Chapter 1

I decided to do a reading of the Burning Bridge as everyone was doing the ruins of Gorlan. Hopefully you guys will like it!

King Duncan was a man of great importance as he was the King after all. His clean shaven face accompanied with his bright green eyes, strong jaw and excellent manoeuvres in battle made him a fearsome warrior indeed. He rarely feared anyone and brought fear to anyone that deserved it. He woke up from his chambers early in the morning just as the dawn was rising and he startled in surprise when the light from the sun shone on an orange book with flames covered over it. He had never in his life seen such art before as many leather bound books had no drawings on the cover and any drawings that were present were usually crude and badly detailed. But this book had so much colour and life that he felt gravitated towards it. He picked it up musing to himself while he turned the sturdy book around. There was writing on the back that read

Will, you are learning well, but you are soon to be tested…

For years the Kingdom has lived in peace, while the evil lord Morgarath has lived beyond the impassable mountains. But he has not been idle…

Now you must embark on your most dangerous mission yet. The King's army has been deceived, and is headed for a brutal ambush. And you are the only one who can save them.

From reading the first few lines Duncan was already attracted. He shuddered a little when he read Mogarath's name but he also remembered hearing from Halt his most trusted advisor how Will had come to save the Kingdom and now after many years later he has received a detailed description of everything that had happened. This phenomenon was too exciting to keep to himself and it wouldn't be fair of him to read Will's journey without his consent. So he made a decision. He would write a letter to everyone that was most important to Will and request they were to visit him in Castle Araluan. Harvest week was to be soon where everyone had a week off work to relax, even brigands and robbers ceased to thief during that time as they sought a chance to have fun. Then they could start reading this strange but important book and most probably finish it within a week. So it was sorted. The Burning Bridge was to be read to everyone who was invited as a break for a change. This was it. He was going to read a part of Will's life.

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