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Chapter Thirteen: The Decision

Ichigo paid and tipped his cab driver, stepping out of the glaring yellow car that had been a pseudo sun for the gray backdrop of New York that day. It wouldn't matter soon however, for the gray was fading into the blackness of night and all the neon stars of New York's signs would take over the taxi's job. He fought the horizontal waves of people streaming down the sidewalk as he made his body a vertical force against the tide to get to Morgan's.

He avoided the doorman, who was holding open the heavy door for an elderly couple, slipping around them and stepping onto the black and white marble tiled floor of the lobby. He glided across the floor without a sound in gray Toms, making his way to the oriental styled reception desk. The man in a pinstriped gray suit behind the counter quirked a brow at his torn black skinny jeans and fitted purple v neck t-shirt, but gave him the room information for Grimmjow. Ichigo nearly snorted when the man whose name badge read Terrance told him Mr. Jeagerjaques was staying in the penthouse.

He rolled his eyes as he rode the elevator to Grimmjow's floor. Mr. Jeagerjaques indeed. He shook his head. How the hell did he ever fall in love with such a pretentious asshole?

He took a few deep breaths as he exited the sliding doors of the elevator, walking down the cream carpeted hallway to Grimmjow's door. He chewed his bottom lip unconsciously as he rapped on the door. He waited a few moments and when he got no response, he rapped again, this time a little more obnoxiously as his small thread of patience began to unravel.

Grimmjow pulled the door open, leaning against the door jab, his turquoise eyes raking over Ichigo, who looked as nervous as a teenage boy who got caught in some girl's room by her dad. He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing for him, and his heart lurched at the prospect of Ichigo turning him down. He kept his face impassive.

"It's Tuesday night, I didn't think you were going to show up at all."

"I needed time to think," Ichigo replied. "Can I come in, or are we going to do this out here in the hallway?"

Grimmjow stepped aside and held the door wider so Ichigo could enter, who did so with a minor scowl. He could feel the heat radiating off Grimmjow's bare chest as he took care not to brush against the larger male.

"Do you always answer doors shirtless?" he asked, looking around the suite.

Grimmjow grinned at Ichigo's irritation.

"I wasn't aware you were so concerned with my state of undress. Would you like me to take the rest of it off?"

Ichigo shot him an annoyed glare, before turning and strolling through the sitting room, his finger trailing over the fabric of the gray contemporary couch. It was funny how the suite's d├ęcor matched that of Grimmjow's own home. He was drawn to the area where the wall and ceiling was all glass, giving a spectacular view of Manhattan from 18 stories high. The lights of the city blazed all around, and the Empire State Building was raised high into the blackness a few blocks away. It was quite breathtaking.

He could sense Grimmjow move behind him, waiting for Ichigo to take the initiative and break the silence.

"Grimmjow, it's upwards $3000 a night to stay in these penthouses, why would you spend so much money?"

Grimmjow frowned at the back of Ichigo's head. He was still avoiding the issue at hand. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack from the tension building in his chest while he waited for Ichigo's decision. Instead of grabbing him and forcing it out of him, he leaned against the back of the couch and answered the question.

"Well, I haven't taken a vacation in years fer one, and fer two, when I go somewhere I like to be comfortable, simple as that. Money really isn't an issue fer me, there's big money in horse ranching- people pay good money for quality race horses, plus my portion of my inheritance from my Pops. Besides, this is like seein' how the other half lives, ya know?"

Ichigo mulled that over and decided it made sense. He ran his hand through his orange spikes, and turned to face Grimmjow. It was now or never.

"You were right, what you said at the gala that night. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions on you. I don't know how the hell this happened between us, but I know it's real."

Grimmjow nodded, urging him to go on, gripping the couch so hard with his hands that he was afraid his was going to tear it in half.

"I'm going to do this, but so help me Jeagerjaques if you break my heart I'm going to stomp a mud hole in your ass," Ichigo said seriously.

Ichigo's eyes widened as Grimmjow launched himself forward. The next thing he knew he was pressed between the glass of the window and the hard planes of Grimmjow's body, and Grimmjow's mouth was ravishing his. Ichigo moaned into the kiss as his senses were flooded with Grimmjow, and he was suddenly glad for Grimmjow's shirtless state as his hands traveled up the muscular expanse of his bare chest.

Ichigo gasped for air when Grimmjow finally released his lips, only to attack the soft skin of his neck. Ichigo shifted against the glass to give Grimmjow better access, letting out breathy moans when Grimmjow's teeth scraped across his collarbone and his tongue slid around the shell of his ear. Grimmjow's hands found their way to his ass, giving it a squeeze before roughly hoisting him upwards.

Ichigo wound his long legs around Grimmjow's waist, groaning as the change in position pushed their clothed erections together.

"Eager much?" Ichigo managed to choke out as Grimmjow sucked at his Adam's apple.

Grimmjow snapped his hips into Ichigo's, and they both grunted at the sensation.

"I'd tear these jeans off your tight ass and fuck you right here against this glass fer all of Manhattan to see if I didn't want this to have some semblance of romance," he growled into Ichigo's ear. Ichigo shuddered in pleasure at the heat in Grimmjow's voice and the images the threat provided him. His arms threw themselves around Grimmjow's neck as Grimmjow pulled him from the window and carried him up the winding white staircase to his bed with renewed assault on his mouth.

Their tongues danced together in heated fervor and they couldn't be bothered to break apart, crashing into the bedroom helter-skelter. The softness of the king sized mattress was lost on Ichigo when Grimmjow all but threw him into the middle of the bed, his body bouncing a couple times. He had managed to kick his shoes off on the trek up the stairs, thankful he wore slip-ons instead of Converses. Now he struggled with the elusive button of his jeans, desperate to get out of them as Grimmjow crawled toward him predatorily.

"Who's eager now?" asked Grimmjow with his trademark smirk as Ichigo pushed the offending denim from his legs, kicking them free from his ankles. Ichigo threaded his fingers in the hair at Grimmjow's nape, pulling his mouth back to his and kissed the smirk right off his face. They relaxed into each other, and desperation began to melt into passion. Their kissed slowed in pace as they traced each other's faces with their fingers.

Grimmjow pulled back, sitting back on his knees to remove his jeans and boxers, and Ichigo took the time to divest himself of his boxer briefs as well as his t-shirt. When they were both as bare as birth, Ichigo joined Grimmjow on his knees on the now rumpled duvet and slowly they reacquainted themselves with the other's body.

Ichigo traced every muscle of Grimmjow's upper body, starting with his forearms, lightly squeezing over the bulging biceps, and dipping into every chiseled ripple on his broad chest. Grimmjow's rough palms ran down the taut, flat muscle of Ichigo's abdomen, his thumbs drawing lazy circles over Ichigo's hip bones. Their hands explored while their eyes stayed fixed on each other's, watching emotions that flashed through their lust darkened orbs.

Grimmjow's hand snaked down Ichigo's thigh to grip his erection, causing Ichigo's eyes to slide shut against the pleasure and break the connection. He leaned forward, resting his forehead on Grimmjow's shoulder, his own hand returning the favor to Grimmjow's length. Grimmjow nestled his nose into Ichigo's vibrant locks and breathed in, snapping his wrist into a torturous pace. Broken curses spilled from Ichigo's lips and he matched Grimmjow's pace tit for tat, enjoying the rumbles in Grimmjow's throat as he held back his moans.

When they both were leaking copious amounts of fluid and had each other in a frenzied state, Grimmjow stilled both of their hands. He motioned for Ichigo to lie down and scrambled for his open suitcase in the corner, riffling through it to find the bottle of stashed lube and returning to the bed triumphantly.

Ichigo arched a brow.

"Presumptuous much?"

Grimmjow grinned wolfishly.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist my charms."

Ichigo laughed as Grimmjow settled between his legs, pouring some lube into his palm.

When he reached down to begin preparing Ichigo, Ichigo caught his wrist and pushed his hand to his dick instead. Grimmjow arched an eyebrow as Ichigo blushed.

"I'm good to go, just go ahead."

"That's all the explanation I get?" Grimmjow asked curiously, pleasure spiking in his eyes as he coated his length in the warm lube.

Ichigo turned even redder.

"I may have taken care of this part before coming over, okay?"

"Fuck, Ichigo," Grimmjow whispered, the images of Ichigo preparing himself flooding his mind and making his cock twitch as he lined himself up to Ichigo's entrance.

Ichigo took a deep breath and Grimmjow breached the muscular ring, groaning as he slowly sunk himself to the hilt into Ichigo's velvet heat. Ichigo was just as tight as he remembered, and after all this time apart Grimmjow had to pause to get his bearings so he wouldn't embarrass himself by coming prematurely.

The preparation Ichigo did greatly helped, but Grimmjow's length still stretched the limits of his body and stung. However, it was overridden by the pleasure that exploded through him when Grimmjow began moving in slow, sure strokes. Grimmjow wound their fingers together and silenced his moans with soft kisses. Slowly, his hips picked up speed as he pushed himself deeper into Ichigo, who responded back beneath him as they moved together in passion.

Ichigo became a moaning mess beneath Grimmjow as he repeatedly hit his prostate thrust after thrust. They both were slick with sweat and panting, but kept the pace up as they danced on the edge of their undoing.

Ichigo couldn't hold on anymore, the pressure in his abdomen throbbing dangerously. He called out Grimmjow's name in desperation, hoping Grimmjow got the message because he couldn't form the rest of the words to let him know he was going to come.

Grimmjow could tell though, and drove himself as hard as he could into Ichigo's tensing body, his arms wrapping around Ichigo's back as he arched up into Grimmjow, his head thrown back in a silent scream as his untouched cock spurted hot seed all over their stomachs. Ichigo's clenching walls ripped Grimmjow's release from him, his guttural roar muffled by Ichigo's chest.

He gently guided Ichigo back down to the bed, the both of them panting and seeing stars as the last tendrils of their orgasms slowly faded away. Grimmjow carefully withdrew and slid their sated and exhausted bodies beneath the silk sheets. He drew Ichigo into his chest and stroked his sweat dampened locks.

Ichigo shifted so that he was looking up into Grimmjow's eyes.

"I love you, Grimm."

Grimmjow's smile was brighter than all the lights in Manhattan when he kissed Ichigo's forehead.

"I love you, too, Ichi."

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