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We Never Thought We'd Meet Again. Not Like This.

It was a bright mourning in Kosai, Shizuoka. The team had left the comforts of Tokyo to play a game.

It was the Final Inning, the score was tied. Hideki Hinata was at the bat. He was getting ready to swing. He clutched the bat handle at the end. He was hoping to hit a home run to win the game. The opposing team's pitcher threw a fast one. Hinata swung with all his power and ability. The ball went flying high! He had actually hit the first home run of the game!

He did, however, feel a sharp pain in his right shoulder. Despite that, he began to run to home base.

First Base.

Second Base.

Third Base.

He was almost at home plate. But he began to feel faint. He blacked out.

The bluenette woke up to the sight of white.

Was he dead?

A red headed doctor moved his head into Hinata's side vision. Hinata, shocked, sat up and bumped his head on the doctor and let out a small sound of pain. He realized his arm was in a cast when he tried to use his right hand to sooth the pain.

"Sorry, you kinda scared me there."

"Yeah, well, you got to relax more. You're putting a lot of stress on yourself." The doctor replied, resting one hand on his forehead.

"Yeah, thanks," Hinata snuck a peak at the doctor's name tag. "Doctor.. Otonashi."

"Just be careful next time."

"Uhh… Yeah… Don't you have anything else to do Doctor?"

"Is me being here bothering you? I was specially requested to keep a close eye on you and your shoulder. You know, X-Ray it and check it every once in a while."

"A close eye? On me?" Hinata didn't look so surprised. "Am I really that much trouble?"

Hinata lay back down and put his good arm behind his head as he lied down. He let his eyes slowly shut and he began to fall asleep. It was all peaceful. But the peace was slightly disturbed. He felt like someone lay down next to him. He opened his left eye to see who it was. The red headed other lay down next to him without his white coat.

"Hope you don't mind. I haven't had a break all day." Otonashi let out a sigh of relief.

"Nah, it's okay." Hinata's stomach growled. "Eh.. When do we get something to eat?"

"Huh? I just ordered something a while ago."

A nurse entered the room and brought two bowls of a familiar dish. It was steaming and color red. There were many other things in it but the red really stands out. The plates were placed down on a nearby table.

"You have two plates?" The bluenette asked.

"One's for you." The doctor replied.

"Eh..?! For me?"

"Yea. You've been asleep for a few days now. I was hoping you'd wake up today."


"Well, I was specifically asked to watch over you, I hardly leave the hospital."

"But, wait, did I ever..?"

"Well, we are required to maintain our patient's personal hygiene for health reasons."

"But… So..? You've..?" Hinata began to grow a seemingly velvet blush.

"Why are you blushing? I am a doctor after all."

"Umm… Right!" Hinata's blush grew from a velvet shade, to a more crimson shade.

It was extremely noticeable. He covered is face with his casted arm to hide his face. It was still noticeable but he ignored the fact and grabbed a plate. He felt strange. Did we ever meet before? He kept thinking to himself.

"It feels like I've met you before." Hinata said before he shoved a spoonful of the red substance into his mouth.

"I don't think I have." The doctor picked up his spoon and playfully mixed his food with a daydreamed expression on his face.

Hinata's whole face turned red. Not of embarrassment. What he was eating. Mapo Tofu. Not any ordinary mapo tofu. It was completely spicy. Hinata's face swelled up with head and he began sweating everywhere. When he reached to pull off his shirt, he realized something. He wasn't wearing one. Neither was he wearing any pants. Just his cast and his boxers.

"You need water?"

"WHAT DO YOU THINK?! IT BURNS IN MY MOUTH A-and… The after taste… It's really good." Hinata's mouth was still burning.

"Yea." Otonashi handed Hinata a full glass of water.

"Strange. I know this taste."

"How? It's my recipe."

"What? Really? Family recipe?"

"No, one day. I was just playing with ingredients, but the taste. It was vague, but it was like I've tasted it before."

Otonashi pulled out a futon from under the hospital room bed. He removed his upper clothing and placed them in a small travel bag.

"Why do you have that?"

"Well, I originally come from Tokyo, but I was called to come here on business."

"Wait, how do you?"

"There is a bathroom in almost every room here. And most of them have showers in them." Otonashi explained as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and slowly removed them.

"Umm, thanks.. For, taking care of me while I was, yea." Hinata hid his face. "If you want, you can sleep next to me…"

"Are you..?" Otonashi put the back side of his right hand to his left cheek.

"NO! I-I'm just trying to be nice!" Hinata, once again, grew a crimson blush.

Otonashi didn't say a word. He just lay down next to Hinata and gave a slight laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing." The red head gave a slight smile. "It's just that tomorrow, I believe it would be okay to remove the cast."

Hinata was already asleep. Otonashi stroked the blue headed other's hair and wondered what was it about him that was so familiar. Soon, they were both asleep. Hinata felt himself fall into a deep dream. He saw himself. In another person's arms. Not a woman, but a man. His face wasn't clear. But he had red hair.

He woke up to Otonashi clutching onto him tightly. He felt his cast slipping off. The cast was almost off. He felt no more pain in his dislocated shoulder. He blushed, once again. Pushing Otonashi off the bed in surprise.

"Oww, what's wrong?"

"It's just…" Hinata looked away.

"Just because I've seen you naked isn't something to be ashamed of. Like I said, I'm a doctor. It is big."

"Wha-How can you joke about something like that?"

"You just act so innocent."

Otonashi removed the cast from Hinata while he hid another blush. And examined the area. It seemed to have healed, or perhaps, 'Just gotten better.' Otonashi began to examine lower.

"Hmm, two men, in a private room, only wearing our underwear." Otonashi peered lower. "And it appears you have a bulge down there."

Hinata covered that "private zone" of his and looked away.

"Do you need help relieving it?" Otonashi grinned and began to poke at Hinata.

"Wait, but, I didn't know this was a private room! I-I'm still a virgin! You don't want to-"

"Shush. I'm just curious."

"About what?"

"I've heard only a guy knows what a guy wants." Otonashi mentioned bringing his face up to Hinata's.

Otonashi placed his hand under Hinata's arm and allowed his thumb to rub and play around with his nipple. Hinata clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. With Otonashi's other hand, he used his index finger to pull up Hinata's chin and placed a light kiss. Hinata had withdrawn from the kiss and grabbed Otonashi and pulled him down and forced his lips upon the redheaded other. He slowly slipped down towards Hinata's hard member, letting his hands slide and trail down Hinata's body.

"You've got some nice underwear," Otonashi slowly slipped them off. "But it's what it's hiding that I want more."

"Wait." Hinata grabbed Otonashi by the shoulders and pulled him closer to his face.

Otonashi's boxers got caught on Hinata's feet and got pulled off. Both of their bare warm bodies against each other. Nose to nose, chest to chest. Hinata took a firm grip on Otonashi's ass and pushed him up to a standing kiss. Hinata's grip grew tighter. Otonashi decided to grip on Hinata's ass as well. They pressed together their hard throbbing cocks. Their kiss grew sloppy. Their hips swung back and forth.

"Can we..? Do it now..?" Hinata asked eagerly.

Otonashi pushed back onto the bed without saying a word. He licked his lips at the sight of what he could be playing with. He licked the warm, throbbing cock that stood erect in front of his face. His tongue s lip up and began licking around the head. Otonashi began to swallow Hinata's warm cock. The feeling was too good for Hinata. He grabbed the red head's hair and pulled on it. His hands moving with Otonashi's head, bobbing back and forth. Otonashi's warm tongue played with his cock in his mouth. Hinata was about to come. Hinata pushed his head away and left a trail of saliva all over Hinata's dick. Some drool still dripped down from Otonashi's mouth.

"Care to repay me the favor?" Otonashi stood up on the bed and sat on Hinata's chest. "Or may I continue..?"

Hinata sucked on Otonashi's long hard one, occasionally biting it. Otonashi positioned himself to suck on Hinata's cock while Hinata did his. Otonashi sucked on two of his fingers at the same time to moisten them up a bit. Not so later, he slipped them up Hinata's ass.

"Ahh… Please… Don't do that…" Hinata let Otonashi's cock slip out of his mouth.

"Okay." He slipped out his fingers and sat back up and grabbed both of Hinata's legs.

"No, no, no." Hinata pushed him down. "Who says you get to be the Seme?"

"I feel as if that's not the first time I've heard that line." Otonashi grabbed one of Hinata's legs and used his other hand to pin him down by the chest. "But this is going my way."

Otonashi slipped his cock into Hinata's bare ass. He wasn't able to enter so easily. Hinata had such a tight ass. But he managed to slip in. Hinata crossed his legs behind Otonashi's back as Otonashi lay down on him to land many kisses. Hinata knew not to stress his arms too much. He let them stay down. Otonashi used both hands and reach down to Hinata's cock. Only using Hinata's lips and his legs to hold his upper body up. He gently brushed Hinata's cock until taking a firm grip and thrusting it with both hands. Hinata let out a scream of pleasure that was sure heard from the other rooms.

"When will you start mo-Aahh… Haaahh… Ungg…" Hinata was startled by the sudden shift of movements. "I-It hurts…"

"Just let me worry about that now." Otonashi began sucking on Hinata's neck.

Otonashi began thrusting mercilessly. But he stopped soon. Hinata didn't look so pleased.


"Uhh, yea?"

"Do you mind? If we shifted positions?"

"No. I don't mind."

They both sat up and Hinata rested his hands on Otonashi's shoulders. Otonashi rested on hand on Hinata's hip and the other to thrust his cock. Hinata slammed down with a strong force and let out a pleasurable moan. Otonashi had hit it. He had found his pleasure spot. He began to bang him hard hitting his pleasure spot with every thrust.

"Does it feel good..?"

"It… I-It really hurts… But… I like the pain."

Otonashi began to feel Hinata's asshole tighten up around his cock. It felt so warm. So nice. He couldn't hold it in. He came into Hinata's ass. He slipped out and sighed with relief. His breathe was stuttering.


"Yea?" Otonashi had covered his face with his arm to wipe off the sweat.

"I still haven't came you know?"

"You want me?"

Otonashi stood up and put both hands on a table and leaned forward. Hinata snuck up behind him and began to thrust in as hard as he could. Hitting his pleasure spot with most of his thrusts. He pushed down Otonashi onto the table, and leaned forward to chew on Otonashi's ear. He began to come. Filling up Otonashi's ass.

Tired, they both lay back down on the hospital bed, their clothes, scattered on the floor. They lay down, face to face. They exchanged many kisses. They just cuddled there for a while under the sheets.

"I… I think I love you…" Hinata told the red headed doctor. "Even after just one amazing day like that, it's like we've been together before."

"I love you too. Do you think we could stay together? Forever? Even after death?"


And they, they were Definitely Spontaneous.

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