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"Urghhhh" The sun was beaming in through the blinds of heathers room. Her head was pounding from last night, yeah Lea warned her but she needed a drink or drinks to take her mind off things. She could barely remember anything after her sixth drink; it was all a bit of a blur to her right now. There was a buzzing noise that kept going on beside her on her cabinet. She tried opening her eyes but squinting as the sun made it harder for her to see, and only added to the headache she had right now. She went to grab her phone but something was restraining her. She turned her head and was met by another blonde asleep with his arm draped over her. Why had Chord stayed over and in her bed, oh no wait, they didn't. Did they? She pulled the covers back a bit and looked down. Yep they did. Clothes were scattered around the room.

"Why Heather, why did you do that? You know better." She whispered to herself looking over to the other blonde with guilt all over her face. The buzzing went off again.

She groaned again and carefully slipped away from her bedroom with her phone in hand. When she made it to the couch the headache only began to get worse. She checked her phone. 3 missed calls and 7 texts. She had one text from Naya and the rest were from Lea.

She read Naya's text first

Naya: Heyy Heath, feels like I have barely seen you. Are you okay from last night, you got pretty wasted? Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner tonight or sometime this week and catch up?xx

Heather: Um yeah sure. And I'm fine just super hungover!

The next 6 were from Lea

Lea: Heather text me when you get up

Lea: Do you want me to pick you up or are you getting cab, because im guessing you are in no state to drive today?

Lea: You better get up soon its already 8 o'clock and I said 12!

Lea: Heather, get up ! It's 10 now

Lea: If you are not up by 12 I will kill you with my bare hands!

Lea: Okay I'm coming to yours at 11:30 if you don't answer you're door im still coming in x

Oh well at least I got a kiss at the end of that other than a death threat heather thought. She checked the clock on her phone 11:29. The minute it changed someone knocked at the door. Seriously that girl has issues, she's bang on the dot! She didn't even get the chance to open the door before Lea came bouncing in.

"You're up!" Lea exclaimed loudly. Too loud for Heathers liking and it made her groan in more pain.

"Told you." Lea muttered quietly although she was heard.

"Told me what?"

"You'd be hungover. Good think we're going for coffee. Now go get ready before we're late." She was gently pushing Heather to her room. When they stepped in they both froze. Heather forgot for a moment that there was another blonde lying in her bed butt naked. She turned to face the smaller girl who had shock written all over her.

"Eh, I got drunk. I didn't know or still don't know what I did last night. It was a mistake a stupid mistake. I wasn't ready to be with him like that." She rushed out.

"It's okay, I just wouldn't say anything to anybody. Talk to him about it when you get back. I would tell you but I left early."

"Yeah I guess I should." Heather sighed giving lea a small smile before closing her door and getting ready.

They had sat down in a small Italian restaurant, it had tainted glass and would be perfect not to be spotted by the paparazzi so they could enjoy their lunch in peace.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Uh we have seen each other in a while. Whats so wrong with a friendly catch up?" Lea was a good actor but Heather could see she was hiding something the way she played with her food before leaving half of it. She fiddled nervously with her hands, her legs bouncing up and down while she glanced around quickly every couple of seconds looking everywhere other than Heather.

"Lea, what is it. You can tell me just spit it out?" She said carefully.

She looked back to Heather tears now rolling down her cheeks. She tried to speak but found no words so opted for shaking her head. She was afraid, afraid if she told heather that she would lose their friendship.

"Oh honey, Shh its okay. I won't care what it is just tell me, Please." She got up from her seat across from lea and sat beside the brunette bringing her into a tight and comforting embrace. She swayed back and forth gently in attempt to stop the river of tears cascading down the other girls cheeks. They stayed like that for a few minutes before lea calmed down and pulled away from Heather looking her in the eyes.

"I love…I think I… Heather I um.."Heather didn't know where this was going but she would always be there for her friend no matter what the outcome was. She just smiled and that gave Lea the reassurance knowing her friend wouldn't judge her.

Lea took a deep breath before rushing out her words making it hard for Heather to understand but she still caught on. "I'm in love with Dianna."

The minute the words left her mouth she instantly regretted them and averted her eyes away from the blonde. She was caught off guard when she was pulled in for another strong hug. Heather didn't need to say anything to say she supported Lea and didn't judge her because she was in love with a woman. The simple hug said more than words could and it comforted lea in more ways possible. She rested her head on the blondes shoulder and let her body relax.

"If it makes you feel better I had or I don't know if I still have a thing for Naya." She stated simply.

"A thing?"

"Yeah we kissed, it felt good. And well you'd be lying if you didn't think she was hot, an shes so sweet and funny, her lips are amazing and so soft. Don't get me started on her body. She's kinda perfect." Heather said dreamy eyed before turning her attention back to Lea a little embarrassed about the way she talked about Naya out loud.

"Wow. Ok. So you're like into her, but I thought you were dating Chord?" She said stunned.

"We aren't dating. It was more like seeing each other." Lea just stared dumbfounded. She thought dating and seeing someone was the same thing. "Seeing someone is not actually dating. It's like trying it out but not a commitment so you don't have the pressure of breaking things off, which I think I will be doing soon."

Lea clicked and smiled at Heather showing that she understood, although that smile quickly faded and was replaced with saddened eyes. "Will it make a difference though breaking things off. Naya and Dianna seem to be pretty happy together." She scoffed. The tone surprised Heather the way she talked about their friends as if they were different people.

"Well we just have to find a way to win them over, and live happily ever after." The blonde beamed.

She sighed. "Heather this isn't a fairy tale or a movie. This is real life. Sometimes you don't get your happy endings."

"What's the harm in trying? Who says that applies to us?" She smirked and it gave Lea the confidence to conjure up a plan with Heather of getting their girls.

After one hour of talking and deciding what they would do. Sure it took time and involved a few small arguments but it was faster than they thought it would take. They had thought about making them jealous by seeing Chord and Cory but seeing It would make little difference because then Naya and Dianna would believe they were straight and not bother coming after them. They finally settled on pretending to date one another, little did they know that's what their secret loves where doing.

When heather got home Chord was sitting on her couch watching TV. She sat down and explained that she couldn't see him anymore because she was dating Lea. He understood and gave her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek while whispering in her ear "As long as you're happy."

Lea: So are you ready to do this?

Heather: Lets get it over with.

Lea had picked Heather up for work and they walked onto set hand in hand. They were both shaking and their stomachs were doing flips but they knew it was something they had to do. They had to to take the risk if they didn't they might never get their happy ending.

When they got to the middle of the conference room all eyes of cast and crew were situated on them and their interlinked fingers.

Naya glanced up and met Heathers eyes, she could see they were full of worry. Her eyes travelled down to her hands, then to Lea the owner of the other hand. She felt sick, she didn't want to hear what was coming next.

"Everyone me and Heather would like to tell you something. We feel you should know seeing as you're all like our family and we love you all."

Nayas pleading eyes met Heathers and she gave a small shake of her head begging her not to say the words that she knew was coming. All naya got in return was a sad smile before Heather averted her eyes and it was her time to talk.

"What we wanted to say." Nayas breathing hitched. Heather turned to Lea looking her in the eye and giving her a shy smile. "We're a couple." Both girls smiled at each other then turned to face the silent crowd around them.

There was an uproar of applause and a small amount of people chanting "KISS!". It got louder and louder until almost everyone other than Naya and Dianna were chanting.

Naya didn't want to watch she felt sick to the bone, but for some reason she couldn't tear her eyes away from the two girls in front of her, one of them being the person she secretly loved. She could feel her heart beating faster and faster as both girls moved their faces closer together and when their lips finally met her heart shattered. Tears stung her eyes threatening to escape. The kiss was slow and gentle at first but got more passionate after a few minutes. There were cheers coming from the boys and the faint sound of laughter from the girls. When a tear finally rolled down her cheek and strong hand grabbed her and guided her out the room. When they finally escaped Naya broke down in heap of tears. Arms wrapped round her shaking body and she knew it was Dianna the minute she heard a sob break from the other girls throat.

"C'mon Naya its going to be okay." She cried hysterically with her. Both girls were left crying themselves out until no more tears came and they were exhausted.

"My. Head. Hurts." Naya spoke between hiccups.

They stared at each other enjoying the silence and comfort that was now surrounding them.

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