As per Request a list of nicknames used in the story

1 Dumbo

2 Dumbdork

3 Dumbbell

4 The Great Dumb One

5 Dumby

6 Dumber Than Me

7 Dumb as a Rock

8 Dumb as a Door

9 Dumb and Dumber

10 Dumb as a Duck

11 Dumbduck

12 Dumbbunny

13 Dumbdumb

14 Dumb Between the Ears

15 Dumbleduck

16 Dumber Than a Door

17 Dumbledownhill

18 Dumbledork

19 Dumbbulldoor

20 Dumb Ole Bore

21 Always Proven to be Weird and Badly Dressed (APWBD)

22 Dumb as a Doorknob

Names not used in the story and provided by reviewers (may update this list as I run across more nicknames)

23 Dumbles

24 Dumblekiller

25 Dumbledim

26 Dumbleschmuck

27 Dumb as a Doornail

28 Dumbsnort

29 MOC – Manipulative old coot

30 MOG – Manipulative old goat

31 MOT – Manipulative old toad

32 Dumb a la door

33 Dumbledope

34 Dork of the Door

35 Bumbledoor

36 Bumble Bunny

37 Dumblesnore

38 Dumby makes me snore

39 Bumblemore

40 Fumbledore

41 Fumblesmore

42 Bumbles

43 MOF Manipulative old Fool

44 MOB Manipulative old Buzzard

45 Dumber than my Mummy (I'm assuming they meant the ancient Egyption one)

46 Albus Cankersore

47 Dumblejerk

48 Dumblepest

49 Dumblequack

50 Dumblemeddler

51 Dumbletwerp

52 Dumbledork

53 Tumbles

54 Dumber than Dumb

55 A Used Old Bumbler

56 A Rude Old Bumbles

57 Dumb Old Dork

58 Bumblesnorts

59 Bumblebee

60 Dumbdumbdoor

61 Dumb as a brick

62 Dumb as a box

63 Dumb in a box

64 Dumble-donut

65 Dumble-bumbles

66 Dumb as a cork

67 dumb!albu/delores

68 A Old Used Bumble

69 read old bum blues

70 old dumble abuser

71 old abuser dumble

72 sour baled dumble

73 sole dumb bad rule

74 A Bulbous Meddler

75 Awful, Rancid, Mouldier Blubbers.

76 Dumbydork

I'd probably have double that number if I were to add all the names that included curse words. Since I only rated it T I'm not posting them. Thanks for all the new names.

That is the end of this story. The next part deviated so far from the first title I cut it off here and the next section is a new story. However, I will be writing more before I start posting. In the meantime some of my other stories may get finished and get posted first. (yes still working on it, having a bit of trouble, it's going to be a while)