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Chapter 1: How is he?

The platinum blond sat there with her pink haired friend and they were discussing the recent changes in their village. They talked about recent missions, how they were doing, how their love lives were which was a somewhat touchy subject for Ino since she ended her relationship with the other blond in the village. Ino looked at her friend and smiled, "So how has your marriage with Sasuke been going, have any luck in the baby department yet?"

Sakura smiled at her and then shook her head no, "We are waiting a little longer to try and have children, he is still being deployed a lot with..."

Ino knew what the end of the sentence was, "He has been being deployed a lot with Naruto huh, I haven't seen him around lately."

Sakura didn't know why she would expect for Naruto to go near her, she told him to stay away in a harsh way, "Did you really expect him to come around Ino, I mean when you dumped him it was harsh and you told him to stay away from you."

Ino sighed as she leaned on her hand and looked up at Sakura, "Yeah, I guess so but I was hoping he would come around at least a little."

Sakura shook her head and she took a drink of her tea as she remembered the very public breakup between the two blonds.

Naruto was walking down the street in nice clothes and had bought some white lilies for his girlfriend of two years. He was going to tell her that he loved her tonight, he had loved her for a long time but he wasn't sure how she would react to it. He had reservations at her favorite restaurant and he was wearing the shirt she bought him and had even slicked his hair back and saw Ino standing in front of the restaurant in normal clothes. He found that to be a little odd, she never didn't dress for the occasion but he ignored it and came up to her, "Hey Ino-chan!"

He smiled at her as he looked at her and saw that she had a serious expression on her face, "Ino-chan, is something wrong?"

Ino stared at him, she had found out a secret he had done hard to keep a secret and that was the Kyuubi. He had wanted to tell her when he knew that she loved him back before something like that came into the fold with their relationship. She stared at him with anger in her eyes and he took a step back, he wasn't sure what he had done yet, "There something that you want to tell me Naruto?"

Naruto looked at her and shook his head no and she grabbed his shirt and pointed at his abs, "Maybe something that is right there!"

Naruto looked at her and knew what she was talking about, "So..you found out huh, who was it that told you, my guess would be Sakura."

Ino glared at him, "It doesn't matter who told me, why didn't you tell me, I touched you and we have done things..what if I was infected by you!?"

Naruto looked at her with sadness in his eyes and he backed away from her again, "I...I wanted to know how you felt about me before I told you..its not like you can be infected or anything Ino-chan.."

He reached for her and she backed away and her yelling had attracted a crowd, "DONT TOUCH ME YOU DEMON!"

Naruto retracted his hand and winced at the comment, he hated being called that even more then usual when it came from the woman he had fallen in love with, "Ino-chan I..I lo-"

Ino slapped him hard and he stumbled a little and he put his hand on his cheek as he looked at her, "Don't you dare say it! We are through do you hear me you abomination, never come near me again, EVER! This entire village would be better off if you just crawled in a hole and died you bastard! I hope you die, that would be the best gift that you could give me not flowers, you want to make me happy then go die!"

Ino stormed away and Naruto watched and stood there as tears started to go down his face and he looked at the flowers he had bought her and dropped them on the sidewalk and Sakura walked over to him, "Naruto...are you okay?"

Naruto looked at her with tears in his eyes and for the first time she saw the real Naruto, the tortured Naruto from his years of living in this village, "Why..why would you tell her Sakura? I was happy finally..and now she is gone..now I hurt so much..I finally find love and she wants me to die.."

Naruto put his hands in his pockets and walked away, he went straight to Tsunade and enlisted in ANBU Hunter Division and started to take missions solo that should be team missions.

Sakura looked up at her friend and it looked like Ino was remembering the break up that happened 2 years ago as well. Ino sighed as she looked at Sakura and was looking at her, "Have you seen him lately, is he doing alright and all that?"

Sakura took a sip of her tea and looked at her friend, "I saw him before he was deployed last week with Sasuke when he meet Sasuke at the Uchiha Clan Estate, he seems healthy but he doesn't talk very much and seems very cold."

All of a sudden Sasuke came running by and heading towards the Hokages office and Sakura saw him and stood up, "Something is wrong.."

Sakura paid for her things and then ran after Sasuke and Ino did the same, not having anything else to really do. Sakura and Ino came into the Hokages office to see a bleeding Sasuke and panting as he looked at Tsunade, "Naruto..he was...captured by Oto ninja...and Orochimaru!"

Tsunade gasped as she stood up and looked at Sasuke, "How did this happen, you two were only suppose to be doing recon on the Oto ninjas!?"

Sasuke looked at her and then stood up straight and grasped his cut arm, "A deer gave us away and then we were surrounded, the more we fought the more that appeared and when Orochimaru appeared Naruto told me to get out of there since he wanted my eyes. I was able to get away just in time and I looked back to see Naruto getting captured by Orochimaru and being tied up."

Tsunade sent out a message to all the available ANBU that were friends with Naruto and Sakura went and got her gear, she was a ANBU Medic so she would be sent off. Ino went and got her gear, she was ANBU Interrogation so she could reverse any genjutsus they had placed on Naruto. They returned to see Kiba, Neji, Lee, Sasuke, Shikamaru and TenTen all gathered as well as Kakashi standing behind Tsunade, "You are all under the command of Kakashi, the primary mission is to retrieve Naruto Uzumaki who was captured to save Sasuke Uchiha. The secondary goal is if the opportunity presents itself to kill Orochimaru, you are all dismissed so go and do this quickly!"

They all saluted and they were off through the windows and rushing through the gates of Konohagakure. Naruto was in a cave he took a punch to the jaw by a large looking Oto ninja and Naruto spat out the blood and looked at him, "Please, your punches are just tickles to me."

The Oto ninja punched him again and looked at him, "You know for being Naruto Uzumaki, the Demon of Konohagakure your pretty easy to beat up."

Naruto glared at the man and as the man went to punch him he tottered the chair and headbutted the man in the chest making him stumble backwards and stumble on a rock and hit his head on the wall knocking him out. Naruto smirked and started to get to work on getting the ropes untied and then stopped as another man walked in and he sighed, "Alright, pussy number two is here to try and work me over huh?"

The man pulled out a pair of metal knuckles and smiled at Naruto, "Well lets get to work on getting the defense plans of Konoha out of you then."

Naruto smiled at him and spat some of the blood in his mouth into the face of the other man, "Bring it on bitch, I wont tell you shit."

The other man smiled and looked at him, "Well if I can't beat it out of you physically then our next person will just have to put you in a genjutsu to get it out of you."

Naruto smiled at this and thought to himself, "Dammit Sasuke, you need to get here soon or else the genjutsu user will get to me first."