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Kevin was heading my way. I put my arm around Molly's waist to make it look real. "Hey Zander, I need to ask you something." Kevin said to me. "Ok." I said and followed him outside. "So Zander," he began. "When I was talking about the prom, you were looking at Kacey. What about that?" I didn't know what to say to that. So I came up with a tiny lie. "She just looked disappointed." I said. Kevin nodded. "Oh yeah." he said. "That's because she doesn't have a date yet. Well see you." He starts walking towards his car. Wasn't everybody still in the band room? I went back in, but nobody was there except for Stevie who was reading my song book. Oh no. I'm dead. Burnt toast. She came up to me with an evil grin. "So, Zander." she said. "You have some pretty good songs in here. But why do all the love songs have the name Kacey in them? Also, your song who you claim is called Lady was actually named Kacey, and whenever you said the word Lady, it was written as Kacey. Care to have a word?" She said. I broke down. "Fine. I am hitting on Kacey." I said. Stevie clapped her hands giddly and walked out the door saying something about handcuffs. I already have my suit for the prom when I got a text from Molly saying that she was going with Daniel Jennings. I didn't mind. Somehow I need to get Kacey to be my date for prom. How should I do it? I have no idea. I decided to text Stevie.

Zander: Hey Stevie. You there?

Stevie: Ya, I am cracking up because I have you as ZanZanTheMan.

Zander: Okay then. Kind of awkward. Anyways, Molly is going to the prom with Daniel, so I might have a shot with Kacey. Does she have a date?

Stevie: No, she's right here. We are watching TV and she is doing her nails. She is screaming at some horror movie. If she is scared, why does she keep watching it? Brb.

Zander: It's not like I can stop you. Wait, she is afraid of horror movies?

Stevie: Yeah. Why?

Zander: I can invite everybody in the band over for a, what do you girls call it? A slumber party. Then when we watch movies, I'll make sure that Kacey is sitting next to me, and then when the movie comes up with its scary parts, she will shrink into me. Perfect!

Stevie: So you want her to have nightmares and never come to your house again?

Zander: I'll just say that my dad wants me to see it.

Stevie: Okay then. I guess that might work.

Zander: Its a go. Opreation Kacey is in motion.

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