I am a huge Zacey fan. And since there aren't many Zacey stories, I thought about making one. This starts at episode one, and slowly goes on to the other episodes. I do not own How To Rock. Now for a story from WriterMusicalGirl!

The Perfs: Kacey, Molly, and Grace were practicing their song Rules to Be Popular during lunch when suddenly Kacey stopped.

"Cut, cut, cut!" she said in her perf voice. She walked to a table and said to the guy eating there, "Don't you know to eat a quieter food when The Perfs are practicing? She grabbed a yogurt from a guy walking past and said, "Try this. It's a quieter food." She walked away back to her friends and Molly said, "I think that people who eat lunch during lunch are totes redic." Grace added, " Totes redic," and Kacey reminded them that that wasn't their problem. " The school show is coming up, and if we want to win, we're going to have to be perfect!" She sang the last end while sitting down. "Well of course we're going to be perfect Kacey," Molly said to her. We're the Perfs. Each of them hit their pose and then went on to normal conversation. "Hey, that's the new kid that just came here," Molly said. "Yeah," Kacey replied, " We're bio lab partners. That guy can grow some fungus." She said looking at him.


I was entering the lunch room when I saw Kacey. She was beautiful and she can sing great. She is very funny too. After realizing that I have been standing there for an entire minute staring at her, I shook myself off and approached their table. "Hey Kacey," I said. She looked up. " Oh, hey Zander. Um, what's with the ukulele?" She said looking at me funny. Her eyes were so, brown. I said, "Oh, it's for my killer band." I shook that thought off. "Well, it looks like your guitar got put in the dryer," Molly said. Then Kevin and Nelson, came over we did our handshake. "Don't tell me that Kevin and Nelson are in your KILLER BAND." Kacey said. "Yeah, they are. And they rock." I smiled. "One time even past eleven," Kevin added. The Perfs looked at him and laughed.


We were at Danny's Mangos, and we saw Stevie. "Hey, LOSERBERRY." We said to her. She asked us, "Don't you guys have hobbies? All you do is shop and pose at the mall." We thought about that. "We like to shop and pose." we said to her. "Can I have some of that Loserberry?" I asked her. She narrowed her eyes while giving me my drink. "Peace out girl scout!" I said to her. "It must be so awesome to be Kacey Simon," she said. I nodded and smiled. "Beautiful," I nodded. "Great singer," I nodded again. "Most hated girl in school." she added. I stopped half nod, and said "What?" "Most. Hated. Girl. In. School." she said slowly. "Peace out girl scout!" She said to me and walked away. I said to my friends, " Come on. Lets go shop and pose." A second later, I walked right into a stand and fell over.

The doctor said that I had to get huge glasses and braces. So when I went up to read, everybody saw my glasses and braces. They started taking pictures, and I ran out.


I saw everybody taking pictures of her and ran out. The lunch bell rang, and I went to see if I could comfort her. She was walking around and a guy handed me and her a flyer. It had a picture of Kacey with braces and glasses. On top, it read "Kacey Simons: Queen of Braces and Glasses." She walked over to her friends, and they told everyone to go there to take pictures. A crowd surrounded her and taunted her. She kept telling everyone to stop, but they didn't. She tried hiding her face, but it didn't work. Seeing that nothing worked, I stepped in and yelled, "Hurry up! A teacher is stuck in the teachers' toliet!" The crowd ran into that direction. Kacey was looking everywhere except at me. "Come on." I motioned to her. I took her hand, ignoring the electricity shocks and led her away to a room that Gravity 4 practiced in.