Violent Delights: Triumph

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Chapter 24: He Couldn't Scare Me If He Tried

Brendan was going to be sleeping on the couch so when Patrick was put into bed, Tommy joined me in our bedroom.

I was under the duvet hiding the fact I was so mad I hadn't bothered to change out of my clubbing outfit or washed the make up off my face.

Tommy sat on his side, his back to me as he tore his shirt away from his torso and I had to swallow hard to resist the urge to stroke his naked back. It was so sculpted, his tattoo's tracing his tan flesh and flicking away in perfect intricate patterns.

'I don't wanna argue with ya.'

'We can't anyway,' I said matter of factly and facing away from him when I saw him turn around to look at me, 'Patrick and Brendan are sleeping.'

I heard him sigh and the bed dip with his weight. He hadn't taken off his jeans and was laying on top of the duvet.

He didn't reach out to me and I was thankful for that. I wasn't sure if I was ready. Tommy was obviously scared of commitment, he hadn't even told his brother his girlfriend had moved in with him, something was nagging away at my mind though.

'Would you have asked me to move in if Patrick wasn't sick?'

I felt him turn his head towards me and I faced him again. He lay on his back, one arm under his head and the other by his side in between our bodies.

He stared hard at the ceiling and I took a deep breath and waited patiently.

'Probably not here. In this house.'

My heart beat rapidly in my chest, 'but somewhere else?'

He grunted in reply and the nod of his head made me believe him. 'So why can't you tell your brother?'

Tommy glanced at me and in the darkness of the room I saw his eyes flash with something. I could tell he wasn't about to answer and would instead turn this on me.

'Why can't you talk to your fuckin' sister?'

My heart would've stopped if it could. 'I told you,' I whispered, 'she got involved in a bad crowd.'

'Bullshit, Lana. What'd she do?'

'I told you,' I repeated, my voice strangled and I went to turn away from him again but he reached out and took hold of my waist, he lay on his side now.

'You told me you wanna prove them wrong. But if your sis is reaching out to ya, don't that prove she knows that? And wants to make up?'

My ringtone interrupted our conversation and I lazily reached over to grab it. 'Hey Kelsie.'

Tommy rolled his eyes and lay on his back again.

'Did you get home okay?'

'No,' I said sarcastically, 'I'm talking to you from a rapists basement. He says hi.'

I felt Tommy tense beside me and decided to take this elsewhere. I walked quietly down the hall and into the bathroom, taking a seat on the edge of the bath tub I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

'Did Tommy find out you walked?'

'Yeah,' I answered and my throat constricted, my chest felt heavy, I felt like I was about to cry, 'I don't think I can do this anymore, Kelse.'

She seemed to perk up, her sober best friend mode switching on, 'Alana? What's wrong? Did he take it really badly?'

I felt bad just talking about this. At what I was actually considering right now. I didn't say anything and Kelsie asked, 'do you wanna leave him?'

Did I want to leave him? Did I want to walk right out of Tommy's life just as quickly as I'd walked in?

'I love Tommy,' I said meaning every word, 'but I'm not looking for a relationship where I get a stool kicked across the kitchen just because something doesn't go his way.'

Kelsie sighed and I could see her in the living room, sipping on a cup of coffee and running a hand through her hair, 'do you need somewhere to go tonight?'

'I'll call you back,' I said quickly and hung up as Tommy opened the bathroom door without even knocking. He was looking down at me and he looked sad.

Neither of us spoke a word until I stood and leaned against the sink as Tommy closed the door and leaned against it, 'Kelsie wanted to know if I wanted to go over there tonight. Spend the night.'

Tommy only nodded, I was expecting more of a reaction. 'I'll give you a lift.'

'Tommy,' I reached out and took his hand, 'I don't want to. I know if I go over there it's just the start of us ending, isn't it? A night will turn into two and then you'll call and apologize and we'll make up and then I'll decide I need more space and soon I'm living with my whore friend while you... move on.'

'I can't give you what you want.' He said quietly. His tone and expression was stoic, solid but his eyes were giving him away. The grey was misty, a sure sign he was upset.

'You can.' I put my hand on his bare chest, 'you are.' I leaned up and kissed him gently. 'Tell your brother about me. I'll talk to my sister.'

He pulled away and stared hard. 'You will? You'll break your stupid promise to yourself and talk to her if I just go down there and admit to Bren that I love you?'

It was a deal I was willing to make. I needed something to convince me to stay. This was it. 'Yes.'

Tommy kissed me but didn't give me time to deepen it before he opened the door.

'Tommy,' I whispered harshly and followed him to the stop of the stairs, 'now?'

'Yes,' he took my waist in his and pecking me on my forehead, he put his head on my shoulder, breathing into my neck, 'now.'

Another really, really short chapter but I got a lot of feedback from the last chapter and felt I owed it to you guys to give you something a little more.
Song is Love is Childlike by Low Anthem.