A/N: Written for a friend who told me about one of her erisol dreams.

He never used to go to the library as frequently as he did now.

The previous reason he went was to pick up some computer tech books for his classes or to locate some fucking truck-sized excuse of a book for his boring ass English class that had given him an equally boring ass essay.

Now, he had other reasons for being there. Those of which happened to be in the form of a cute library assistant.

Long fingers ran idly over the spines of the books on the shelf as he browsed the titles before stopping on one that read 'The Study of Destiny vs. Fate' The book took up a good five inches worth of space on the shelf and it was, ironically, the place where he had his first meeting with Eridan Ampora.

He practically remembered the event it like it was yesterday; he'd been terribly lost amongst the huge library in the middle of the college campus thanks to his friend Aradia. The girl had wanted him to pick up some book on the studies done to bodies after death but she had failed to provide him with a good direction of where to start.

The computers had been even less helpful, for once.

Out of boredom and frustration, he'd finally stopped searching aimlessly for the book that was supposed to be in some spot around the area and grabbed the first thing that looked mildly amusing. Of course, he hadn't expected to see a startled set eyes on the other side of the shelf as he'd all but ripped the book out with an growl of frustration and both men froze at once.

He had purple eyes.

After a moment, Sollux had found his voice and swallowed thickly, "Uh...thup?"

"Can... I, uhm... help you with somethin'?"

Hopy shit, what sort of accent was it? He couldn't place it with any region but it was the cutest fucking thing he'd ever heard oh shit no he should stop being stupid and answer. "Yeah, I'm looking for thome shitty ath book on dead bodieth. Any clueth?" He took a moment to glance him over. The large, dark glasses that sat on his nose helped to bring out the purple tint in his irises all the more. Fuck, he just screamed hipster with the way his dark hair was swept back and the way the plaid scarf wrapped around his neck. Though, he had to admit the purple stripe through his hair was pretty fucking vivid.

The initial shock seemed to have been wearing off as the male tilted the books tucked in the crook of his arm to examine the spines and a book was slid through the opening of the shelves to him. Reaching out his free hand, Sollux took it from his hands- he briefly noted the fingers of which were arranged in golden rings of different sizes and decoration- and examined the cover.

"Thientheth of the Dead, huh? Creative title."

"Didn't figure you for the mortician type."

"What? Oh, no, it'th not for me. My friend AA wanted it."


"Oh, uhm, Aradia."


An awkward silence settled into the air before the male cleared his throat, "Well, I guess I better get goin' if that's all you need."

Sollux nodded numbly until he'd thought of a little fact that failed to cross his mind originally, "Wait!" Oh, shit, smooth move Captor you just freaked him the fuck out again. "I-... What'th your name? I haven't theen you around here before, I mean."

The assistant's expression slid into a delicate smile after a moment, "Ampora."

"Ampora?" His eyebrows furrowed thoughtfully, "That'th a thrange name." Oh.

Oh. Shit, he'd probably just offended him.

He was pretty fucking relieved when Ampora simply shook his head, "Not exactly. That's my last name. My actual name's Eridan."

"Eridan." He tested it out and he liked the way it rolled of his tongue.

"And you?"

The blank look he must've given Eridan prompted the next comment that had followed.

"It's only polite, a' course. Some strange, lanky kid in a Minecraft shirt askin' for my name? I reckon I ought to get some leverage in my way."

He felt his cheeks burn at the mention of his tall stature and his liking towards computer games but he'd be damned if he backed down from the challenge now. "It'th Thollux. Thullox Captor."

God he'd never hated his lisp more than now.

But the cutie didn't even seem to mind as he repeated his name, "Sollux. I like it. Later, Sollux." He gave him one more, secretive sort of smile before sliding in a book in the gap to block off his vision of him and moved along down the row of books.

A smirk tugged at the corners of Sollux's lips as he pulled himself out of the memory and quickly sidled his way off to another area of the library. It took him a few minutes to locate the classical works section and a few minutes more to locate the book he'd been looking for. Slipping it into the stack held underneath and arm, he made his way to the check out desk where he promptly spotted the shock of purple hair waiting for him.

He tried to not appear too eager as he made his way to the desk and set down his stuff with a soft thud. Eridan didn't even respond to the presence for a moment, finishing the paragraph he was reading in his leather-bound book before he lifted his gaze to peer up at Sollux through his dark lashes.

Fuck, did he wear mascara or something because it should've been impossible for a guy to have that long of lashes.

"Hey, ED." He greeted, lips quirking into a lopsided smile, subconsciously letting his own eyes lid to peer over the rims of his glasses at the male.

"Hello, Sol." Eridan returned, pushing aside his book for the time being and stood up to pull the pile closer, grabbing the scanner for the bar codes on the backs of the books. The brief looks he threw Sollux between every other pause didn't go unnoticed and a gradual heat began to creep up the back of his neck under the intense violet eyes.

"Oh, what's this, Captor? Finally givin' in to my quality taste in literature?"

The look he'd been returning Eridan was harshly severed at the question and a blush crossed his face, "Shut up, athhole. I dethided to get it to thee what the big fuckin' hype wath with it."

"That's what you said about Les Mis too." Eridan ducked his head for a moment to bite on his lip, trying to keep a snicker down at the scowl he was given. "Don't get your panties in a bunch, Sol. Phantom of the Opera is a great fuckin' book, you won't regret it."

"I bet you wear pantieth." The teasing comment was out before he could stop it and he silently cursed himself at the devilish look he received.

"Wouldn't you like to know, Sol."

The topic was dodged with the grace of a newly born calf as he eyed the book Eridan had been reading, "And what are you reading, Mr. Fanthy Panth?"

Eridan blinked at the mention of his book and gave it a brief glance, turning back to stamping the return dates into the books, "A journal I found in the archives. It's about some pirate way back when who sailed the seas, lookin' for treasure and such. His name was Dualscar, accordin' to what I've read so far."

Sollux arched a brow lightly in response and tilted his head to the side to try to read the scrawled, cursive letters on the yellowed pages, "You and your fucking pirateth or military hithtory bullshit." A yelp left his lips as a handful of bookmarks that were nestled into a box for readers to take was unceremoniously launched into his face.

"You shut your dirty mouth, Sol! Pirates and military history are fuckin' amazin'! Do you have any idea a' the romanticism in all a' it? Oh my cod!"

"Did you really jutht say 'cod'?"

More bookmarks fluttered around him.

"It's my accent, thankyouverymuch."

A toothy grin worked its way across Sollux's face and he simply waggled his eyebrows. It wasn't the first time they'd argued about how stupid (or not) the stuff Eridan read into was.

The raging hipster was calmed the fuck down at that and he promptly pursed his lips, brows furrowing and he whipped his head away to go input some information into the computer, leaving Sollux to lean on the counter and watch, chin resting in his hand. Without really noticing what he was doing, his head cocked to the side to get a better angle in to look at the plush rump clad in dark skinny jeans. God how was it even possible for him to get those on? Not to mention it should've been criminal for them to make his lower half look that good and his imagination slowly started to get the better of him.

"Like what you see?"

It was tempting as hell to just smash his head into the desk to end his embarrassment now. "No idea what you're talking about, ED." He grumbled into his palm as he turned his head to look elsewhere. Way to go, Captor, couldn't keep your eyes to yourself. A nudge to his arm alerted him that Eridan was finished checking out his books. And it seemed Sollux hadn't creeped him out any. But that was just going on the simple clue that the look he was being given suggested that his clothes were trying to be seered off him through sheer willpower.

Well then.

"That all, Captor?"

"I figure tho." He mused in response, briefly meeting his gaze for a few breaths.

"Well, have fun readin'."

Sollux nodded quickly before gathering his books into his arms. However, he hesitated, opening his mouth to say something before quickly shutting it. No... No, that was stupid idea. It'd been a stupid idea ever since it'd originally popped into his head about a week and a half ago. There's was no way in the flaming pits of hell was he going to ask for Eridan Ampora's number without being afraid of getting shot down and crashing like the biggest loser that ever did loser.

Loserville. Population: Sollux. He was the fucking mayor.

With that thought, he turned on his heel to leave the desk.

"Be sure to finish that soon and bring it back so I can say 'I told you so'."

Sollux gracefully flipped him the bird in response.

No. Eridan was way above his level. Yet he had just been given the perfect opportunity...

"Actually," He began, turning back around to make his way to the desk, "Why don't you jutht give me your number and I can call you and gloat about how much it actually thuckth inthtead of having to wait all day for the library to open?"

His confidence died with each passing second of silence on Eridan's part, taking in the way one of his brows arched over the rim of his glasses. Gradually, a smile tugged at his lips and he eyed Sollux briefly before moving to a drawer to pull out a purple seahorse-shaped stack of Post-Its and scribbled on it. Returning, he stuck it on the cover of the first book of his pile. "Try not to lose it." He commented simply before turning his attention to another person that had come up.

Sollux practically floated his skinny ass home.

It worked.
His cheesy ass plan worked hot fucking damn!

He was highly tempted to call Karkat and gloat about how 'the kid who wasn't going to have a fuck's chance in hell of ever getting anyone's number' had gotten some sweet digits on his fancy ass Post-It note.

But first, studying. He had a huge exam coming up and he was screwed sideways if he didn't pass.

Gloating could come later as a reward.

In the end, he got swept away in his books, trying to memorize the layout of a computer circuitry board. Honestly, why did he have to know this when he could build one himself that wasn't as complicated and ten times better? He lifted his gaze away from the book to look up to the clock on the wall; 10:45 pm. Unholy fuck, no wonder his back hurt and his stomach was making inhuman noises at him.

Pulling himself up from his chair, a small stretch of his spine made the vertebrae pop and crackle back into place. That felt so much better. He shuffled his way into the kitchen of his apartment to feel for the handle on the fridge since he'd been too much of a dumbass to bother turning on the lights. Fishing out some leftovers from the chilly depths, Sollux slid them into the microwave and waited with a loud stomach for it to heat up. Leaning back against the counter, arms folded over his chest and he scanned over the quiet room. The stack of books he'd left on the table earlier in the day caught his attention and the light from the open fridge alerted him to the Post-It note he'd forgotten stuck on top of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Grabbing the curly tail of the seahorse, he pulled it off and examined the number scrawled across the top in flashy numbers.

Mother of God, even his handwriting was flamboyant.

The microwave beeped to signal his food was ready and he grabbed it, shutting the fridge with a foot to make his way back to his room. Carefully tip-toeing his way over scattered clothes and papers, he eventually collapsed on his bed to scarf down his food to get his sorry excuse of a stomach to kindly stop its bullshit. Setting down the empty container, Sollux plopped over onto his pillow with a content sigh, laying there limply while his dark brown and amber colored irises slid over to the purple seahorse resting on his nightstand.

Maybe... No, it was too soon to be calling him.

With that thought, Sollux grasped his pillow to his chest and rolled away from the offending seahorse to face the other wall. His attempt to ignore it succeeded for all of two minutes before he rolled back over and snatched it up along with his cell phone. After spending the better part of ten to fifteen minutes staring at the number illuminated on the screen and hovering his thumb back and forth between 'call' and 'end', he finally took a breath, "Fuck it." Before he could change his mind, he quickly jabbed the green phone symbol on the screen, listening to the ringing on the other end while his mind raced.

What if he didn't pick up?
What if it was the wrong number and this was a cruel, cruel hoax?
Oh sweet Jesus he was going to be so humiliated if this was a joke...

His thoughts came to a halt at the groggy, "Hll'o?" That sounded.

A brief pause.

"Uhm... Ith... Ith thith Eridan?"

There was a rustling sound before the voice sounded up and much more awake, "Captor? What are you-... At eleven?"

SHIT he'd forgotten what time it was!

He panicked, teeth digging into his lip for a moment, "Oh, yeah. I forgot. Thorry. I can hang up if you want. That wath thtupid, I should've known you'd be athleep-"

"Calm down, Sol. I'm awake now so there's no point in hangin' up... Though I'm surprised it took you this long to call."

He-... He'd known he wasn't going to wait to read the book to call? Well, Sollux supposed it'd been pretty fucking obvious but still!

"Hehe, yeah... Are you sure you don't want me to go? I feel like an ath already for calling thith late."

"You woke me up so you better fucking amuse me and stay on the phone." His tone was snappy but gentle all the same.

Sollux felt himself starting to relax and he eased back against his headboard, hugging the pillow onto his chest while adjusting his phone, "Rude. I gueth I never really athked before, but, why are you working in the library anywayth?" Most people that worked there were awkward anti-socialites- like himself- but Eridan seemed quite the opposite.

"I just took a likin' to it I guess. My Dad used to read my stories when I was little- yes about pirates shut your mouth, Sol- so it's sort of a sentimental thing really."

"Tho you're not goin' to be a writer or anything?"

"Pffft! Fuck no. I mean, I like dabbling in writin' sometimes but I prefer visual arts over that shit."

"Oooh, art. Aren't we jutht a fanthy motherfucker."

"Hey now. I could tell you were a techie nerd a mile away so don't give me any a' your bullshit, Captor." He could practically feel the sass radiating off his tone already and he casually rolled his eyes.

"Thathy McThatherthon."

He was completely unprepared for the sudden bout of laughter that sounded on the other end of the line after a brief pause. Lips pursed slightly and he narrowed his eyes into his dimly lit room, "What?" The laughter continued for a moment, suddenly muffled by what Sollux could safely assume was a pillow.

He was literally fucking crying into his pillow and, as he noted after a few seconds of listening ot it, decided he had the cutest laugh ever.

"I- I'm sorry! Oh my cod..." More muffled laughs. "But that was the funniest fuckin' thing to ever grace my ears!"

What was he-...oh.
His lisp.

Sollux settled then for pouting quietly to himself while Eridan attempted to gather what remained of his shit and put it back together. Eventually, the laughs died down to faint giggles. The silence on Sollux's end must've alerted the male to his disapproval as a tentative voice sounded, "Sol?"

It took a few minutes of a combination of exchanged teasing about each other's vocal quirks and assuring before they finally moved on. Sollux was rather surprised to find how easy this was. Eridan was quite the chatterbox but Sollux was more than content to just sit there and listen to his voice, occasionally voicing his input or answering a question directed to him. It was only when he heard Eridan curse did he realize what time it was.

"Oh shit." He mused quickly in agreement; 3:00 am and he had class at 8:00. "I gueth I better get going." He stated, standing up so he could strip out of his jeans and into something more comfortable, setting down his phone so he could get his shirt off his head. Picking it up again, he heard Eridan give a sleepy hum in agreement.

A comfortable silence settled on the line for a moment before Eridan spoke, "Well, g'night, Sol."

"Yeah- oh wait! ED?"


"Would you-" Was he really about to do this? Fuck yes he was. "Would you, I dunno, like to go out thometime?"

Silence lingered but Sollux had no idea what to expect at this point in the game.

"Where did you have in mind exactly?"

Yeah, way to go, Sollux. Should've thought of a damned place first.

"Maybe... The movieth?"

"...I don't see why not."

A breath he didn't even know he'd been holding slipped out of his mouth.
Holy shit.

"I'll text you my address. Pick me up around six?"


"Yeah..." He mused, tone breathless as he swallowed, "I'll, uh, I'll thee you then. 'Night, ED."

An amused hum. "G'night, Sol."

Holy fucking shit.

Spiking his phone into the mattress at the foot of his bed, Sollux let out a victorious yell before flopping onto his stomach. He'd done it.

Sollux fucking Captor had finally scored a date.

Friday evening honestly couldn't have come any slower; classes dragged by and he'd gotten scolded once in his math class for bouncing his leg too much and being generally distracting with his fidgeting. Bitch, he couldn't help it, he had shit to get done!

When he arrived home at four, Sollux wasted no time in bounding up to his apartment, dashing to the shower and most likely setting the world record for getting ready to go on a date and if that record didn't currently exist, by god, he'd just made it happen someone call the press. For once, he spent time fretting over what to wear. It was just the movies after all, nothing fancy, yet he still had the urge to dress at least somewhat decently... He eventually settled on a soft cotton, grey t-shirt that had a slight v-neck dip over his collar bones and a pair of black skinny jeans. There, at least he wasn't wearing a dorky gaming shirt or some other shit.

Unlike his clothes, his hair was a lost cause. The honey blond locks were doomed to be forever stuck in a state of flippy bullshittery. Kanaya and Rose had tried before to get the sides and back to lay the fuck down but no matter what arsenal of hair care products they pulled out his hair resisted them all.

With thirty minutes to go, he brushed his bangs from his eyes and headed out the door. Eridan didn't live too far apparently. It was a simple, eight minute drive to his... His house. He knew this neighborhood. It was the richy-rich area and apparently Ampora lived in this fancy fucking single level abode. Great. He didn't even have to get out of his car; Eridan came exiting the house a few seconds after he'd pulled up, tugging his jacket around him and burying his face into the striped scarf wrapped around his neck. He tapped lightly on the window to signal Sollux to open the door before slipping inside.

He blew on his hands for a moment to warm them up once seated inside before flashing Sollux a grin, "You look surprised to see me."

"Thurprithed to thee thith fucking houthe ith more like it. Why didn't you thay you lived in thith area?!"

A pout crossed the male's features and he scoffed, "Most people don't exactly treat you the same way when you go around spoutin' that you live in this kind a' neighborhood."

He did have a point there...
But now that he did know where Eridan lived he was starting to get even more nervous than he previously had been. Talk about having to meet standards here.

The drive to the theater was only mildly uncomfortable but Eridan made up for it by talking about an art thing they were going to do; something about setting up a gallery to help raise money for some donation to a charity. Sollux hated to admit he wasn't paying much attention considering he was too busy having a mild panic attack. A good point of the night was he'd gotten a pretty sweet parking spot near the front so they wouldn't have to freeze their asses off in the cold November air on the walk to the front door.

He held it open for Eridan before slipping inside himself. So far, so good. Hopefully it stayed that way.

They spent a few minutes debating with each other over what movie to watch. Sollux wanted to see one of the newer Scifi's that had come out while Eridan was hell bent on watching some weird Romcom that Karkat had apparently told him about. In the end, they settled on watching an action film as long as Eridan was able to get extra butter on the popcorn to which Sollux teased him about getting fat.

He was still massaging out the sting of the punch to the arm he'd received for that one but it'd been so worth it.

Stripping out of their jackets and the like, Sollux plopped down into a seat next to Eridan, handing over his buttery popcorn while taking a sip of his extra large Coke.

"You're not a cuddler are you?" Eridan teased with a grin, snagging the drink away from him to take a sip for himself.

Unsurprisingly, it was Eridan who turned out to be the cuddler.

Not that Sollux minded.

Gradually, Eridan scooted closer to the armrest which was soon removed from between them and he tucked himself up against his side until Sollux was forced to lift his arm over his shoulders to accommodate the lack of space he now had. The movie was forgotten after a while and he instead focused on the warmth resting against his side, hand sliding down to rest against the slight curve he felt of Eridan's hip. The slight expanding of his torso as he inhaled and the way the soft material of his sweater shifted under his fingers with each breath.

Sollux almost didn't register that the movie had ended until Eridan stirred, pulling him from his thoughts. He was a little disappointed when Eridan slid out from under his arm to stand, stretching himself out with a whine, "Well, that was an interestin' movie, I'll admit. I wouldn't have thought he'd have been a double agent in the end." Violet eyes rounded over to Sollux as he picked up his jacket to pull on, "You ready to go?"

The ride back to Eridan's place wasn't as distracting as it had been at first and Sollux actually got into it with him about whether or not the beginning of the movie had been cliché or not. Eridan insisted it was 100% original while Sollux was unmoving on his opinion that it'd been taken out of some old war film and rewritten to fit the modern age. Conversation died down as he pulled into the neatly paved driveway and shut off the car for a moment, the two of them listening to the sound of the engine crackling softly as the cold air cooled it down.

"Well." Sollux stated, pulling his gaze away from the house and over to Eridan, the next set of words he'd been about to say dying on his tongue as he registered the lidded look he was getting. It was one he had gotten plenty of times in the library when dealing with Eridan.

Any chance of a recovery was cut short as Eridan removed his seat belt, the click that sounded seeming more like a gunshot in the silence. Dual colored eyes watched as the male shifted his way over the middle seat between them and closer, "Eri-" He began uncertainly before he was more or less pounced.

A grunt let his lips as Eridan's weight caught him and warm lips were against his. He froze, for a moment, until it registered what was going on. Eridan's lips were soft, almost ridiculously so and Sollux had no doubt that he used chapstick religiously. His tongue sneaked out to gingerly brush against his bottom lip.

Apparently it was cherry chapstick at that.

He felt slender fingers trailing up along his jawline from where he'd previously been holding onto his shoulders and up into his hair, tangling into it before he was pulled down more forcibly into a much deeper kiss. A tongue brushed softly against his own before trailing along the back of his teeth. It didn't help that Eridan had conveniently placed his knee between his legs and was now pressing up against his crotch.

He tensed at a particularly sensual nudge and his hands flew down to snag Eridan's waist in surprise. Eridan, on the other hand, arched into him, removing his knee from between Sollux's leg only to sling it over his hips and sit on his lap. He pulled away enough to speak and swallowed thickly, "ED-" He was cut off with another kiss, eyes fluttering shut for a moment.

"Don't think I didn't notice." Eridan mused as he pulled away, stroking his hands down Sollux's shoulders to the front of his jacket, playing idly with the buttons. "You're intimidated, aren't you?"

Sollux was severely confused until he caught the meaning behind it and his lips pursed guiltily.

"Just because I have money doesn't mean I'm goin' to be picky. I take what I want." Eridan piped up, a seductive smile spreading over his lips, eyes trailing down to look at the male he was sitting on, "And I know what I want." He mused, tugging on the front of his jacket to pull him down into another kiss, hips rolling forwards to grind against Sollux's steadily growing erection.

Jesus fuck this guy could work his hips!

Sollux tightened his fingers with a moan, tugging the male closer against him, as those lips moved down to kiss against his neck, soft nibbles sending sparks straight down.

"Eridan, shit." He hissed, feeling a hand dip below the waistband of his pants to brush against his dick and he instinctively bucked into the touch, head falling back against the head rest of his seat and Eridan took it as a sign to turn his attention down against the junction of his neck and shoulder.

He was panting by this point and Eridan didn't even seem to be hardly effected by what he was doing... Other than the erection he was sporting himself but it wasn't showing elsewhere. Grinding his teeth together for a moment in thought, Sollux grasped onto his arms and flipped them around to corral him into the corner of the seat and door, nestling himself between his legs.

"You're thuch a fucking teathe..." he growled lowly against his ear, biting down onto the appendage as he unbuttoned his designer jacket, hands feeling out the bottom of the shirt, under, and upwards.

His skin was smooth as hell too.

Eridan let out a small noise that bordered on a keen as Sollux ground his hips down against Eridan's, attempting to twist away from the attack on his ear and now throat as Sollux kissed his way down. His gaze lifted as he felt Eridan's fingers dig into his shoulder with a gasp as his fingers sought out a nipple, rising upright slightly but Sollux was quick to put a stop to that and forced him back down against the seat, "No, no, I don't think tho." He purred, grabbing the end of Eridan's scarf to pull him into another kiss, swallowing the male's heavy breaths.

The car was filled with the sounds of panting and moans followed by a startled yelp of surprised pleasure as Sollux located the sensitive junction of his hip and thigh. Teeth and tongue and lips battled one another as Sollux's hands ran down Eridan's sides to grab onto his waist, their hips rolling against one another with sensual waves that had him hard enough to make his decision to wear skinny jeans regrettable. But he certainly did appreciate Eridan's consideration to wear his own pair of light grey jeans since they helped him locate the curve of his ass which he was more than happy to knead underneath his fingers, dipping them down between his thighs to press up against the perineum, just gently enough to earn a muffled moan against his lips.

"W-wait..." Eridan gasped between kisses.

Sollux barely registered what Eridan was doing but he probably should've been as Eridan's hand sought out the handle on the door and gave it a tug. A yelp left his lips as they both damn near rolled out onto the cement but Sollux, thankfully, managed to avoid that by removing an arm from around Eridan to catch the frame of the door.

Eridan, in the meantime, disentangled himself from around Sollux and slid out with a shaky breath and flushed cheeks. Ringed fingers raked through his mused hair before he flashed Sollux a smile, grabbing his face to press a small kiss against his lips, "Now, now. Not on the first date. I don't swing like that, sir."

Sollux stared, baffled, "What?"

Another small kiss.

"Try again next time though." With that, Eridan let out a soft, needy sigh, clearly giving Sollux a once over as if he was considering changing his mind. But no, he released Sollux's chin in favor of making his way to his front door, unlocking it while he threw a smile over his shoulder.

Once he'd disappeared, Sollux was still seated where he'd been left and just as stunned, if not more-so. Eventually, he shut the door once it got too cold and started up his car. While he was severely pissed about being left with a raging boner and steamed windows, he was also aware of the fact that- from the sound of it- he'd gotten accepted onto a second date.

A sudden buzzing in his pocket caught his attention and he grabbed his cell phone from it.

AA: hey
AA: h0w was y0ur date
TA: what?
AA: y0u kn0w
AA: i really didnt need that b00k
TA: ...
TA: oh my god
AA: i set y0u guys up g00d didnt i 0u0
AA: amp0ra and i have been friends f0r a while n0w
AA: he was interested and i th0ught y0u'd like him
AA: clearly y0u did
AA: hey
AA: s0llux
AA: i win