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"Ashley!" My husband called from the twin's bedroom, "Come help me, please!"

"Just a second!" I yelled back, finishing the diaper on my son and carrying him along with me to find Steve; Sadie and East barked - trying to get my attention. "What do you need?" I asked, walking into the room.

The blonde haired muscle man looked over his shoulder at me, he smiled sheepishly, "Will you help me with Elizabeth's diaper?"

"Sure." I rolled my eyes; Steve was hopeless when trying to put on the diapers on our kids, I tried to teach him once but then I turned away for five minutes to find the diaper on my son's head. I swear sometimes it was like working with three kids... five if you include the dogs. "Will you hold Tim while I do?"

"Of course." Steve kissed my temple and took Timothy from my arms.

I smiled at my husband before walking over to Elizabeth. She was the most beautiful baby anyone would ever see and so was my son. Elizabeth, Lily for short, had gotten my mother's eyes, the first Lily's, and had gotten Steve's blonde hair. She was named after my mother of course.

Timothy on the other hand was named after Steve's father. Timothy's had gotten Steve's blue eyes and my black hair. We had debated for days because I wanted to name him James Sirius and Steve wanted Timothy Christopher. In the end, Steve won only because he said I could name our daughter Elizabeth Jennifer.

After finishing Lily's diaper, I rocked her for a few minutes before laying her down in bed. Lily was sleeping soundlessly like always. I fought the urge to caress her face and only succeeded because I knew it would wake her. Turning my back on my daughter's crib, I saw Steve placing Timothy gently into his crib as well. Steve bent down and kissed his forehead.

"Sweet dreams," Steve whispered, "I love you." I smiled at the sight and walked from the room; knowing that Steve would get embarrassed if he saw me watching him.

I fed the dogs, took them outside to do their business before bed, and then took them back inside as it was dark. I locked our doors and windows, turned off all the lights, and then walked back into my bedroom.

I changed into sweatpants and a tank-top before walking into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Steve was in the bathroom he looked like he was just getting done shaving his face.

"Did you lock the doors?" He asked when I walked in.

I nodded, "Took the dogs out, locked the doors, and turned off all the lights."

Steve walked forward and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind as I started to brush my teeth. He kissed my hair and waited. When I had finished he spoke again.

"Thanks for changing Lily's diaper."

"You're welcome. I guess you'll never learn, will you?"

Steve smiled, "Probably not. I'm convinced there is a technic about it that you women won't tell me about."

"Sure," I chuckled, "Like I would want to always change gross diapers. No, Steve, your just not good at changing them."

He smiled at me again and walked out of the bathroom. I washed my face and followed him after a minute, I crawled into bed and rested my head on my hard pillow as Steve changed into his pajamas. When he was changed Steve joined me, resting his head on his soft, fluffy pillow. Steve took my hand and looked over at me.

"We have an interview tomorrow, don't we?" He asked.

I nodded, "I guess we'll have to ask Eliza and Bucky to watch the kids."

Steve pulled me closer to him and soon his muscled chest was my pillow, "I'm sure they will."

I yawned, "I'm sure they will too."

He chuckled, "Go to sleep, love. I can tell you're tired."

"Yep, all those diapers wear me out."

Steve laughed quietly again, stroking a hand through my hair, "I love you."

"I love you too," I whispered kissing his chest.

"That's not where you're supposed to kiss." Steve objected. I smiled sleepily, lifted my head up, and kissed his lips softly. "Goodnight, Ash."

"Goodnight, Steve."

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