A sneeze sounded through the speaker of his cell phone and Sollux wrinkled his nose.

"You thound terrible."

"I feel terrible like oh my cod I seriously think I'm dyin' here, Sol. It's terminal and I have zero percent chance a' makin' it through this alive. Someone get me a fuckin' will so I can write down my last wishes."

Bicolored eyes rolled at the dramatic angst he was being fed.

It'd been a day or two since he'd been over at Eridan's house since he'd had work- unlike some rich assholes- and hadn't been able to go visit. However, it seemed Eridan's time outside rolling around in the snow had gotten him sick and it was just know plowing him over into submission on his couch.

A sniff sounded followed by a muffled whine of distress, "Sol, pleeeease."

Pursing his lips, the male shifted his phone over into the crook of his neck so he could flip the turn signal on the steering wheel.

"Meh. I'm not feeling it."


"Thorry, ED."

"Oh my- seriously?!"

"I got important thingth to do today."

"What 'thingth'?!"

Oh, he was getting pissed wasn't he?

Sollux chuckled to himself at the frustration easing its way into Eridan's tone. As his car rolled to a stop and he pulled the keys from the ignition; shouldering the door open as he gathered a bag into his free arm.

"I can't believe you, Sol! I'm layin' here, wastin' away into nothin' and you won't even-"

"ED! Thtop. Holy fuck, I'm outthide, calm the fuck down."

The line fell silent for a moment as Sollux used his foot to kick his car door shut.

"Oh... Well, the key's underneath the mat."

He hung up the phone while heading up the sidewalk to Eridan's front door, stooping down for a moment to locate the key that Eridan had spoken of. The metal intrusion grated against the locks of the doorknob while Sollux twisted the handle and nudged the door open with his hip.

"You know that'th not a very thafe plathe to hide a key?"

"Like I fuckin' care."

He spared a brief glance up at Eridan...

Or what he assumed was Eridan. There was a ball huddled up underneath a fluffy, ivory-colored blanket and the only visible part that could be see was a tuft of violet poking up from underneath the covering.

"Hello to you too, my beautiful printheth."

He quickly ducked as a pillow was launched at his head and grinned toothily, "Ith that any way to thay hello?"

"Sol, I will kill you."

Grinning, Sollux made his way over and took a seat on the edge of the couch, setting the bag down on the ground before leaning back to place a hand on the mass underneath the blanket and rubbed his hand in circular motions, "Come on, ED. At leatht thit up."

After a few moments, the male pulled the blanket off his head and shimmied upright.

Sollux wasn't entirely sure whether to laugh or grimace.

His glasses had been abandoned on the edge of the couch while his hair was in a complete disarray compared to what it usually looked like. His complexion was almost as bad. He was paler than normal, the tip of his nose red and the dark circles under his eyes were more prominent than he'd last seen them.

The look on his face must've been prominent enough for Eridan to see even without his glasses because he was met with a groggy scowl.

"Don't you say a cod damn thing."

"I didn't even open my mouth!" He protested, holding his hands up in a sign of surrender.

Eridan let it drop and instead settled for climbing over onto Sollux's lap and curling up against him with a whine of distress.

"You really don't feel good, huh?" He mused, detecting the slight shivers radiating off Eridan's body.

"Feel like shit..." He mumbled into his boyfriend's chest.

Sollux chuckled, lifting a hand to rub the palm of his hand against Eridan's back, easily able to detect the heat radiating off him. Most likely caused by both the fever he was running and having been curled in one spot for too long. "That'th what you get for forthing me out into the cold with you."

He grunted as a fist connected weakly with his stomach and he carefully pried Eridan off of him, ignoring the noise of protest and placed him on the couch once more before picking up the bag. "Shut up. I'm making you thome thoup, okay?"

"Soup?" A weak chuckle sounded from Eridan, "The last time you tried to cook it ended in disaster."

A scowl crossed Sollux's face as he reached into the paper sack pulling out a can, "I'm pretty sure I know how to heat thome fucking chicken noodle thoup."

After a heated debate over the quality of canned soups and the uncultured swine that would stoop to such a level to actually eat it- and some threatening to to pour it on him if he didn't comply- Eridan finally gave in and accepted the bowl of soup, slurping down a noodle between his lips with a pout.

"Ith it ath bad ath you thought it would be?"

"...Not really."

Eridan eventually had fallen asleep against Sollux's leg, the empty bowl placed on the coffee table next to Dimitri's bowl. Sollux's feet were propped up alongside it while watching the movie playing on the flat screen, an arm draped loosely over Eridan next to him.

A soft sigh sounded through the quiet murmurings of conversation on the television and the male underneath his arm stirred, rolling over to tug the blanket around him further.

Sollux had given him some of the medicine he'd bought prior to coming over almost an hour ago and it hadn't taken but ten minutes for the shit to kick in and he was out like a light.

Removing his arm, he stood, stooping over to gather together the bundle that was Eridan and his stupid lilac blanket. After some maneuvering, he managed to get Eridan grasped in his hold with a huff, "I'm way too tired for thith shit..." He breathed, making his way off down the hall.

It took a few bumps from his shoulder and nearly tripping over his own foot before he located Eridan's room.

True to Aradia's words, it didn't reflect his financial standing at all. The walls were covered in posters and a few- Sollux would swear his heart stopped from joy- Minecraft posters. If the hipster douche actually played minecraft like his posters suggested he was going to kiss him until he couldn't breathe holy shit.

He was less than pleased to see the presence of a few Pirates of the Caribbean ones though. Interestingly enough there were actually some tactical maps from various famous battles in history mixed in with the rest that he could spot out.

With some difficulty, he managed to maneuver around the chair of his desk that had been pushed aside from his oak desk which was covered with text books and his expensive fucking laptop.

Rich assholes...

Setting him down on the bed, Sollux took a moment to pull back his comforter and tucked him in before turning back to the shelves across the room. Upon closer inspection he found he had every copy of the Harry Potter series lined up on the shelves. In hard back, of course. No flimsy paper for this rich fucker. Right next to them however was another book labeled 'Connection of Science and Magic'.

"Oh my god you fucking would, ED..." He mused, lifting a hand to trail his fingers over the spines. Most of what he found was historical though. A lot of them being books about various wars and a few about pirates. He also spotted the old book he'd been reading that one day about, who was it, Dualscar? Yeah, that sounded right. He must've borrowed it to read on his own time.

Sollux looked back over his shoulder to Eridan as he heard the bed shit as he flopped over onto his other side. Watching him for a moment, Sollux smirked, "Night, ED." He commented, shutting the door behind him as he left.

A few days later, Eridan was feeling better and able to get up and move around without complaining over feeling nauseous.

The same couldn't be said for Sollux.

Of course, he should've suspected that his shitty excuse of an immune system would prove little resistance to what bug Eridan had caught.

As of now, he was laid up on the couch in his apartment. When he'd answered the phone that morning with a congested nose and a cough to boot, his boyfriend, surprisingly, hadn't hesitated to come over and take care of him.

After he'd finished teasing him about how stupid his lisp sounded when he was congested.

Fucking asshole.

Sollux still wasn't sure how he felt about Eridan being in his tiny living space and tiny kitchen and everything was completely petty in comparison to Eridan's lavish abode. The thought had given him knots in his stomach at first and his insides still twisted uncomfortably whenever Eridan disappeared into the kitchen to go get him something.

But, despite his constant nagging worry, Eridan had said nothing besides commenting on how fucking messy it was and holy fuckin' hell Sol do you ever clean up?

He'd smacked his butt for that one when he passed him, snickering into his blankets at the yelp that sounded in response.

But when Eridan insisted he scoot over, Sollux had no problem with that. His thin frame granted enough space for Eridan to shimmy under the covers with him, arms wrapping around his shivering boyfriend with a hum.

"You're gonna get thick again..." Sollux mumbled into his chest, sniffling softly.

"Clearly you know nothin', Sol. I gave you this cold in the first place. I don't think I can catch the same thing twice. But if you smear snot on my shirt I swear to cod I will drug you so hard on Benadryl you'll be babbling incoherently for days."

"Rude." Sollux pouted in response before burying his face into Eridan's shirt with a loud sniff only to grunt as ringed fingers grabbed a handful of hair and tugged.

They laid there in silence. Sollux soaking up the warmth coming off of Eridan and Eridan attempting to smooth down Sollux's messy hair. Gradually, the cold medicine he'd taken earlier began to drag down his willpower to stay awake and he let his eyes slip shut.

"I hate winter..."

"Well I hate summer so fuck you, Sol."

"You only hate it 'cauthe it'th hot and thweat meththeth up your hair and clotheth."

"Damn fuckin' right."

A groggy chuckle sounded from Sollux before he let an arm sneak out to wrap around Eridan's waist.

After a while, Eridan noted the steady breaths puffing against the front of his shirt and he smiled, ducking his head to press a few kisses against Sollux's temple as he smoothed back his hair.

Settling back down, his gaze turned to the window behind the couch, watching the snowflakes falling from the sky as he idly played with the flips of Sollux's hair until, he too, fell off into sleep.