Yeah?" Kurt looks back.

"I still don't like you." Sebastian says, signature smirk in place.

"Me too." Kurt answers with a smirk of his own. He nods once more and braces himself for what was to come.

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