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A blonde man descended the long staircase into a darkened basement. He frowned at the depressing atmosphere and felt his hand around for the light switch.

Clicking it on, he was able to smile at his surroundings, but the happy look soon became devilish as he continued into the room and began to search for what he had came there for.

"Aha!" the man cheered when he had found it. He held up a darkly colored book in his hands, pages yellowed with age.

He flipped open the book, coughing when a cloud of dust puffed up towards his face. He turned to a page that held the spell called 'Permuto exponentia'.

The blonde man squinted his dark eyes at the tiny script, "Bubble-bubble-hubba-bubba-Barry-Manilow-owa-Shiloh." An ominous magenta light shone brightly from the middle of the circle through the windows.

Once it had died down, the cloaked figure took one last look at the mysterious room before chuckling to himself, "That will do, oui," and slipping out of the room.

"Today is a beautiful day, non?" France jumped out of bed, gracefully landing on the ground.

France walked to the bathroom, took one look in the mirror, and screamed.

"Ve~, Germany! Germany, wake up! I know that you and Prussia got mega hungover last night, but you need to keep to your daily schedule!" Italy barged into the German's room, where said German had passed out atop a desk.

The Italian, oblivious as ever, came from behind Germany and leant forward to see upside down.

Catching sight of the German's face, Italy silently shrieked and tiptoed out of the room to get Prussia's help.

"Big brother... Where are you? I want to love you, but silly breakable people keep getting in our way! Nothing will separate us! We will be together fore- Big brother is not here; only little girl. You must be mad, showing up here. Big brother is mine, and no one will stand in my way of him!"

The young woman blinked, until, "Little sister?" in a voice so sickeningly familiar to Belarus that it brought shivers down her spine.

She dared to ask the question though, "Brother Russia?"

"ENGLAND!" Multiple voices growled in anger from their home countries.

In the island-nation of England, a certain emerald-eyed, blonde Englishman sneezed thrice. A foreboding sign; Something wicked this way comes.

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Here are the main couples in this story: GerIta, AmeCan (sibling love!), Russia x World (random people), France x Nobody (jk, probably BTT or Iggy), and SeaLat (because I can, so I will! Subplot)!

So most couples wont be apparent (cept for my GerIta and SeaLat, bros!), and there will also be tiny implications and hints at other couples!

Please enjoy this... Idea.


'Purmuto Exponentia'= 'Swap Spell'

Oui= Yes

Non= No


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