Summary- Lucy just wants to pee. Is it that hard to understand?

"Lucy, why are you walking so funnily?" Natsu asked, looking curiously at his best friend.

Said best friend was currently trying to walk and cross her legs at the same time. She wobbled, squeaked and would have fallen down flat onto her face if her salmon haired companion hadn't caught her.

"I think Lucy's having a stomach ache," Happy piped up. "She ate so much at that restaurant!"

Damn cat was correct in one way. Lucy was having a stomach ache, but it wasn't due to the food.

Ugh, those three glasses of coke and chocolate smoothie are really taking their toll, Lucy thought, holding her stomach desperately. I should have gone earlier.

The trio were currently walking through the countryside, after having a large meal at a nearby small restaurant. They had just finished a mission, which had included chasing a thief for about an hour around the huge fields, which had consequently led to Lucy consuming copious amounts of liquid to soothe her parched throat.

Well, we are smart people, so now we know what Lucy was going through, but sadly, Natsu, even during the best of times, could not be considered smart, so he did not what mysterious disease ailed his blonde friend. All he knew was that Lucy was acting weird- well, weirder than normal.

All I need is a bush and some privacy, the blonde mage thought urgently. But how could she tell those two idiots that? She would rather die than tell Natsu and Happy the predicament that she was in. Natsu was known for falling into such ridiculous dilemmas, not her! And Happy! He would tease her forever!

But by now her bladder was crying little bladder tears, so she had to resort to some drastic measures. Knowing that this act would result in a painful backside for an entire week (courtesy of Aquarius), she accidently dropped her keys into a nearby clump of bushes.

"O-oops," she said, beads of sweat adorning her brow. "I, um, just dropped my keys! Be back in a tick!"

And before the dragon slayer could even ask how long a tick was, she dived into the green shrubs. And relieved herself.

She mentally sighed with relief as she pulled her skirt up and straightened her top, and turned around.

"What were you doing in there, Luce," asked Natsu as she stepped out of the bushes.

She jumped and replied, "Oh-uh-I told you, I dropped my keys."

He grunted, "Okay."

She mentally thanked god for saving her from what might have been a very embarrassing skirt-wetting incident.

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