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Epilogue (22 Years Later)

Naruto sat there with his wife at the age of 45 and she leaned her head on his shoulder and he smiled as they watched their last of 4 children graduating the Academy at 12 years old. They had gotten married when they were 25, 2 years after they had gotten back together. Naruto actually found it humorous how many things in their life revolved around the 2 year mark. Naruto smiled proudly as his youngest daughter received her headband from the aged Iruka who was like her grandfather to her, "The Academy recognizes Ina Uzumaki as a ninja and Genin in its ranks."

Naruto, Ino, Inoichi, Tsunade and her 2 brothers and older sister all started to clap for her and smiled proudly. When Naruto turned 30 he was given the title of Hokage by Tsunade and he had proudly and successfully led the village through the years including a brief war period with Iwagakure that only lasted a year luckily. Naruto was happy with the generation of Ninja he was in, their were definitely a lot of legendary shinobi he was friends with that would always be remembered.

Kiba, possibly the strongest the Inuzuka clan has ever produced and his ability to track that lead Konohagakure to have the highest amount of Bingo Book kills and captures. Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha who was truly a master with it and proved that even on his own he was someone even a Kage might need backup against. Sakura Uchiha, the best medical ninja that there had been yet and someone known to have a bad temper if you got on her bad side. Neji Hyuga, the strongest to ever come out of the Hyuga clan and was a branch family member until he and Naruto destroyed that ideal and he eventually became the leader of the Uchiha.

Rock Lee, the toughest taijutsu fighter that there had ever been, surpassing his sensei Gai long ago and being someone that was feared. Shikamaru Nara, the man who lead the Nara group and the brightest mind to ever come into the world, until his son that is. Ino Uzumaki, formerly of the Yamanaka Clan known as the best dream and mind walker to ever be though her youngest daughter is said to be the successor to her title. Gaara, the man who lead Sunagakure too a new high before his untimely death when Iwagakure invaded Sunagakure which was what brought Konohagakure into a war. Temari Nara, one of the top wind users that Sunagakure had ever seen and she did what everyone in their group that impossible and made Shikamaru say something wasn't troublesome. There was also him, Naruto Uzumaki, the 6th Hokage and the Demon of Konohagakure, he was the man no one wanted to face on the battlefield for his sheer power.

Now the time was approaching that his friends would no longer be getting deployed with ANBU and start to instead start to teach and be Jounin Sensei if they weren't already. Naruto smiled some more as he pulled his wife closer to him and he saw that Sasukes son was graduating and they watched as his daughter blushed as she looked at him. Naruto had a small chuckle in his chest that Ino heard and she was smiling as well, "Ina likes an Uchiha huh, what are you going to do about that Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled as he looked down at his wife then over at his best friend that was standing next to him, "Well its not like he is as bad as his father so I guess its alright."

Sasuke smirked as he looked at Naruto and held Sakura close, "Who says that your daughter is good enough for my Itachi?"

Naruto smiled as he looked back at the children and laughed a little, "If my daughter is anything like me or her mother then she won't give a damn what you say."

Sasuke laughed as he looked back at their children and they saw that the ceremony was over and they stood and went off to the side to wait for their children as the Uzumaki and Uchiha family stood there. They were the top clans now, with Naruto being the Kyuubi Jinchuriki his children all had heightened senses, high chakra reserves and regeneration and the new Kekkei Genkai Dojutsu called Kitsuneme, or Fox Eye. It was similar to the Sharingan except for the fact that you couldn't see the chakra network or copy a jutsu, it allowed you too see an enemy no matter how quickly they moved. All of Naruto and Inos children had already unlocked it, even Ina had the Kitsuneme unlocked as did, Minato, Kushina and Shin.

Naruto looked at his family and smiled as his oldest, his daughter Kushina at 16 hugged her little sister, Kushina was a high Chunin and a soon to be Jounin. Then Ina was hugged by her twin brothers Minato and Shin, had just become Chunin in the last Chunin Exam and Naruto was extremely proud of them but they regretted not being able to continue with their sensei Kiba. Ino wasn't exactly thrilled when she went into labor with the twins and had threatened to kill Naruto during the delivery and cursed his genes. She was happy that she had a large family though, she knew that it was something Naruto had wanted his whole life and had passed the Yamanaka clan jutsu to all her children. Minato and Shin were just like Naruto at that age though, that was a handful at times but they usually fought with each other, both claiming to be the next one in the family to become the Hokage.

This always made Naruto and Ino laugh as they would watch the two boys tussling on the floor saying they were going to be the next Hokage. Ina and Kushina also wanted to be the next Hokage and Kushina was actually someone Naruto could see handing the job off to at some point, his sons had their mothers temper which worried him at times. Naruto smiled at his family though as they all congratulated Ina some more and Ina came over to her father and he leaned down and smiled at her, "I am so proud of you princess, your just as beautiful as your mommy is and just as deadly as your daddy. The boys and the enemies don't know what will hit them will they."

Ina smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and everyone in their family smiled at this, "Thank you daddy, I love you."

Naruto smiled as he pulled his daughter into a hug, he always claimed he didn't have a favorite but Ina was his favorite, "I love you too princess."

The other kids new this as well but it wasn't like he treated them badly, they all chalked it up too fatherly instincts. Every father favors their daughter and she was also his last born child so he naturally favored her a little but they still had a very good father. Ino on the other hand tended to favor her oldest daughter Kushina, they had a lot in common and Ino was her Jounin sensei when she graduated the Academy. The boys were happy they weren't one of the favorites, they liked thinking of themselves as strong but they knew they weren't as strong as their father was at their age, that was their constant motivation.

Naruto released Ina from his hug and then she hugged her mother as Naruto smiled as he looked at his family some more, "Too think I almost didn't have this."

Naruto looked over at Sasuke and his family, he had 5 children of his own, 2 girls and 3 boys the two girls were: Karin who was 18 and Roze who was 16 and had been teammates with Kushina. The boys were: Juugo who was also 16 and the twin to Roze and also was teamed with Kushina, Zabuza was 14 and Itachi was 12 like Ina was.

Sasuke had gotten rid of the ability to use the Mangekyou Sharingan and deleted that part of the scrolls for the Uchiha making him the last to have it. Karin, Roze and Juugo all had a 3 tomoe Sharingan while Zabuza was still at a 2 and Itachi had yet to unlock his yet.

Naruto smiled as he looked at his friends, without them constantly trying to convince Ino then he would have died and he wondered how life would have turned out for the woman he loved. His friends all had the tradition of taking their families to The Black BBQ for all you can eat Fridays.

They weren't sure if the restaurant staff hated or loved that day, they probably lost money during the day but it was always amusing. Naruto walked hand in hand with Ino to The Black BBQ with Ina riding on his shoulders smiling happily while she wore his Hokage hat. Naruto opened the door and saw all their friends already there in their section and Naruto and his family joined them and looked around at who was there. Shikamaru and Temari were there with their 2 children, his daughter was 14 with black hair in a Temari hair style who seemed to be infatuated with Shin. His son was 16 who often flirted with Kushina but was constantly shot down, Naruto felt a little bad for the boy.

Lee and his wife was there with his 15 year old daughter and luckily his daughter looked like his wife but had his energy and excitement. Neji and TenTen had a son and daughter, their son was 17 and already a Jounin and the next to lead the Hyuga clan and was clearly Nejis son. Their daughter looked like TenTen with the white Hyuga eye and was currently 13 and a Genin on TenTens team. Hinata and Kiba had 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls. Their youngest daughter just graduated with Ina and looked more like Kiba then Hinata, Kiba often complained about that too Naruto. Their oldest daughter was the spitting image of Hinata and was 14 and obsessed with Minato, which amused Ino and Naruto since he was the spitting image of Naruto. Then their son, Kiro, was 17 and the spitting image of Kiba and Kushina was currently dating him, Naruto didn't mind because he knew Kiba installed good manners in the boy.

The others had yet to get married and had different flings here and there that Naruto stopped keeping track of out of irritation and just not caring enough. Naruto sat in the large booth with his arm around Ino and smiled as he looked around and then he grabbed his glass, "A toast to the next generation of ninja, may Kami have mercy on your souls!"

Naruto laughed evilly and Ino elbowed him in the ribs and he whined, "Ow, Ino-chan I was just kidding, I just wanted to tease them a little bit."

Ino was eying him with a look he was familiar with, the behave or else look and he hung his head in defeat but Kiba was far to much like Naruto. Kiba looked around and smiled as he picked up his glass, "To continue where the dear Hokage was before his leash was pulled, MWUAHAHAHAH!"

Hinata then slapped Kiba in the back of the head and he whined too and Hinata reprimanded him as well and Naruto smirked, "Guess I am not the only one who is whipped huh Kiba?"

Kiba glared at Naruto as he smirked and kissed Ino on the cheek as he looked at her and then at his children as they started to eat and Naruto smiled some more and leaned his head on Inos. Ino looked up at her husband and saw how genuinely happy he was and smiled at him and kissed his cheek and he looked at her and she smiled and kissed him passionately. Ina, the young child that she was still made the ew sound and Naruto and Ino broke their kiss and smiled at her as Naruto spoke, "Why did you say ew princess, mommy and daddy do that cause we love each other."

Ina looked over at Kushina who was leaning on Kiros shoulder, "Does that mean that Kiro and Kushina love each other since they do that too?"

Naruto flinched at the question, that was his daughter and didn't like that mental image, "Well I don't know if love is the right word but I am sure they care deeply about each other, otherwise he wouldn't be kissing my daughter, right Kiro?"

Kiro froze and his eyes went wide and he nodded his head yes quickly and Naruto smiled as Kushina rolled her eyes, "Dad stop threatening my boyfriend!"

Naruto looked at his daughter and continued to smile at her, "I only do it cause I love you dear, your grandfather tried to kill me the first time I kissed your mother if it makes you feel better."

Kushina rolled her eyes figuring that her father was over-exaggerating the situation and Ino smiled, "Yeah, had you kept kissing me that kunai wouldn't have missed your neck."

Naruto smiled as he looked down at her and kissed her on her forehead and then Inoichi spoke, "I was just about an inch off too but you were alright in the end I suppose."

Naruto smiled at his father in law and then looked over at Kiro and Kushina, "See I could be way worse then just verbal threats."

They smiled at Naruto and she went back to leaning on Kiros shoulder and Ino looked over at her daughter Ina, "One day you will understand it Ina, when that day comes I think your father will have a heart attack though."

Naruto smiled as he pulled his wife in closer to him and leaned down and gave her another passionate kiss, "I love you Ino-chan, no one else could have made me as happy as you do."

Ino smiled up at him and leaned her head into his shoulder and sighed happily, "I love you too Naruto-kun and I know that nobody in the world could make anyone as happy as you have made me."

Naruto smiled at his wife and held her close as he watched his family converse with everyone that was around them and he smiled back at her, "All I ever wanted was your happiness Ino-chan, all I am is for you."

Ino smiled as she leaned into him more and he tightened his hold on her and smiled as he looked at their family and friends.

The End of All for Her