Nothings mine. A bit more action in this one for you. I still have to introduce a few people (no one you haven't heard about before) and then get Harry a few more powers. It's a complicated web, sort of, and Harry's complicated, so I hope I'm not boring you all. Let me know if I begin to ramble or if my writing seems to be falling short. Hope you like this chapter.

Chapter Five: Diagon Alley and The Invocation of Spirit

"You look rested," Hermione observed as she marched into the kitchen bright and early. Harry was sitting in a chair, back straight, eyes glittering, and his movements confident and majestic. He looked at Hermione and flashed a smile that radiated warmth.

"Had a good night," he replied.

"About time," Ron commented as he marched downstairs with a black dog behind him. "You looked a wreck yesterday." Harry nodded. He had invoked the elements the night before, and he had been up all night focusing the magic, remembering how to control it and use it. Everyone had given him a hard time about the circles under his eyes, but last night he had slept like a baby, reassured in his ability to use his powers.

"Well, eat quickly," Mrs. Weasley said with a smile, "We'll be leaving for Diagon Alley soon. Are the twins up yet?"

"Don't think so," Ron responded. Mrs. Weasely sighed and started up the stairs where pounding and shouting could be heard. Within seconds two sleepy eyed twins sat at the table and started to pile on the food. Everyone threw Sirius some scraps as he buried his head in people's laps and whined pathetically. Mrs. Weasley always made him food, but he gobbled it down too fast.

"Where shall we go first?" Ron asked, turning to Harry and Hermione.

"Flourish and Blotts. I want to see how much the OWL practice books are." Moaning resounded throughout the table like an echo.

"You can't start studying before Christmas," Ron said indiginantly.

"Why not?"

"Cause it's a law," Ron said with a slight plea in his voice. "Students don't start studying for exams in the beginning of the year. Are you crazy? They'll make you head girl if you're not careful."

"God forbid," Bill said with a smile as he entered the kitchen and grabbed a plate. Charlie and Bill had both gotten the summer off. With Voldemort back, they wanted to stay with the family, and Dumbledore had used his influence to get them the time so there would be more adult wizards in the house.

"Are you going with us?" Harry asked, looked at Bill and Charlie as he entered with his hair a tangled mess.

"We're going with ya, but we're going to have to separate. I need some stuff in Knockturn alley," Charlie said quickly. "I wish they had dragon hide in Diagon Alley. I hate Knockturn Alley." Harry nodded, remembering all too clearly his mistake floo fireplace.

"You lot ready yet?" Mr. Weasley asked quickly, putting the paper down as he walked into the room with a coffee mug in one hand. Harry glanced at the paper, his confidence faltering as his Harry lifetime took prominence. This would be his first time facing the wizarding world since his uncle had made him a front page story. He suddenly lost his appetite and just stared at the paper looking as though it claimed the end of the world.

"Harry?" Hermione asked, nudging him in the ribs. Harry barely felt it. The public eye was something he always lived with, but in none of his lifetimes had anyone dared to publicly humiliate them. They would have been too scared to try. The thought of facing the whispers, the rumors, the snickers, brought a wave of fresh humiliation and fear, something he almost never felt for himself at least. In response, he subconsciously began to call his powers, and it took a lot of self-control to keep them in check as he tried to calm down. When he sensed his calm beginning to falter, he cast a calming spell immediately and began to breathe again.

The rest of the table was a bit shell shocked, looking at Harry with something of awe and questioning. Everyone had turned at the level of anxiety in Hermione's voice, and they saw Harry looking at the paper, and they realized why he was suddenly nervous, but then a wave of power had passed over the room, like Dumbledore was standing somewhere allowing his full powers to bloom. Except that Dumbledore wasn't there, and Harry wasn't radiating all of his powers.

"Harry dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked softly. The power suddenly disappeared as Harry cast the calming charm, leaving everyone just staring and Sirius's mouth hanging open. Harry gathered up his confidence and powers and smiled sweetly.

"Yea?" he asked innocently, as though he had no idea what had just happened.

"You alright there?" Ron asked. Harry nodded and stood to his feet with his head held high and his movements swift but graceful.

"Yea, why wouldn't I be?" Harry asked with a smile. "Ya done yet? I really want to see what Ollivander's got."

"Why Ollivander's? You already got a wand," Hermione pointed out. Harry nodded.

"I want another one," he said without hesitation as he walked out of the room and sat down on a sofa, leaving everyone's eyes to just follow him, him and his glittering eyes, which they noticed looked brighter than usual, even brighter than the glitter Dumbledore had. They finished quickly and in silence. Sirius went over to Harry on the couch and put his head in the boy's lap. Harry pet him and tried not to think about anything except petting him. He couldn't loose control of his emotions again. It was too dangerous to reveal himself now. Voldemort expected to be fighting a child, everyone expected Harry to be a child. It was a perfect hussle. He'd be damned if he lost his edge. Not to mention that spilling his secret would put those he loved in peril. Voldemort would be after anyone who might know anything about Harry, especially when he found out that Harry was no longer Harry necessarily.

"All set, then?" Harry asked as everyone came back into the room, a bit more normally.

"Ready when you are," Ron replied. They each grabbed some floo powder and jumped into the green, tickling flames. Sirius went with Harry as a dog. The more adults around Harry, the better. They tumbled out into the Leaky Cauldron, and everyone went eerily silent as they turned to look at Harry. Their eyes raked his unscarred skin, his glittering eyes, and the smile he flashed, radiating warmth once again. The Light had once said that with all the magic in the world, Harry's greatest gift was his natural charm magic. He had to agree.

Everyone else smiled back, looking a bit shocked. Harry allowed some of his powers to escape into his smile purposefully, and everyone remained quiet. Normally, the gossip would have begun along with the whispered rumors, but there was something about Harry's eyes, about the boys smile, about the way he held himself now that made everyone think better of it. Even with warmth radiating from his charming looks, there was a most definite threat of power in his eyes. He looked nearly regal in stance.

He stepped away from the fireplace with the large black dog at his heels. The rest of the Weasley's tumbled out, and they all headed into Diagon Alley together. Harry maintained his farce as they headed towards Gringotts. Heads turned everywhere they went, but Harry didn't even blink, even if he was screaming on the inside, and no one uttered a word about him. Even after Harry had passed, people were fearful of gossiping about the boy with the glittering eyes.

"Alright, you three, we'll meet you back here in two hours," Mrs. Weasley said sternly, "and Snuffles is going to go with you," she added. The dog nodded viciously and licked at Harry's hands.

"Yes, mum," Ron replied, already walking away with the Harry and Hermione towards the book store.

"We had to come here first?" Ron asked with distaste as they slid among the dusty books.

"Just let her get the bloody book, and then maybe she'll stop buggering us about it," Harry responded with a smile. His smile widened when he noticed the stern disapproval on Sirius's face. "Bloody hell, what's wrong with Snuffles?" Harry joked. Sirius growled playfully, his eyes a mix of amusement and parental disagreement.

"Language," Hermione scolded from behind a huge book that she could barely lift. Sirius seemed appeased and walked over to give her hands a lick. She giggled softly, still clutching the book as she looked through it.

"It's a wonder she doesn't have pectorals the size of Europe with all the books she lifts," Ron said sadly, shaking his head.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, turning a bit serious. Ron's eyes were tinged with anger, fear, and sadness. It was an odd mixture to find in Ron, who was usually so sure of himself.

"Nothing," Ron replied. "Why would something be wrong?"

"Ron, you've been fidgeting ever since Hermione uttered the cursed three letter word."

"Book isn't a three letter word," Ron replied.

"OWL's," Harry responded, rolling his eyes a bit. "You've been acting weird since she mentioned the OWL's." Ron suddenly looked a bit sheepish.

"You wouldn't understand," Ron replied irritably. Harry was a bit taken aback and showed it.

"What wouldn't I understand?"

"You don't have anyone you have to impress with your scores. No brothers to beat, no head boy hanging over your head…"

"No parents to be proud of me," Harry mumbled. Ron turned a bit red, looking apologetic.

"Sorry, Harry, I didn't mean…"

"I know, Ron, and don't worry about it. You'll do fine. We'll start studying at a more sane time," Harry replied, feeling a bit nervous himself. Ron would be extremely jealous if Harry got a better score than he did, and Harry was most certain to get the highest score, probably to set a record. On the other hand, Harry would be the best tutor Ron could possibly find. Learning from the great Merlin and founder of Hogwarts…surely Harry could help boost his scores a bit, seeing as how he helped write OWL's back when he was founder.

"You boys all set?" Hermione called, walking over to them with four huge bags. "I took the liberty of getting your books since you two seemed to be in slow motion. I put them on your tabs." Harry and Ron nodded, taking the bags and shuffling out of the store. They headed towards Ollivander's next, deciding to go there, then to the robe shop, then to get their new potions ingredients. They were nearly to Ollivander's door when a huge rumble from down the street knocked Ron and Hermione to the ground.

"What the …" Ron began, turning around in time to see twenty death eaters casting curses at the wizards and the wizarding shops.

"Oh my God," Hermione mumbled, shocked to a stand still. Harry turned and did an assessment. There were at least twenty, they probably had anti-apparition wards up and probably blocked the floo. Just dandy for back to school shopping, he thought bitterly. He shook his head before he leaned down to pull the other two to their feet.

"We got to go," Harry stated forcefully, knocking them from their stupor and pushing them towards Ollivanders. Sirius transformed and began ushering them in faster, facing the death eaters and watching for the curses. A stupefy flew to Harry's left and a crucio nearly hit Ron. Finally, they got into Ollivanders. Sirius pushed them further into the store, beyond the shelves of wands and into the back where there was a work bench and a clean cement floor.

"Stay here. No matter what happens out there, stay in here," Sirius demanded, looking dead into Harry's eyes. Harry nodded, wondering how the hell he was supposed to get out of here and help. Sirius went back into a dog and ran back towards the front door to join the fray.

"How did they get into Diagon Alley?" Ron asked.

"They're wizards, Ron," Hermione replied, as though that explained it all.

"I know that," Ron responded harshly.

"Now isn't the time to be fighting," Harry replied strictly. The two shut up immediately. "I'll be right back," he added. Both Ron and Hermione jumped to their feet, looking prepared to tackle him. Harry sighed, wondering if a well aimed stupefy would ruin their friendship.

"You're not going out there, Harry," Hermione stated.

"That's what they'd want," Ron added. Harry resisted the urge to smile. They wouldn't want him once they knew what he was capable of, and he did plan to give them a taste.

He turned back to the problem at hand, his friends. Godric had always been forceful, he had grown up with his powers, but there was a time and a place for him. Right now, Harry settled on a more diplomatic approach: lying his ass off and misdirection.

"They're attacking the shops, and I don't fancy being here when they attack this one. There must be a basement or something. I'm going to go look for it. I'll be right back," Harry promised, looking into their eyes and smiling, radiating warmth. "I won't wonder off." And that was it. Harry spoke in a way that booked no argument, as though he were used to giving commands that no one questioned, but Ron and Hermione looked skeptical, apparently less impressed with his abilities than most were. All his closest friends could see through him, though. He sighed, deciding to give it one last shot before he did use magic against them. "Maybe we could split up and look for something. Whoever finds it, send up sparks." The other two nodded, happier now that they had a part in the mission.

They split up quickly, frantically searching for a trap door or a ladder, something that went up or down. Harry already knew where the trap door would be, probably where Ollivander was, so he went directly there, sent up the sparks, and doubled around as Ron and Hermione were heading there. He heard them open the door and call his name into the darkness, and then they moved into the basement, still calling for him.

Harry, as he walked towards the front through the wands, quickly called his personamigus. It was rare to be able to turn into different people at will without spells or potions like polyjuice, but the image Harry was taking on was Godric, it was himself, so the process was easier. His features became older, looking set at a twenty three. His green eyes were harder but brighter, fierce with power. His robes began to billow out and turned into silken battle robes, a bloody scarlet color trimmed with gold. He pulled his hood up and fastened it so that his face was held in shadow. He was older as Godric, but the black raven hair and green eyes would be a dead give away no matter who he was.

He finally reached the door and ducked out, observing the scene before him. The Order of the Phoenix seemed to have arrived. Fifty wizards in scarlet robes were firing curses at the Death Eaters while trying to get the civilians out of the street. Dumbledore stood towards the front line, eyes furious, power radiating. The Death Eaters tried to steer clear of him, but his anger tended to lash out. Duels were happening everywhere. Sirius, he noted, was too busy chewing ankles to worry too much about magic.

Harry took a step towards the battle, eyes set and furious, before he faltered, his gaze softening and settling on Dumbledore again. He took a deep breath, trying to settle the unease that had settled in his stomach. It was actually fear that was threatening to overrun him, but he would never admit to that. No. It was unease he claimed to feel as he watched the old man weave through the ranks, curses jetting from his wand. He was their hero right now. They rallied behind him. Mr. Weasley fought nearly side by side with him. Harry smiled. They were all terribly brave and fool hardy. The number of Death Eaters were beginning to increase.

Harry made his decision. This wouldn't be his debut. They weren't ready nor did they need him just yet, and truth be told, Harry wasn't ready for that responsibility. His Harry persona was still queasy at the thought of all that power, all the fame. So instead, he ducked behind a street vendors cart and knelt, palms open and out, eyes closed. Back to misdirection.

He began to chant, "By the power of three by three, protector of the Light, I invoke thee…Surround me, Enchant me, Protect me…By the power of three by three, protector of the Light, I invoke thee…" He felt his insides being invaded as he invoked the Light. The Light combined with the elements, and he fought to maintain control. It wasn't easy. Forcing two invocations to remain separate is like forcing two opposite magnets apart. Harry felt like he was in a tug-a-war. His body was being ripped apart by the force of the powers within him. The Light was too powerful to hold for long, and certainly not with the elements. He had to work fast.

He called the protection spell and began to think of all Diagon Alley meant to him. The essence of the wizarding world…acceptance…community…home…Diagon Alley was his home. Harry forced his memories into the spirits. He forced them to see through his eyes, opened his heart to their hearts, and allowed them to feel what he felt the day Hagrid opened up the brick wall, his first glimpse at his world. Everyone belonged here. He had been accepted when no one else wanted him. The power was ready to rip through him. Harry could feel his wrists beginning to bleed as the magic tried to escape. His blood was beginning to pool. Just a bit longer. He chanted again, concentrating every molecule of his being on the protection spell. His body was going to be torn to little pieces. He couldn't breath suddenly, and still, he found breath enough to chant. When the pain should have shut his brain down and faltered his concentration, Harry concentrated harder.

"By the power of three by three, I charge thee, surround, enchant, protect…surround, enchant, protect." Harry dared to take the chance, he peaked around the street cart he was hiding behind. Dumbledore had been forced into retreat as he tried to save his men. The Death Eaters had nearly multiplied. Mr. Weasley was running towards a child still stuck in the war path, crying pathetically on the curb. Then everything went slow motion. Mr. Weasley running, his feet pounding against the asphault…the child screaming, holding his arms out for someone to save him…the future holding out his hands to be saved…Dumbledore shaking his head and trying to grab the back of Arthur's robes before he broke rank and went for the child…the Death Eater raising his wand…the green light filling the street…the feeling of destiny being altered, of the dark preparing to win…the look on Bill's face as he watched his father head straight for the child…generations screaming, preparing to die…the green light heading straight for Arthur…surround, enchant, protect…Mr. Weasley reaching for the child…the sickening feeling that everything was wrong, was off…surround, enchant, protect…the green light inches away…this is not supposed to happen…surround, enchant, protect…Mrs. Weasley screaming…surround, enchant, protect…the avadra kedavra suddenly disappearing in a puff of white Light...and the stunned faces of everyone as the Death Eaters disappeared.

"Oh my God!" Mrs. Weasley's screaming intensified as she ran towards her husband, who put the boy down and pointed towards a store where his mother had been ushered earlier. She grabbed her husband by the robes and crushed him in a hug.

"Oh my God," an auror near by commented, gazing at where the Death Eater's had been. In their stead was a wall of unbroken Light, melding and forming a ward against violence and hatred that surrounded the street. The white Light began to expand, going through the shops, surrounding the stores, and encircling all of Gringotts before it stopped short of Knockturn Alley. The light formed its last vital links of protection, zapping its last necessary strength from Harry, before it finally dispelled and disappeared. Harry fell forward, exhausted. He breathed heavily, in and out, putting a cap on his powers once again as he released his control on his elements and forced out the last of the invocation of the Light. Harry slowly crept back into the store, returning to his Harry persona.

"Where have you been?!" Hermione shouted, running towards him.

"Looking for two. I found the trap door," Harry added, trying not to look tired.

"Were you running around trying to look for us?" Ron asked, looking with confusion as Harry sucked in a deep breath.

"I was worried," Harry replied.

"You all okay?" Sirius asked quickly, marching in with battered robes and a cut across his cheek. Everyone nodded. Sirius looked particularly long at Harry who nodded and smiled again. His blood letting had been ritual, the spell had soaked up some of his blood to force the protection spell, so the cuts on his wrists had healed over once the spell had ended. The only cause for concern was Harry's heaving breathing.

"I'm fine," Harry insisted. "Just a bit too much excitement for a back to school trip. I guess I'm a bit out of shape," Harry said with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Sirius asked. Harry nodded, and finally Sirius nodded too. "It's safe now, we can head back out." They all followed Sirius, who transformed into Snuffles, out and walked into the Alley. Families were hugging, aurors were smiling, and shop keepers were looking very relieved. Everyone, however, was giving Dumbledore looks of pure admiration, and many of the aurors were walking up to him and asking him questions, awe written clear as day on their faces. Dumbledore was beside the Weasley family, and the more people came up to ask him questions, the more frustrated he seemed, though he hid it best he could.

"Everyone, everyone!" an auror shouted, "Please be quiet. Headmaster Dumbledore has put up a ward around Diagon Alley. We're just going to test it right now, make sure it's still there," an auror shouted, wearing the robes of the ministry. Dumbledore looked at him crossly, but he ignored the old man. He and another auror stood across from each other and pointed their wands at one another, then threw curses at each other. Each curse disippated into white Light before it hit the other person. Finally, they threw the unforgivables, and each one was forced to disappear. Harry could only shake his head at the show of idiocy. Throwing death curses at one another? Harry suddenly wondered if it would be unethical to take the wards down just to rid the world of these morons. God forbid they survive and breed. Harry would have to deal with their offspring in his next lifetime and would regret not letting them kill each other. The crowd, however, was appeased and began cheering for Dumbledore as it was announced officially that no violence could be done in Diagon Alley.

"Let's get out of here, shall we?" Dumbledore said in a rush as he neared Sirius and the children. Behind him was the Weasley's, Arthur still a bit pale, and then there was Snape and Minerva.

"We'll meet you back at the house," Bill said quickly, looking at Sirius, who nodded and began to trot off to the Leaky Cauldron while the adults apparated.

"Quite the spell, Mr. Potter. Care to tell us how you did it?" Dumbledore asked with amusement the second Harry walked away from the fireplace. Everyone's mouths dropped open, especially Snape's. Harry cast a shocked look at Dumbledore as he walked elegantly from the fireplace in time for Sirius and Ron to turn up followed by Hermione.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Harry replied. "What spell?"

"The ward," Dumbledore replied with a light chuckle.

"Headmaster, he's just a child," Snape spat.

"If you're worried about the publicity…" McGonagall began.

"That's a very complicated spell, and I assure you, had I cast it, you would have seen me do it. I would have been bleeding all of the place. There's a ritual blood letting in most protection wards of that magnitude. You look a bit peaked, Harry."

"I don't exactly have a good relationship with Death Eaters, professor. I'm sorry if I seem pale, but I assure you it's not from a blood letting. I don't even know what a blood letting is."

"Are you admitting to being scared, Potter?" Snape demanded with glee. Harry turned on him and gave him a look that would have frozen his generals and knights back in Arthur's days. Snape seemed to get the idea because he looked at Harry in a dazed stupidity. That's a first, Harry thought with a smile. Snape looking dumbfounded. He had to fight the urge to summon a camera.

"Easy for you to say, professor. They would just kill you. I don't even want to think what Voldemort would do if he caught me alive. I imagine he's still a bit bitter about the Tournament."

"Somebody had to do that spell," Mr. Weasley said quietly, gazing intently at Harry, "And I owe my life to whoever it was."

"Don't look at me. The three of us were in Ollivander's," Harry responded.

"You disappeared," Hermione stated quietly, a look of awe already in her eyes. Harry didn't want to be envied by his friends. He hated it. He leveled a look at her. Ron remained quiet, and Harry knew he would remain quiet until he knew what Harry was up to.

"Where did you go?" Sirius demanded. "I told you to stay together."

"You told us to stay put," Harry corrected. "You never mentioned staying together."

"If he told the three of you to stay in one spot, Potter, then it can be assumed that should you have followed his directions, you three would have been together."

"We were looking for a trap door," Ron threw in, clearly thinking he was helping Harry out of a jam with Snape, but Ron didn't realize how special that trap door was.

"How did you find that?" McGonagall asked immediately, looked at the three children, stunned.

"What do you mean? It couldn't have been very well hidden. Harry found it in a matter of seconds," Hermione said quickly. The adults turned to Harry again, who fought the urge to dismiss them as the king he was or curse them like the wizard he could become.

"That trap door is disguised. I'd love to know how you found it," McGonagall commented. Harry shrugged.

"I'm a seeker, I have good eye sight."

"And the ward?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"I suggest asking someone above fifth year," Harry added dryly in a regal tone.

"I'm sorry," Dumbledore said, "I shouldn't have accused you. You're right. You're too young to even know what kind of spell that was." The words were said, but there was a glittering in Dumbledore's eye the seemed to tell Harry he knew Harry had done it, he just didn't know how…yet.

"Not a problem. I'm going to go get ready for bed," Harry replied quickly, and the kids all headed upstairs, the twins telling the adults to clear the way for the Mystical Mage, Merlin. Harry fought the urge to turn into Merlin and complete their joke. He did, however, cast an ease dropping spell on the room to amplify what the adults said. As he snuggled into his bed on the floor, he could hear Mrs. Weasley handing out tea.

"It was him," Mr. Weasley said quietly. "I felt memories wash over me when the white Light formed in front of me. They were his memories from when Hagrid brought him to Diagon Alley."

"He's too young," Snape protested.

"He's been acting different, though," Sirius said quietly. "He's been more…I don't know…"

"Authoritative," Bill added. "Certain mannerisms he has now are very controlled and look practiced. His voice can sound very controlling when he wants it to. It's like he's used to giving orders."

"But he's still a sweetie," Mrs. Weasley added. "I don't know. Breakfast today was a bit weird, I'll admit."

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked, perking up.

"I think he was nervous about being in the wizarding world again after his uncle," Mr. Weasley replied. "I caught him looking at the newspaper this morning like someone had hit him with a bludger. Then this wave of power and searing heat swept over the room, and when Molly called him, it immediately disappeared again."

"Why don't we just ask him to do it everywhere, then?" McGonagall asked. "That sort of a spell could protect Hogsmead, Hogwarts…" but Dumbledore was already shaking his head.

"It was a risk for him to even try it that once," he insisted. "There are certain spells that can't be done more than once, and that's one of them. It takes too much out of a wizard. A part of Harry is put into that ward, a part of his memories, some of his power, his blood…he can't do it again without loosing possibly too much of who he is."

"We don't even know that he was the one who did it," Snape barked, the very thought of Potter being capable of saving his life being difficult to swallow.

"Well, he certainly won't admit it," Sirius said, "and there's not much we can do other than speculate. Maybe he's just coming into his powers and really has no idea what's going on."

"That spell is an invocation," Dumbledore said plainly as the others gasped slightly. "Whoever did that spell knew exactly what they were doing."

"What do you want us to do?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Just keep an eye out," Dumbledore replied, his voice sounding very tired.

Harry groaned inwardly before he uncast his spell and decided to get some sleep. Would he ever get some peace, he wondered bitterly before he allowed darkness to overwhelm him.