Hi~ I haven't posted in a while now. I just finished watching Angel Beats! and Here's a story. Alternate Ending to Angel Beats! And you should know, English is not my first language. And don't worry about the whole "Hinata Marries Yui in Their Rebirth" Just pretend Yui and Oyama are living a happy life :)

Warning: blah blah blah, you should know what to expect. Lemon? I think that's what it's called. I think it might be OOC. Some spanking may occur. Not that much thou :3 sowwy and I think I like using "DANGER ZONE" to describe you know what.

and if it's written in ITALICS the that's what Hinata is thinking.


If I owned Angel Beats! it would be a yaoi show.

And Blah Blah Blah, Just read :)

Naoi and Yuri have already been erased from the world they were living in together. Kanade, Hinata, and Otonashi would have to go next.

"Well," Kanade spoke softly "It's time I go. Thank you. For everything. Otonashi, I can still feel your heart beating in my chest. Thank you for everything."

Kanade gave him a short hug, and was gone.

"Well, I guess we should go now." Otonashi sighed.

"Wait. There's something I need to talk to you about" Hinata hid his face as he said that.

"Huh? Okay, sure." Otonashi glared into his eyes with a look he didn't quite understand.

"Eh! Not now!" Hinata grew a blush.

"But, we need to go." Otonashi started to worry.

"Please… Just… Stay... Until tonight." Hinata began to hug Otonashi.

"Sure…" Otonashi whispered.

They had set a place of where they were to meet. The Principal's Office. They haven't seen each other the whole day since graduation. But now was the moment of truth. Everything Hinata felt for Otonashi were to be reveled. And his final regret, to be gone from his soul.

"What was it that you were going to tell me? I'm not leaving until I see you go." Otonashi mentioned.

"Can you just gimmie a moment? I need time to reclaim what I will say." Hinata got frustrated and began to yank on his hair.

"Just wake me up when you're ready to talk." Otonashi lay down on the couch and went to his slumber.

"EH?! You went to sleep?!" Hinata realized he was already asleep.

Otonashi was serious. He wouldn't leave until Hinata were to go. Hinata glared at Otonashi with lust in his eyes. His lips just lay open, ready for Hinata. Hinata slowly walked towards the sleeping other, trying not to wake him. He lay on top of Otonashi by accident. But he was still slightly asleep. Hinata moved his lips towards him. But what he didn't notice was Otonashi was slowly opening his eyes.


"Wha-You're awake!" Hinata pulled back in shock.

"Hinata? Are you?" Otonashi gave a slight chuckle.

Hinata grew irritated. Hearing Otonashi say that again. But this was his only chance. He would probably keep his final regret and be stuck in that world forever. And he would be keeping Otonashi with him.

That would be nice…

"Well, you gonna say 'no' like you always." Otonashi still chuckled at the moment.

What do I say to him?

"Haha, I'm waiting for your ans-" Otonashi's sentence was cut off when Hinata's mouth touched his.

Otonashi's eyes grew wide and he saw Hinata's face was a crimson red. Otonashi was resisting a little. But when he saw Hinata's face. He couldn't resist. He let his tongue invade his mouth.


This moment was definitely spontaneous…

Hinata surely imagined this moment happening a million times, but he never thought it would turn out this way.

Otonashi began to caress Hinata's hips. A slight moan escaped Hinata's lips occasionally. They had already begun to strip each other to the point that they were in their underwear. By that point, they were already sitting up. They would've continued if Otonashi hadn't burst out in laughter.

"You were wearing those when you died or something?" Otonashi couldn't resist that he fell to the floor.

"Shut up!" Hinata shouted, hiding his underwear from sight with the couch cushion.

Hinata was wearing a pink pair of underwear that read "Spank Me" on the back.

"Hey, it's actually cute." Otonashi mentioned with a wink.

"Really?" Hinata stood up and sat next to the other on the floor. "Well actua-"

His sentence was cut off due to Otonashi grabbing him and pulling him down on his hands and knees.

"How `bout we try this?" Otonashi grew an evil, perverted smile.

"Huh? I don't think I wan-OW!" Hinata couldn't continue talking.

Otonashi began spanking him. He wouldn't admit it, but to Hinata, the pain felt good. Otonashi began to drool over the sight of Hinata in a pleasurable pain. I guess he really was a sadist.

"I think that's enough." Hinata stood up and grabbed Otonashi's arm and pressed his lips firmly on Otonashi's.

Hinata pushed Otonashi down and pulled off the other's underwear. Hinata licked his lips at the sight of it and thought of all the things he could do with it. But now, tonight, I guess there was a limit to what he could do. For tonight, they would have to accept the fact their lives were fulfilled, and would have to leave. Hinata positioned his head towards Otonashi's "DANGER ZONE" and began licking it all over. Going slowly up towards the head. He let his tongue slide along the throbbing loin. As soon as he knew it, his mouth was already sucking on the warm cock. His head bobbing back and forth. Otonashi pushed him away so he wouldn't orgasm quite yet.

"Hey, do you mind if I suck yours?" Otonashi asked with a neurotic half-smile.

"Sure, why not." Hinata had a mocking tone in his voice to tease the other.

Otonashi grew irritated by the remark and tackled him down. He began dropping soft kisses all over Hinata's face and down to his neck. Soon, the kisses turned into licking. His tongue glided down Hinata's body towards his "DANGER ZONE". He pulled off the ridiculous pink "Spank Me" undies and began to suck. Hinata really enjoyed the feeling. He felt Otonashi's tongue. Nice and warm. As if he had an extra meal ticket for Mapu Tofu. Hinata was close to release. He didn't want this to end too fast. He tapped Otonashi on the shoulder and told him to stop.

"Okay then. Bend over." Otonashi was firm and forward when he said that. He even had that same neurotic half smile.

"Who says you get to be Seme?" Hinata had a perverted look on his face.

Oh what he could do. The pleasure he would have. The pleasure he would give Otonashi. He just couldn't help it. He grabbed Otonashi by his wrists and pinned him down. He began to kiss Otonashi wildly. Spontaneous. Definitely spontaneous. He lifted Otonashi's legs to his shoulders. He slowly pushed his head into Otonashi's tight ass.

"I guess I should've loosened you up a bit first." Hinata was almost all the way in.

Otonashi didn't say a word. He just let out a grunt, followed by a moan of pleasure.

Hinata began to fuck Otonashi senseless. In and out, in and out. Hitting Otonashi's sweet spot with every thrust. Both males released countless moans. Otonashi cummed all over Hinata and himself.

"Don't stop now." Otonashi was panting and out of breathe.

"You sure?" Hinata questioned. "I'm just about to cum. Hang in there."

Hinata's thrusts grew harder, faster, deeper. Hitting Otonashi's sweet spot with every thrust. Not much longer Hinata released into the other male and collapsed on Otonashi. He pulled himself out and his thoughts raced through his head.

It… It feels like… I never want to leave him… I want to be with him… Forever…

Hinata began to cry. He cried and hugged Otonashi. Otonashi was in shock by the sudden change of emotions. He hugged him back.

"Please… Always be with me… I love you…" Hinata wept.

"I promise. After reincarnation, you will get injured in a baseball game. They will send you to the hospital. And that's where I'll meet you again. I'll be with you `till you get better. And we will fall in love." Otonashi ensured.

"That sounds nice." Hinata buried his face on Otonashi's chest. "I would like that."

He moved forward and kissed Otonashi one last time. And after that, he was gone.

"Well," Otonashi stood up. "I guess it's time for me to go." As he spoke that, the sun rose and shined through the window and he was gone.

And all the SSS members have happily moved on. Their lives fulfilled. And they are to meet once again in the afterlife.

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