Lost in Paradise

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CHAPTER 1: Meeting

Ginga's POV

Doubts. Is there a man out there who exists without doubts? I wouldn't know. For the seventeen years that I have lived I have doubted numbers of times. And I am again feeling doubt. It creeps slowly on the edge of your consciousness and grows in varying speed. When it takes root, it can never be shaken off. It bothers its host like an itch begging to be scratched. And the host, like a vain fool tries to hold out, resist. But sooner or later the host would give in, and the doubts sprout stronger than ever now that it had won. It always wins in the end. It always did for me. And the results are always ending with me being humiliated.

This doubt I'm feeling, it has been bothering me for a month now, spouting its logical lies that I resist to believe. But now I have a feeling that something is about to change. For the better or worse, I don't know. All I know is that I'm going to give in very soon. And this time it's going to end up a lot worse than me humiliated. It's going to end up with me getting hurt. I don't know how so don't ask me. I just know. And so here I am taking slow reluctant steps towards the apartment I live in; the apartment where I live with my beloved. Here goes the doubt again. I know that once I get there, the real story will begin. It will be agony for me. But I can do nothing else except to ride it out till it's over. No matter how painful it'll be for me once this is over

Here I am standing outside the door. On the other side of this door, is my worst nightmare. There's no turning back. I never had the choice, really. I can never run away so might as well confront this. I reached for the doorknob and gave it a twist. And with one last, big gulp of air I push the door open and plunge into my version of hell.

Ginga opened the door as slowly as he dared, trying to prolong his impending suffering. The door was now fully open and he saw… no one. No one greeted him by the front hall. Not a sound was heard throughout the apartment.

'Maybe no one's home. Maybe he hasn't come back yet,' was Ginga's hopeful thought. He mentally doused himself with cold water. Sure he didn't hear anything but that doesn't mean that there isn't anyone in at least some part of this apartment. Never mind the stillness!

He slowly and quietly removed his shoes and made his way inside in a few, quiet, tentative steps. "Hello?" Ginga called out tentatively. At first there was still nothing. Then he heard a muffled " Ginga?" followed by footsteps. And before he knows it, there was Kyouya standing before him.

"Hey. Okaeri, Ginga," Kyouya said gently.

And Ginga greeted back with a soft, heartbreakingly sad smile. "Tadaima, Kyouya."

Kyouya saw that unbearably sad smile and he felt something clench in his gut. To say the least, Kyouya was really worried. He went to Ginga and engulfed him in his arms. The younger teen tensed at the contact but son relaxed, his arms around kyouya's waist and his head buried on the older teen's chest. While Kyouya did some thinking ever since he felt Ginga go tense earlier.

'Something must be really wrong if he reacted that way.'

"Hey, Ginga," he called softly. His chin rested on the young boy's head.


"Is something wrong?" at that question he felt Ginga tense up once again, the arms around his waist tightening. This alarmed Kyouya and he grew frantic.

Removing his arms around Ginga's back, Rei placed his hands on the boy's shoulders. By this time, Ginga had already loosened his grip around the other's waist. Kyouya pushed Ginga away for a bit so he could take a look at Ginga's face. What he saw shocked him. Not only was Ginga looking away, but he was also wearing an expression that Kyouya and the others swore they could never see on his face.

'This must be a lot serious than I thought.'

"You have to tell me what's wrong. I can see that something is bothering you so spill it, Ginga." This was only met with silence.

"Look at me!" Kyouya spat. He took hold of, and raised Ginga's chin so that he could look directly at the other's eyes. What he saw scared him. The happy glint in those expressive, golden brown eyes were gone; replaced by helplessness and hopelessness. You can barely see a spark in those eyes.

"How can I help you if you won't tell me?" Kyouya asked in a whisper. Traces of worry, frustration, and helplessness were heard as he said it, underlying it was concern and love. Love?

Tears were now gathering at the corners of Ginga's eyes. "Kyou, I …I"

"Kyouya? Ginga?" another voice said, cutting Ginga off – buying him more time, to Ginga's relief.

That seemed to have distracted Kyouya a bit. He let go of Ginga's shoulders but took his hand instead. He pulled the young champion towards the living room; towards the voice that belonged to…


It finally dawned on Ginga that Tsubasa was there, in their apartment. And he unknowingly helped Ginga out of a pinch. He chuckled mirthlessly, as silently as he could. 'The irony of it all.' Thankfully, his chuckling went by Kyouya unnoticed.

Kyouya opened the door to the living room (A/N: I have no idea why they have a door to the living room) and entered, pulling Ginga with him. Hands still held, Kyouya turned to speak to Ginga.

"Hey, Ginga. Look who came –" the next thing he knows, Ginga was bulldozed by a Silver and Magenta blur that squealed a loud "GINGA!" and it was followed by a loud 'thump'.

"– by," Kyouya finished lamely, overlooking the two sprawled on the floor.

" Ginga!" went the Silver and Magenta blur again, wiggling on top of Ginga.

Ginga looked down and discovered that the Silver and Magenta blur that mauled him over was unsurprisingly –


Tsubasa was clutching at Ginga's front, nuzzling his face on the Red-haired boys chest. He giggled now and then while still nuzzling. But the nuzzling was starting to tickle so Ginga called out amid his chuckling.


"GINGA!" Ginga laughed more now that Tsubasa's fingers were now tickling his sides.


"Tsubasa!" and Ginga engulfed the Silver head into a bear hug. Both were quieting down, drained and spent.

Kyouya on the other hand was a bit relieved. He was glad that Ginga's spark had not disappeared completely, seeing as Ginga was laughing with Tsubasa, the spark in his eyes sparkled back to life.

Ginga was feeling close to normal now. But he felt eyes on him so he raised his gaze and saw that Kyouya was staring at him. His soft expression settled uncomfortably on Ginga's guilt-ridden mind. Soon Kyouya would never give him that gentle expression, not after what he's about to put him through.

On Kyouy's part, when their gazes met, Ginga's eyes dimmed. That put a quizzical frown on Kyouya brow. Why is that? What is it that I've done that makes his eyes dim like that? He couldn't possibly know about…

Ginga's movement caught his attention. He was standing up and held out a hand to help Tsubasa up. And Tsubasa being Tsubasa was oblivious to the tension and just skipped happily to flop on the couch.

Kyouya eyes were still on Ginga, eyeing him, sensing a solemn aura surrounding the young champion. It was so thick, he could practically smell the anxiety Ginga was giving off in waves.

The young champion on the other hand, could feel eyes on him and he knew it was Kyouya. His stomach was in knots, his whole body tense and very stiff. Now that the people concerned are here, this is the moment where he will be selfish and escape the confines of the plaguing doubts. By tearing himself away from Kyouya, he will be free of the doubts at the cost of his future with Kyouya. He knew he will suffer after this. But he loves Kyouya and wants only what's best for the older boy. The happiness that was for Kyouya can only be found in another's arms. Even if Kyouya would hate him at the beginning, the boy would understand soon enough. And maybe, just maybe they can be friends again… A guy can hope right?

Ginga sat on a lone couch opposite the couch Tsubasa flopped on, with a small rectangular table littered with Beyblade magazines, separating them.

"Hey, Kyouya?" Ginga tentatively called out to his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Upon hearing his name, Kyouya lost his preoccupied look and turned a soft gaze on the younger teen. "Yes Ginga?" he asked.

"Can you, um, go make us some tea? Some rice cake would be nice. I'm kind of famished. Is it okay?" Ginga asked a pleading look on his face. That much was true.

Kyouya looked a bit taken aback. "Sure it's fine, Ginga. You know you can ask me of anything," and he gave Ginga a sincere smile. He was sure that would relieve the young champion considerably. So it was unexpected when all of a sudden Ginga had this heartbreakingly sad expression come over his façade.

"Would you really do whatever I ask you to?" Ginga asked solemnly.

" Ginga …?" Kyouya said feeling anxious.

"It was nothing Kyouya. The tea…" Ginga reassured Kyouya and reminded him with a grim smile.

Kyouya made his way to the kitchen, a chill running up his spine. 'Something's about to happen and it'll have something to do with Ginga. The question is will this be a good thing for all of us.'

Tsubasa at least picked up a bit of the tension in the atmosphere. He looked at his buddy worriedly. 'What's up? Ginga's looking a little pale today…'

"Hey Ginga, you okay? You look a little pale."

Ginga flashed him an almost genuine smile. "I'm fine, Tsubasa, just tired from earlier. The tea and some of those rice cakes will rejuvenate me and I'll be back to my old, cheerful self in a minute."

Tsubasa shrugged. "If you say so…"

Just then, Kyouya came in with a big tray laden with a plateful of rice cakes and three tall glasses of iced teas. Ginga quirked his brow in question but Kyouya only shrugged. "I figured since it's all warm outside why not have something cold and sweet to drink? Besides, you look like you're about to collapse, not to mention just about ready to puke. And you can't possibly be nervous about anything so it must be the heat."

"Yeah, the heat…" Ginga echoed, quite stunned. However much he hated to admit it, he felt touched. And he knew it's going to be a lot more painful after all this is over.

"Yay! Thanks a lot Kyou!" Tsubasa whooped. He eagerly reached for a glass and drunk hungrily like a man who had walked in the desert for days without water.

"Easy Tsubasa or you'll choke on the ice cubes," Kyouya warned. He handed Ginga his glass and took his, sitting down beside a sated Tsubasa on the sofa.

True to his word, Ginga looked a lot better after satisfying his stomach. His face lost its pallid color and his cheeks regained its usual color.

"So, Ginga," Kyouya began, a serious expression on his face. "You have something to tell me?"

'Here it is' thought Ginga. 'I'm about to bury myself in a grave I myself dug. Here goes nothing. Goodbye Happiness.' He took a deep breath and looked straight at Kyouya.

"Kyou I, um, I –"

"I'll let you two have some privacy," Tsubasa inserted, hastily standing up and made his way out the living room.

"No wait! Stay Tsubasa!" Ginga just about yelled. His eyes were pleading which surprised Kyouya entirely. Tsubasa, seeing that look, sighed loudly and went back to his seat.

Kyouya's surprise turned to puzzlement. " Ginga, I don't see Tsubasa has to stay. He has nothing to do with whatever it is that's bothering you."

"On the contrary," said Ginga, a dark chuckle emitting from him. "He has as much to do with it as you and I."

The laugh greatly worried the two. There's no turning back now that they are about to find out why Ginga has been behaving strangely lately. And they have a feeling that they will regret this day ever happening.

"Kyou, I'm breaking up with you," Ginga abruptly said. 'Sorry kyou. There is no other way but to be blunt. And act coldly so we won't get hurt as much.'

"Wh-What!?", it took a while before Kyouya could splutter it out. Tsubasa simply sat still, clearly stunned.

"I said, I'm breaking up with you," Ginga repeated as slowly as possible to get the point across. He heaved a sigh. "It's not that big a deal, Kyouya. Couples break up all the time. It just so happens that it's going to be our turn today."

Kyouya and Tsubasa visibly paled. But Kyouya's quickly turned into a flush of anger. He was feeling a bit foreboding with what he's about to ask but it had to be done.

"Okay. Let's say I'm going along with this break up thing. But why does he –" he pointed at Tsubasa without as much as a glance in his direction. "– need to be here, Ginga? Surely you would have preferred we break up privately? I know you two are best of buds but this is seriously cutting it. And don't give me that support crap. I know you better than that, Ginga," he finished darkly.

Ginga felt tears prickling but refused to let it come into existence. His heart sped up, trying to beat until it breaks out of his chest. His breathing came in quick and short but expertly hid this fact. Training with Ryuga really paid off. It's even scary that he could look calm and composed on the outside, an unreadable expression on his face, just like Ryuga.

He gave Kyouya a cold smile, his cold eyes sweeping from Tsubasa to Kyouya. "He has everything to do with it. You should be happy, Kyouya. I'm letting you go. So stop playing the injured party and accept the offer!" he barely controlled his voice from rising to a yell.

Tsubasa gulped visibly. "G- Ginga, what are you –"

"I'm not stupid Tsubasa, even though that's how I act. Neither am I blind nor selfish," he said softly, looking at the Silver head with gentleness born of acceptance.

He turned back to Kyouya, no longer acting cruel. "It's okay, Kyou. I've suspected about you two for quite a while now." He dropped his gaze. "It hurts that you had to go behind my back. And it hurts even more when you force yourself to stay by my side out of pity," he raised his gaze again to meet Kyouya's.

"Do you know that by doing that, you become crueler than the most cruel, violent people?" he asked in a soft whisper. Kyouya's and Tsubasa's eyes widened. In actuality, they never thought of it that way. They were just trying to do the right and wrong at the same time, thinking that they could spare Ginga the grief.

"You guys are my best friends first and foremost. And you are my teammates lastly. Tsubasa deserves to be happy just as much as you and I. How could he be truly happy when he will only have half of you, Kyouya? If that were ever possible the world would have bigamous marriages instead of monogamous ones." Tsubasa and Kyouya gave a half-smile.

"So even if you don't accept it now, then I just leave you and the heck with your denials. It's not like I gave you options so what the hell."

Tsubasa stood up, albeit shakily. He took a breath of air to steady him and went to stand by Kyouya, taking his hand and entwining their fingers.

"Well, Kyouya you heard the man. He gave you no choice but to be with me. Do you consent?" said Tsubasa, looking deeply into the lion's golden eyes.

With his free hand, Kyouya gently cupped the Silver head's cheek and gave his answer with a kiss. Tsubasa grinned cheekily when they parted. "I'll take that as a yes, then."

Ginga wrenched his eyes away from the touching scene. It took all of his willpower not to try and take back his words. No matter how painful, he knew there's no turning back. He'll just have to pick the pieces and start over.

With Tsubasa cocooned snuggly in his arms, Kyouya caught Ginga's attention with his next words.

"I'm still sore at you for the break up. Whoever I love now, don't doubt that I really did love you back when we started going out. I still live you now but nothing more than a friend. Thanks, Ginga for giving me this chance."

Tears slid unbidden on the Pegasus-holder's face. But it did not dim the bright smile and the bright twinkle in his eyes, adorning his face.

"Yeah, well. This doesn't mean you can take advantage of my goodwill from now on."

Kyouya and Tsubasa laughed at this. "Don't worry. I wouldn't dream of it," said Kyouya.

"Of course you won't. I'll make sure of it. I'll even tie you on a leash if I have to," Tsubasa said, his playfulness resurfacing.

Ginga had a sad smile on that went unnoticed by the new couple. But he immediately hid it, firming his resolve for his next step.

"Hate to break you up –" oh the irony of those words. "– but since you won't be needing me, I'll be heading out."

"Well sure, Ginga. Just tell me what time you get home so I can start on our dinner," said Kyouya.

"Oh. Um, well. I won't be coming back, Kyouya. At least, not for a while. I mean, I'll return for my…stuff. That is, when I can properly move out. I'm not doing this properly, am I?" he ended lamely.

"But Ginga," cried Tsubasa. "You don't have to move out, you know."

"I agree with Tsubasa, Ginga," affirmed Kyouya.

"It still hurts you know," said Ginga so low that it sounds all the scarier. "That's why I have to do this. And then Tsubasa can move in with you properly." His bangs were completely covering his eyes, making it difficult for the couple to gauge the young champion.

"You can pack up my stuff, Tsubasa so that you can move your stuff in. I'll come by to pick it up, some time. And I'm not giving you any choice as well, Tsubasa. Just go along with it."

He headed for the door, and with one foot out of the living room, Ginga looked at Kyouya and Tsubasa one more time. And they could clearly see the tears swimming in the young boy's eyes, threatening to fall.

"Oh, and um, I'll be taking the spare key with me in case you aren't home when I pick up my stuff. I'll leave it on the table once I'm done. So… this is goodbye. Don't worry about me. I'll get over this phase." And with that, he left the two stunned lovers, made his way to the entrance, put on his shoes and out the door.

When the door clicked shut, he finally released his control. He was now openly crying, struggling not to make too much noise. And he ran. He ran with no particular destination in mind. He was too anguished to know where he was going, and he doesn't even care. He ran across a crossing and was nearly run over by a truck. But he remained undeterred. He ran still, bumping people countless of times. Street after street, block after block, still he ran. Through the park, through the trees, and up till he came upon an alley that was surprisingly clean.

He slid down the wall and rested his back on it. He was breathing hard and fast, his heart racing. Sometime during the run, his tears dried, the tracks it made still visible on his face. Only then did he realize that the night has already fallen. And upon further inspection, he now saw that he arrived at the edge, the borderline the beginnings of the shady area from the other areas. If he continued to run, he would have entered that area and could seriously be mugged.

One thought crossed his mind, though. 'I'm wet.' True it may have been due to his exercise earlier. But the fact is, it had begun to rain. And he neither has an umbrella nor his rain gear with him. He only has his beyblade, wallet, and keys on his person. The boots, his raincoat, and everything else, he left back at Kyouya's apartment.


All of a sudden, he started shivering. And the tears began anew. Sobs wracked his body as he hugged his knees to him, arms atop his knees, and his forehead on it, successfully hiding his tear-streaked, red, puffy-eyed face. This was Ginga's first, ultimate breakdown. Every time it subsides he tries to recover, only to start sobbing again. He tied to choke back his sobs in an effort to leave other people undisturbed, oblivious to his misery.

Just then, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He immediately raised his head u to look at the person the limb on his shoulder is connected to. Who would dare disturb a suffering man? From the hand up to the nose, he could see that the person is a man and pale in complexion. When he gazed into the stranger's eyes, he was surprised to meet crystal blue eyes that he hadn't seen before, a peculiar look. He raised his eyes further to the hair; if only to escape the peculiar intensity in those eyes that wreak havoc to his senses.

Lightning flashed and thunder followed, giving him the chance to see that the stranger's hair was an Ice Blue and uniquely styled. A jolt ran through his body when he understood why those eyes looked vaguely unfamiliar. The person standing before him, sheltering the young champion under his cloak was a Wandering Bey Blader he can see the Beyblade gear on this wanderer's belt and a BeyPoint card.

"What are you doing, boy? Trying to get Pneumonia?" The Person asked.

Ginga avoided his gaze and stayed silent. The Teen heaved a frustrated sigh and grabbed his hand. He yanked hard to get the younger to stand. Ginga stumbled to the bluehead's chest, making the teen snake his arm around Ginga's waist to prevent them both from tumbling.

"You're soaking wet and shivering like there's no tomorrow. I'm taking you to the headquarters and you better not say a word of protest," said the teen, voice low.

Ginga stood limp, resigned to whatever the Teen decides to do with him. The unknown blader pulled his wrist as they made their way to the teen's headquarter. The champion walked on mechanically, no a thought in his head, oblivious to everything but the warmth of the teen's hand on his wrist. Every fiber of his being was focused solely on that point.

Up a few flight of stairs they went, passing a few doors until the teen stopped in front of his. When someone called out.

"Frost? You're back!"

"Brother Poseidon, care to help me?"

The teen named Frost let go of Ginga's wrist, At the loss of contact, Ginga immediately missed the warmth of the teen named Frost's hand on his wrist. And his heart gave a jolt when Frost grabbed hold of his wrist again to pull him in to his living quarters along with the man.

Upon reaching the room, Ginga didn't even flinch when the man named Poseidon began stripping him of his wet clothing. And with the last piece of cloth out of the way, his beyblade, wallet, and keys placed on the dresser, he found himself being pushed to the bathroom. Frost even helped him get into the bathtub of hot water. He washed the young Pegasus' hair gently, massaging his scalp soothingly, much to the man named Poseidon's amusement.

The warm bath helped Ginga a lot. He no longer felt chilled, at least, not on the outside. On the inside though, he still feels cold, empty, numb, chilled. But for now, he is in Frost's care.

Frost towel-dried Ginga's body before firmly securing a robe on him. He then led Ginga back to his bed with the boy's wrist in one hand and another towel on the other. He placed his hands on Ginga's shoulders to push him down to sit on the bed. He tossed the towel on the champion's head and went to rummage in his drawers for a button-down shirt and boxer shorts, which he also tossed in Ginga's direction.

He also took the opportunity to change into one of his old shirts and left his boxers on. When he looked at Ginga, he saw that the boy hadn't moved at all. He sighed and grumbled something about care giving not being his forte. He dried Ginga's hair with the towel and tossed it somewhere. He began removing the robe and it also suffered the same fate as the discarded towel.

The boy's silence greatly disturbed the teen but he shrugged it off.

He sighed, willing the feelings the sight and following thoughts had roused in him. With some reluctance, he directed his thoughts to another direction, like food. Well, he wasn't particularly hungry. But common hospitality dictates that he asks his guest. Besides which, this is Ginga we're talking about. Maybe he'll be back to normal at the mention of food.

"Hey Boy, you wanna eat something?" asked Frost, squatting in front of the boy. He fully expected a loud outburst. But he was sadly mistaken. If he wasn't looking carefully, he would've missed the slight shake of Ginga's head. He sighed again. He's been doing a lot of sighing today and frankly, it's disturbing. In fact, the whole situation is disturbing. It's just…bizarre.

He stood up, looking down on the champion's head. "You sure?" slowly the head rose and blank eyes stared up at him. "Let's go to sleep then," said Frost, a loud yawn erupted out of his lips. He stretched his arms high and made his way to the other side of the bed. It's a good thing he had a queen-sized bed.

He burrowed under the comforter and proceeded to sleep. Against his will, he cast a glance behind him and muffled a groan. Ginga hadn't moved an inch. With an annoyed look and a frustrated sigh, he pulled Ginga down and tucked him in. Then he went back to his previous, comfortable position and clapped once. Lights out. Contrary to what you'd think, Ginga did sleep. That is, until near midnight.

Frost was awoken suddenly. He was slightly disoriented, not knowing what woke him up. There it was again, gasps and panicked mutterings that ceased at once. He felt the bed shift as Ginga tossed and turned. The pillow was thrown off the bed and the comforter covering the boy's body was flung off. His shirt seductively rode up because of the frequent motion.

Tala mentally slapped himself. This is no time to stare at the boy He took hold of both flailing limbs and pressed them down on the bed. By night light he could see the tears on Ginga's face. He wore an anguished look and was sobbing out jumbles of words only he could understand.

"I -didn't…I didn't MEAN IT!" Ginga sobbed out, the last part almost a shout. Frost was clearly worried. He attempted to shake the boy from his nightmare. He transferred one wrist so that one hand was now holding both wrists, leaving his other hand free.

Truthfully, he was having a difficult time shaking the boy, what with the body thrashing and the legs kicking away. Eventually, he resolved to straddle the boy, effectively pinning him on the bed and stopped his thrashing. The kicking died down as well. Just one word and Frost understood.

"Kyouya…" Ginga groaned out. Then his sobbing died down to sniffles. Frost was thankful for his ears' reprieve – until Ginga moaned low, throaty, and long. Frost was worried

"Boy, shh…it's okay," the Teen called out softly, uncharacteristically gentle. He cupped the boy's cheek and erased the tear tracks. By then, the tears had stopped pouring. He then smoothed out the bangs that were sticking to the boy's face. After making sure that Ginga wouldn't be flinging any more limbs, he slowly let go of the boy's wrists.

"I'm here, Boy…It's okay…I won't leave you…" he continued his comforting, smoothing out red hair and cupping Ginga's face in intervals.

"You…won't?" asked Ginga, a tad timidly. It seems that Frost's words are finally getting to him. And with a sudden gasp, Ginga rose to a sitting position nearly throwing Frost off his lap. He was gasping for air, his eyes shot open wide. Clearly he wasn't completely out of his dream yet.

Frost positioned himself behind the boy and wrapped his arms around Ginga's front. He pulled Ginga to lean on his chest, his mouth near the boy's ear. "Shh…boy it was just a dream. You were having a nightmare."

"A-A dream? " Ginga stammered out. "Yes, boy. A dream. Now calm down and I'll be right with a glass of water," and so saying, he released his hold on the smaller teen and proceeded to get out of the bed. But something lashed out and clamped on his wrist.

Upon looking back, he saw that Ginga had a hold of him. He was looking up at the blue haired teen with beseeching eyes that glimmered with fear, panic, and sadness. He was clutching at Frost like a lifeline. Tears were gathering up at the corners of his eyes.

"No! Don't leave me…all alone…" Frost was about to shake his hand off.

"Please…" Ginga whimpered and Frost was lost. He returned to the bed and had Ginga back in his arms. He was stroking the younger teen's arms up and down.

He was completely taken aback when Ginga desperately started clinging to him, looping his arms around the teen's neck and burying his face on the bluehead's chest. The red-haired boy was whispering frantically. It took a while before Frost could decipher it. And he was clearly.

"Make me forget. I want to forget. I have to forget. Forget it…and this pain. Make them disappear…" those words were constantly repeated in whispers.

Frost gave an uncharacteristic gentle smile. His eyes bore a brotherly gaze. He tightened his hold on Ginga, squeezing a bit, and then he loosened it altogether. He took hold of the boy's chin in his thumb and forefinger, and then tilted it up so that they were gazing at each other.

"Do you really want to forget?" Frost asked gently in a whisper.

"Yes…" Ginga whispered back breathily.

"Then I'll make you forget, Boy." Frost said, kissing Ginga's forehead. The young teen closed his eyes in a silent affirmative, his body now relaxed and limp in the teen's arms.

Behind the door was Poseidon and Inferno were listening to the whole ordeal, they were a bit surprised that the Ice Prince of the Family had thawed just for this little boy. Frost was known to be a very cold and merciless to his enemies and would freeze them using Crystal Eagle, and just now he gave the boy the kiss of Lethe or should they say the Kiss of Forgetfulness, soon when the boy wakes up he won't remember the pain he felt a while ago.

The next morning Ginga opened his eyes and noticed that he was in a soft bed, he can't remember anything except that he was running away from something last night and then there is this mysterious person took him in, his name was Frost, the teen who saved him that rainy night and allowed him to stay in his room wherever he is now, but he don't care as long as he was away to that something that caused him pain.

"You're finally awake." A familiar voice called out.

Ginga looked at the direction where the voice had come from and there he saw a man with aqua blue hair and light blue eyes. He can assume that this person was Frost's Brother, Poseidon.

"You had us worried last night, boy." Poseidon said as he took seat on the chair next to the bed.

"My name is Ginga Hagane and ummm…where am I?" He asked.

"You're in a Place called Mt. Olympus, we got you here yesterday when you fell into deep sleep and if you're gonna ask whose room you are, you're in Frost's Room. And by the way, I'm Poseidon." He smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir." Ginga said.

"Please, don't be too formal to me Ginga just call me Poseidon, we're a Family here." Poseidon smiled.

Ginga nodded in affirmation.

"Where is Frost right now?" He asked.

"Oh, he's on a meeting with Father Right now, he'll be back soon…come You might be hungry, and you might have a chance meeting the others in the Dining room." Poseidon said.

Ginga slipped out of the bed and dressed up the clothes were the same as his usual clothing though but now His usual clothes consist of a long-white scarf had golden hems, a black and gold hemmed short-sleeved jacket, a plain red shirt, white and blue gloves, a red and a brown belt around his waist, black pants and red and black colored shoes. The white long scarf represents Pegasus's wings. His beyblade Gears were now modified like Ryuga he had a very own gauntlet in shape of a Pegasus head where his Pegasus is kept, his headband was there, the one winged Pegasus has two wings now the head band was black and the embroidery was golden…once he was done dressing up.

"Looking good Ginga." Poseidon commented making the redhead blush. "He really made an effort modifying those because your usual clothing was a mess."

"So whose clothes I'm wearing now?" Ginga asked.

"Oh…that was Frost's clothing he modified them to look just like your former clothing." Poseidon answered and led the boy to the dining room.

As they walk to the hallway Poseidon noticed the boy's uneasiness.

"You know Ginga." Taking the boy's attention. "You're the very first person to melt his heart after Frost's painful past."

"Eh?" Ginga asked.

"You'll understand soon if Frost is comfortable enough to tell you, for now all you have to do is to try to be close to him…I know you can do that." Poseidon said.

Once they reached their destination, there standing before them is a giant oak door.

"Ready?" Poseidon asked.

Ginga nodded in determination. The older one chuckled and pushed the door allowing the younger boy to see the place himself.

To Be Continued

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