Entwined Destiny

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Summary: Although future Chris changed the future by coming back to save his brother but there are something that are unchangeable by destiny and one of those things is the love between Chris and Bianca. Also in this story Wyatt is a bit of a diva.

A/N: This story just popped into my head and I just had to write it, I am hoping to get all the chapters uploaded in the next few days. I do not normally write romance stories because to be honest I am a bit cynical where romance is concerned but I couldn't get rid of this story in my mind so I thought I might as well as have a go at writing it. Hope you like what I write and please no flames if you don't.

Chris felt more unwanted and isolated than he had ever had in his life. The trip back from his Aunt's solicitor had so far been silent apart from the occasional spoilt hiccup from Wyatt. He sat in the passenger seat next to his mother as she drove back from the solicitor's office where they had sat and listened to Paige's last will and testament and from the back of the vehicle he could hear his father's soothing words as he had tried to calm down and comfort Wyatt, who was making certain that everyone in the car knew just how upset and put out he was by Paige's will.

So far during the trip not a word had been said to Chris, instead his parents and Wyatt had glanced at him from time as though he was an unwanted and distasteful demon that had invaded their precious family. The reading of Paige's will had not gone the way that Wyatt or their parents had wanted, once again Paige showing her distaste in what she had perceived as Leo and Piper's uneven love for their two sons, Wyatt had always been given the bigger share of not just their love and attention but anything else that he had wanted as for Chris he had grown being constantly forgotten and ignored by his parents.

"She must have lost her mind."

Leo angrily stated to his wife but it was Chris who felt his words the most, the implications of his father words were all too clear, anyone who favoured Chris over Wyatt must be mad in his parents eyes. Tears threatened to fall from his eyes but he held them back, he would not allow his family to see how upset he was by their angry words. Was it unfair that someone had chosen to favour him over his brother for once in his life; he knew he was not as wanted as his brother had been but years of rejection by his family and others in the magical community still stung enough to hurt?

The pain of losing his beloved Aunt Paige hurt and sharpened even more at his father's cruel words, he missed the only person in the Halliwell family that had ever had any time for him or treated him fairly. More than fairly if her bequest to him in her will was anything to go by.

Chris glanced at his mother apprehensively to see what her reaction to her husband's words would be. Her face looked grim, her eyebrows arched in irritation and anger. Her hands were tightened on the driving wheel of the jeep and he hoped that her anger would not get the better of her until they got home, it would not do for his mother to explode and blast his father with magic for his words in public. That would expose them all and not just the Halliwells but everyone in the magical community and Chris knew that he would be the one blamed for the exposure of magic to the non-magical community.

"There's no point in getting angry about it Leo."

Piper tersely told her husband as she studied the road ahead and tried not to allow her husband's words to hurt.

"Paige's will was valid and there is not a court in either the magical or non-magical community that would invalidate it, we just have to hope that the regrettable mistake of Paige leaving the bulk of her estate to Chris can be rectified within the family."

Chris cringed as he heard his mother's words; they were going to take his inheritance away from him. The car was silent for the rest of the trip back to the manor, Wyatt's emotional outburst had accomplished what he had wanted, and Chris thought bitterly, his older brother's emotional outburst invariably had won whatever advantage he had wanted. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle as he felt the vindictive hostility being shot at him from the back seat of the jeep from his spoilt brother, a dull weariness settling on his soul.

It did not matter what he did: however hard he tried to be the son his parents wanted, Wyatt the twice blessed child always came first. More than ever Chris felt like the outsider in the family refused the approval that always was bestowed on Wyatt. It seemed incredible to his parents that anyone especially anyone in the family could favour Chris over his more gifted brother.

Not that it made any difference to Chris, he was still the unwanted one of the Halliwell brood, he was the less gifted one of the family and would always be second best to his brother and his Aunt Paige leaving him her home in her will would cause no end of trouble for him.

The property was not valuable but the fact that it had been left to Chris and not Wyatt as the first born did not bode well, everyone in the family had received bequests but it was Chris who had received the biggest bequest and it was considered by his parents as unfair to Wyatt.

Chris reflected as he thought about his place within the 'great' Halliwell family, he was not popular like his brother and he couldn't do anything right in the eyes of his peers or even his parents not like Wyatt who could do no wrong. He would never be like Wyatt and it was a waste of his time and gifts even trying to be; he should just give up and leave home.

The idea took root in his mind and grew as the journey home continued. His aunt's bequest had made it possible he thought, it gave him a place to live and if he could get a job, any job would do that would provide him with living expenses. He could work in his spare time on his art and hopefully one day able to sell all he made and with any luck get commissions to do more.

The rest of the drive home passed in a daze for Chris as he feverishly thought about what he would do. As soon as the jeep pulled into the driveway of the mansion Chris was out of the passenger door and on his way up to his room, full of hope.

He telephoned his Aunt's solicitor to see if he had to wait before taking up residence in Paige's apartment and was pleased when he was told that he could take up residence straight away, he would not have to wait for the will to be made probate. All he had to do was pick up the key from the solicitor office which only left the problem of getting a job; he had some savings of his own and hoped that he would find a job before his money ran out. His high School diploma must be worth something to someone he thought and if not he could always go to a local college to do some courses.

Her family had always belittled Chris for love of art and any ambition he may have had to show his work and possibly sell it had been all but quashed by his family but he had continued in secret to draw and design and now his aunt's bequest had started to renew and fuel his ambition again.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he was unaware of his brother at first when he orbed into the room wearing a smirk on his cold and cruel face.

"Well brat, feeling pleased with yourself are you?"

The malicious gleam in Wyatt's eyes warned Chris not to answer and he returned the box he had already pulled from its hiding place, locking the door to the cupboard as he did so. His parents and brother had belittled his 'hobby', but Wyatt had not been above getting his hands on anything he took a fancy to. His parents had always allowed him to get away with taking anything he wanted from Chris but not anymore, he was not going to take anything more away from him, Chris thought to himself.

Chris eyed his brother warily as he stalked around his room picking up the various knickknacks he had in his room and then tossing them aside with a sneer.

"Tell me; how you got the old bitch to leave you her home, she must have been totaly round the bend!"

Wyatt never bothered hiding his true feelings about anyone around Chris, who he considered beneath him and he knew that if Chris had ever said anything to their parents about him that they would not believe him. They thought Wyatt to be the perfect son and would not hear of anything being said against him from anyone and especially not from Chris.

"I'm glad she's dead." He said vindictively, "She always favoured you, not that it will do you much good because mom and dad are on my side."

Chris held his temper in check, he felt like blasting into the underworld Wyatt but he knew it would do no good; his actions would only rebound on him.

"Was she mad because she saw you for what you are and was the only person that you could not bend to your will Wyatt?"

"Why Chris you do have some backbone." Wyatt sneered at hi brother. "Not that it will do you any good and I would advise you don't show it to father. After all the old bitch is dead and can't fight for you now." Wyatt's eyes gleamed with malicious joy, "And by the way father wants to see you downstairs for a private chat. He asked me to tell you straight away but I forgot."

Chris felt his heart sink, a private chat with his father meant just one thing: he was about to bear the brunt of his disapproval again. With a feeling of apprehension he orbed into the kitchen where he knew his father would be waiting for him, his mother was mercifully absent as he rematerialized.

He hated the kitchen, it was here that many of his dreams had been crushed and he tried to calm himself as he faced his father, he told himself to act and speak calmly no matter what his father said or did. When he had orbed into the kitchen, he noticed his father leaning against the table in the middle of the room, his arms crossed and a frown already on his face.

"When I ask for my children to come and see me, I do not expect to be kept waiting." He snapped in irritation at Chris.

Past experience had taught Chris that it was useless in saying anything that was Wyatt's fault and he stood on the other side of the table as his father continued.

"Chris, we have an unfortunate matter to consider. You realise of course that as your aunt's will stands at the moment that it is grossly unfair to Wyatt and as such your mother and I have decided to put Paige's apartment up for sale, the proceeds of the sale will be divided equally between you and your brother."

Chris felt the blood drain from his face as he listened to his father.

"That's unfair, you can't do that."

"Of course I can, all that is needed is your signed agreement and your mother and I expect you to do the right thing by your brother."

His father frown at his outburst was even more beetling to Chris and he steeled his backbone before continuing.

"No father, I will not, Aunt Paige meant for me to have her apartment and….."

Leo exploded with anger at his son's defiant words.

"Chis it is bad enough that you went behind our backs and somehow influenced your aunt to be unfair in her will towards Wyatt but you will not continue in your dislike of him, it is childless this attitude of yours towards him and it is about time you grew up and behaved like an adult, you WILL do as you are told and sign the agreement."

Chris answered his father in as calm a voice as he could muster but the years of pent up anger and hurt could be heard as he replied.

"You really think that I would be able to influence Aunt Paige, do you think so little of me father?"

"What else can I think; it is unbelievable that Paige would do this to your brother otherwise."

Chris did his best to swallow the hurt he felt at his father's words as he continued.

"I won't give up the apartment for Wyatt. I'm going to live in it and get a job."

"You will do no such thing."

"I will and your and mom cannot stop me. I've had enough of living in Wyatt's shadow all the time, he has had all your love and attention over the years and I give up, I know you and mother will never love me, not the way you love him."

Leo's face went red with anger as he controlled his temper but Chris's words stung.

"I can't believe what you have just said Chris, you have had the same love and attention that you brother has had over the years. I find your jealousy of your brother upsetting; your mother and I have never treated you differently to your brother."

"No you haven't father and I am not going to bend to your or mothers wishes this time. I am not selling Aunt Paige's apartment and I am moving out in the morning and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind."

Chris orbed out of the kitchen to his bedroom, downstairs he could hear his father bellowing at him to get back to the kitchen but he ignored him, he knew his father could orb into his room if he wanted to continue his little'chat' with him but he knew he would not.

His father would dismiss his attempt at standing up to him and ignore him like he had done in the past, his father always thought that Chris would back down and eventually bend to his and Piper's view on what he should do but not this time, his life in this family was over, he had stayed too long trying to be the son he knew he would never be, Chris thought to himself as he started to pull his processions out of the cupboards and drawers in his room and started to pack them up until his room was bare.